Unit 1 ; Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

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  • Published: December 11, 2012
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Unit 1: Developing Effective Communication in Health & Social Care Task 1
Communication is a term used by professionals in the Health and Social Care system, but is also used on a daily basis by everyone all around the world in many different ways. In this written report I will discuss the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in Health and Social Care settings. Communication can be explained and put forward in different types of ways, depending on the person whom you are interacting with, the environment in which the form of communication is taking place and finally what type of communication they are used to performing to others, this can also be re worded as the context of communication. The different contexts in which communication may occur are: one to one, group, multi agency, and multi professional, between colleagues, professionals and service users. In more detail One to One communication is the act of one individual communicating with another; this can be shown to be interpersonal interaction. This can be done face to face, e-mail, letters, sign language etc. It can also be split in to different types for both group and one to one communications. Formal conversation is often used when a professional person, such as a health or social care worker, speaks to someone using a service, (i.e., Having a job interview)and Informal communication (often used between people who know each other well,(i.e., Having a chat with a friend/family member), would be classed as a type of Informal communication. Group communication is referred to as a form of communication between 3 or more individuals. Numbers from 3 to 20 people is shown as small group communication and then the larger groups would hold 20+ people interacting with one another (i.e., Parliament coming together to discuss policies in the Houses of Commons), which would be a form of Group Formal communication, (i.e., going to a party with over 20+ people there), this would be...
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