White Fang


Beauty Smith

Beauty Smith is the human antagonist in the novel. He is White Fang’s second owner. He is a brutal man who uses dogs for fighting. He sees White Fang’s determination and fighting skill and decides that he wants to have him. He tricks Grey Beaver into selling White Fang to him. Once he owns White Fang, he treats him horrifically. He keeps White Fang penned and chained, tormenting him to make him more vicious. White Fang seems to be aware when humans are mocking him, and Beauty uses this to make him even more savage. He sets White Fang up in fights without any regard for White Fang’s safety, putting him in seemingly unwinnable fights with the expectation that he will win. When he puts White Fang up against Cherokee, a bulldog that almost kills him, Beauty is enraged when White Fang begins to lose, and jumps in and begins to beat his dying dog. His behavior prompts Weedon Scott’s intervention on White Fang’s behalf.

Beauty represents the worst in humanity. He likes to see animals in pain and suffering. He enjoys tormenting things, particularly those things under his control and dominion. Moreover, he is a sore loser; he tries to steal White Fang back from Weedon Scott, even though Scott paid a fair price for White Fang. It is because of Beauty that White Fang is so frightened and apprehensive when Weedon Scott becomes his master.

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