White Fang


Weedon Scott

Weedon Scott is White Fang’s final master. When he comes upon the dog fight between White Fang and Cherokee, the one in which Cherokee is killing White Fang, Scott is disgusted. He finds the men watching the show to be repulsive and is particularly disgusted by Beauty Smith, who begins kicking the dying White Fang. From the outset, Scott is impressed by White Fang’s spirit. Even though White Fang seems vicious and Scott thinks it may be necessary to kill him, he is reluctant to do so. Moreover, when White Fang proves to be a loyal dog, Scott continues to have some concerns about him. When Scott needs to return to California, he really wrestles with whether or not to take White Fang with him. He realizes that White Fang, a wolf, is not well suited for life in California. However, he also realizes that White Fang’s devotion to him is so extreme that White Fang might die when he leaves. He decides to leave White Fang behind, but when White Fang escapes and joins him on his boat, Scott decides that White Fang can come to California with him.

Weedon Scott contrasts with Beauty Smith; Scott has the integrity, honor, and compassion that Smith lacks. However, Scott is not a weak man or one who is ill-suited for life in the North. For example, he takes White Fang away from Beauty Smith, and gives the man no choice about the sale, but he does pay him a fair price for the dog. He is willing to work the dogs and use them as sled dogs, which is a difficult life, but he does not believe in arbitrary cruelty. It is critical that Scott is compassionate and realistic at the same time, because the combination reveals that a man does not have to be like Beauty Smith or even like Grey Beaver in order to survive in the harsh Klondike environment.

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