White Fang


Part 2: Chapter 1 to Chapter 5

Part Two: Chapter One

At this point, the novel changes from a human perspective to the canine perspective. It features the she-wolf and the other wolves, surrounding the sleeping Henry. She hears the other men approach, and leads the pack away from the men. When they leave, the she-wolf is courted by three males in the pack. As the pack splits, her three suitors remain with them. One Eye, an older wolf, is one of the suitors, and he is challenged by one of the younger wolves trying to mate with the she-wolf. One Eye and another wolf kill the challenger, and when the other wolf looks to the she-wolf for approval, One Eye kills him. One Eye has won the right to become the she-wolf’s mate. They travel together, approaching near an Indian village. The she-wolf thinks about joining the village, but decides to stay with One Eye instead. However, her response to a rabbit in a trap makes it clear that this she-wolf has spent time around humans.

There is not a tremendous amount of forward movement in this part of the novel. However, it does introduce the canine perspective to the novel. Moreover, it introduces the two animals who will be White Fang’s parents. The she-wolf has already proven herself unafraid of humans and fire, but also a vicious animal capable of killing and eating dogs and man. However, in this chapter, one finds that she actually misses human society and thinks about going back to the village, which seems incongruent with a literal man-eater.

Part Two: Chapter Two

The she-wolf and One Eye stay near the periphery of the Indian village, but are scared off by the sound of guns. The she-wolf then begins to search for a cave, resisting One Eye’s attempts to get her to hunt with him. He goes to hunt by himself, and returns to find that she has given birth. The she-wolf growls to keep him away from the pups, an instinctual response prompted by the fact that some wolf fathers eat their young. One Eye is not one of those; he goes hunting for food for them. He unsuccessfully tries to hunt...

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