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Shopping Mall

HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY? Program: Addictions & community Support Worker Module: Communications Name: Ismail Erten Date: June 3, 2013 Instructor: Burns MacLeod Assignment # 1 HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY ? * How much do you really know about shopping malls? * How are shopping malls changing your life? * Are you aware of the influence shopping malls may have on future generations? In just under the past fifty years, small family businesses...

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Synopsis on Shopping Mall

A SYNOPSIS ON To study the potential of shopping mall with special reference to Rewa city: Year 2011-2012 Submitted to Dr.AtulPandey Professor in-charge of BBA Programme Under the guidance ofMrs. Shikha Singh ChauhanFaculty of BBA | Submitted ByJaya PanjwaniB.B.A. (VIth Sem.) | Department of Business Administration A.P.S.U. Rewa (M.P.) ...

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advantage of shopping at mall

A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is an early shopping mall dating from the 15th century. In 1819,London opened a shopping center called the Burlington Arcade. Milan, Italy built a shopping center in the 1860s called the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the United States, people began...

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Synopsis on Shopping Mall

Synopsis on SHOPPING MALL FOR ENUGU STATE The role of mall as a cultural hotspot A seminar course Submitted by ------------------------- REG NO: ---------------------- LECTURER: Dr. J.A DATE: APRIL 2012 Enugu state, popularly known as “Coal city state” is the capital of the South-East Nigeria, has a population of approximately 5.6million people is in dire need of a state of the art world class shopping centre where its cultural heritage, the ibo’s and Nigerians in general...

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Green Shopping Mall Case Study

levels of staff; 2) Programme and Performance: Solid accomplishments of shopping malls on environmental sustainability, including resources and energy saving, waste management, improving on environmental quality such as noise control and indoor air quality; 3) Partner Synergy: Shopping malls’ effort on encouraging stakeholders to achieve synergy on environmental sustainability. All measures and practices by the shopping mall management which contribute to environmental sustainability are regarded...

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Modern Shopping Malls Case Study

The evolution of modern retail formats in India from the days of the primitive weekly markets or village fairs gradually changed the face of retailing from an entertainment orientation to a more conscious profession of delivering consistent quality shopping Experience. Retailing appeared in the Indian Horizon in the 70’s when shops like Raymonds, Nalli’s and Bata set up their exclusive stress and /or franchisees. The early 80’s witnessed the emergence of “Akbar ally’s” in Mumbai and “spencers” in Chennai...

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A Network Enterprise Management System for Shopping Malls

for Shopping Malls CASE STUDY GICEL Shopping Mall, Accra. Background GICEL Shopping Mall is just like an advanced supermarket that sells mostly home products such as home appliances and cosmetics. It provides other services like selling ice creams, beverages and most food items used at home. The Mall sells products to customers categorized from children to adults. A Brief study of an Existing System During my decision to present this project topic, I surveyed several shopping malls, studied...

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Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored?

1. Imagine yourself as the manager of a struggling local suburban regional shopping mall. What do you think the mall should do to improve its performance? To keep a local suburban regional shopping mall from reaching its decline, there are a few things that must be done to keep your mall relevant in today’s society. One must spend time and money during the maturity phase to keep with today’s trends. Getting more or newer department or anchor stores may help to draw in business. Then fill...

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Shopping Malls

INTRODUCTION A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. These malls have brought a new revolution in the world of shopping. Nowadays shopping is no longer limited to buying stuff that you require but now it has extended its sense to have lip smacking food along with enjoyment, fun, refreshment and entertainment. In malls all these...

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Generation Y Adults' Shopping Mall Preference: in Malaysia Perspective

Generation Y adults love to visit the mall. They visit the shopping mall very frequent at least 1 – 2 times a week. However, Generation Y adults treat shopping mall activities as a social activity. They prefer hanging out with friends. Prior to that, they follow and tag along with peers' opinion. As a result, their expenditure increases as they shop with friends. They are also loyal customer that will constantly visit the same stores each time they visit the shopping mall. Surprisingly, older Generation...

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