White Fang


Cast of Characters

White Fang – White Fang is the titular character and the protagonist of the novel. He is a wolf-dog hybrid, born to Kiche, a she-wolf hybrid who has been raised in an Indian tribe, and to a wolf father known as One Eye. He possesses the best attributes of both wolf and dog. He is one of a large litter, but is born during a time of famine, and he is the sole survivor of the litter. Raised by Grey Beaver, White Fang becomes a vicious and savage dog, and his next owner, Beauty Smith, exploits this behavior for personal gain. However, White Fang is not a cruel dog; when finally given the opportunity to be kind when Weedon Scott becomes his master, he becomes an obedient and loyal pet.

Kiche – Also known as the she-wolf, Kiche is White Fang’s mother. Kiche’s relationship with man is complicated. At the beginning of the novel, she is the one to lure sled dogs away from Bill and Henry and makes them vulnerable to attack by the wolf pack. However, she is also a domesticated dog working for Grey Beaver.

Lip-lip – Lip-lip is one of the other dogs in the Indian camp. He is a bully, and he seeks out White Fang to torment him.

One Eye – One Eye is White Fang’s father, a male wolf.

Cherokee – Cherokee is a bulldog that belongs to Tim Keenan. Like White Fang, he is used for dog fighting. He almost kills White Fang, but Weedon Scott intervenes and saves White Fang.

Collie – Collie is a sheepdog who eventually becomes White Fang’s mate, despite having significant animosity toward him at the beginning.

Dick – Dick is Judge Scott’s deerhound.

Bill – A sled driver who appears at the beginning of the novel. Bill is eaten by the wolves.

Henry – A sled driver who appears at the beginning of the novel.

Grey Beaver – Grey Beaver is White Fang’s...

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