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Aspects and Factors that influence communication

P3: Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care. Body language
They say a picture paints a thousand words, and the same can be said for Body language. Body language definitely plays a big role in influencing communication, by observing body language alone it makes it easy for you toidentify whether somebody shows interest or puts value in what you are saying. It also allows you to make pre judgements about an individual. For instance an audience or an individual can perceive a speaker/someone as arrogant based on the body language he makes and not the content. Making body language a priority for effective communication. An example of bad body language:

When an individual is not able to sustain good eye contact throughout a one to one conversation or addressing an audience. Another example of bad body language is constant Fidgeting. Biting your nails, knocking your fingers against the table, scratching your rear – these are all signs of nervousness and give a bad impression. Linking to H&S:

In a health and social care context (Day care nursery to be precise), a child can demonstrate challenging behaviour. When you correct that child by your Body language alone the child should be able to understand that his behaviour was inappropriate. Things like folding your arms and keeping eye contact show the child that you are serious and you mean business. Environment

The environment is also key in influencing communication, if the environment is considered subsidiary it can have a major effect in the communication ina one on one conversation. Let’s say for instance there is a disturbingodour lurking in the atmosphere or a fly roaming the room. This can cause the individual to lose focus in the conversation. Linking to H&S

In a health and social care context (An interview with a parent or guardian) It is vital that environment Disability
Disabilities can also influence communication, for instanceif an individual suffers from any form of impairment it can prolong the progression of communication in a one on one conversation, If the individual suffers from a hearing impairment in particular, They can have trouble hearing what you are trying to say. Age

Age also plays a big role in communication, some individuals may not feel comfortable talking to an adult social worker due to the difference in age, they may think he or she may not be able to empathize and be able to fully understand the situation he or she is going through. Religion:

Religion can also play a big part in influence communication. For instance, it is seen as a taboo in Islamic traditions and teachings for a woman to greet a man in the form of a handshake. It goes against their religious teachings. If someone is not aware of this cultural teaching, it can cause possible tension in the conversation.

Tradition also plays a role in communication; some traditions like the Nigerian tradition form of communication can be different to us in the UK. In Nigerian traditions it is seen as respectful and polite to kneel down to an elder, which is seen as a form of greeting. This is different to our well known “Hand shake”.

On the 1st of June 2011 the whole nation held its breath aschilling footage displaying the harsh reality of “WinterbourneView care home” was broadcasted in the form of a BBC one hour long documentary. The documentary displayed in terrifying detail a high level of abuse, physically and mentally, and a total lack of dignity and respect towards the elderly and vulnerable living in winterbourne view. I have taken the liberty of making a review pin pointing specific areas where communication lacked. I have also made recommendations on what could be done to combat these barriers in communication and how to combat them. I will also express the weaknesses I witnessed. Outcome 12:

Requirements relating...
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