White Fang


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1. What were Bill and Henry transporting in Part I of White Fang?

a. Food

b. Mail

c. A coffin

d. Medicine

2. Why do Bill and Henry’s sled dogs leave camp and go where the wolves can get them?

a. The other dogs force them away

b. They are lured by the she-wolf

c. Bill and Henry leave one dog for the wolves to eat

d. They go crazy with hunger

3. How do Bill and Henry recognize that the she-wolf is a dog?

a. She has red coloring

b. She takes fish from their hand

c. She does not fear fire

d. All of the above

4. How many of the she-wolf’s cubs survive the famine?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

5. Who was Kiche’s master before she left the Indian village?

a. Grey Beaver

b. Mit-Sah

c. Beauty Smith

d. Grey Beaver’s brother

6. What happens when White Fang tries to follow his mother after she is traded to another Indian?

a. Grey Beaver becomes master to both of them

b. The new owner buys White Fang

c. Grey Beaver beats him

d. Grey Beaver trades him to Beauty Smith

7. Which dog is hostile to White Fang when he first comes to the Indian village?

a. Collie

b. Lip-lip

c. Kiche

d. One-Eye

8. What habit of the Sour Doughs has a negative impact on White Fang?

a. They like dog fighting

b. That they hunt for gold

c. They eat dogs

d. Their use of sourdough as a bread starter

9. How did Beauty Smith get Grey Beaver to sell him White Fang?

a. Offered him a lot of money


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