White Fang



Lip-lip is White Fang’s primary animal antagonist in the book. He is a pup in the Indian village when Kiche and White Fang first come to the village. He finds White Fang threatening, and he bullies him and encourages the other dogs to bully him. Lip-lip’s bullying and provocation help transform White Fang from a young cub into a violent and aggressive older dog. White Fang’s proclivity toward violence and his ability to fight help shape his future, and, because Lip-lip helped develop this violence, he can be said to have played a pivotal role in shaping White Fang’s future. Lip-lip is very much like Beauty Smith; he engages in cruelty simply for the sake of being cruel. However, White Fang is eventually triumphant over Lip-lip; when they encounter one another as adult dogs, White Fang not only beats Lip-lip, but manages to kill him.

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