White Fang


Part 5: Chapter 1 to Chapter 5

Part Five: Chapter One

The next critical juncture in White Fang’s life comes when Scott needs to return to California. Through a series of discussions with Matt, London reveals the conflict that Scott has about taking White Fang home with him to California. He fears that taking the wolf with him would be a disaster, since White Fang is clearly not adapted to peaceful life among other animals on an estate. However, White Fang is able to anticipate that Scott plans to leave and starts following him closely. Scott realizes that White Fang will follow him to the boat, so he locks White Fang in the cabin. White Fang breaks free from the cabin and follows Scott to the boat, sneaking on board. Scott is impressed with White Fang’s loyalty and decides to take him with him to California. He sees White Fang’s devotion, but remains uncertain about whether the dog will be able to adjust to life in civilization.

Part Five: Chapter Two

White Fang’s acclimation to life in San Francisco is somewhat difficult. When they first arrive, he is chained and put in a cage, then placed on a baggage cart. This is the first time he sees a real city, and the unusualness of the environment is intimidating for White Fang. He stays as close to Scott as he can, worried that he will lose him in the city. The size of the city is not White Fang’s only challenge; he also has to adjust to other people trying to get Scott’s attention. For example, when Scott’s mother Alice embraces her son, White Fang reacts by growling and snarling, fearing that Scott is in danger.

White Fang also has to adjust to the other dogs that are on the Scott family’s estate in California. He meets a sheepdog named Collie, who blocks him and prevents him from following Scott. White Fang eventually lashes out at Collie. He also has a fight with Dick, a deerhound. Scott’s father, Judge Scott, really does not understand the differences between White Fang and the other dogs; he even suggests that White Fang and Dick be...

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