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1.0 INTRODUCTION E-RETAILING Online retailing (also known as B2C or business-to-consumer e-commerce) is basically a Web-enabled interface between your company and your target consumer for selling products and services on the Web with the facility of online payment. Online retailing is the most famous and challenging innovation for the retail industry since the last two decades. It offers a new kind of distribution channel and unique options of collecting customer data and analysing buying...

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Theories In Retailing

environment are: 1. Technological 2. Economical 3. Demographic 4. Legal & Political 5. Socio- Cultural  CYCLICAL THEORY:  Where change follows a pattern and phases can have definite identifiable attributes associated with them. THE WHEEL OF RETAILING: Mature RetailerTop heavy Vulnerability Phase Conservative Declining ROI Innovative RetailerEntry Phase Low status and Price Minimum service Poor facilities Limited product offering Traditional RetailerElaborate facilities Higher rent More locations...

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Types of Retailing

. 1. a. Define the retailing? b. Discuss the types of retailing. 1. Retailing; ...

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Retailing &Wholeselling

Retailing & Wholesaling” Submitted To Prof. Dr. A N M Sayeedul H. Khan Course Teacher Department of Marketing Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Submitted By Md. Al- Amin ID No. 41221022 University of Dhaka Submission Date: July 21, 2012 Introduction: The Retailing & Wholesaling Practice helps clients...

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Retailing and Zara

distribution center will also allow them to have additional funds to spend in other areas of business such as advertisements: a necessary feature to penetrate the American market. Another market opportunity for Zara is to invest in Internet retailing especially directed toward the U.S. market. Though Zara is wary of overexposure, Americans like to be able to purchase all goods including apparel from the comfort of their own homes at any time they chose. Therefore, since Zara is looking to...

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Impact of Organized Retailing on Unorganized Retailing in India

INTRODUCTION: Retailing is playing a major part in Indian business emergence. There are many modern business systems taking place in Indian market because of Globalization. But retailing is the foremost part of them which is predicted to have a better growth. When it was said retailing, organized and unorganized retailing will come in to picture to debate. Unorganized retailing is the tradition of India and organized retailing was on track from early 90’s. In this context organized retailing is successively...

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strategic planning in retailing

Strategic Planning in Retailing RETAIL MANAGEMENT: A STRATEGIC APPROACH, 10th Edition Chapter Objectives To show the value of strategic planning for all types of retailers To explain the steps in strategic planning for retailers: situation analysis, objectives, identification of consumers, overall strategy, specific activities, control, and feedback To examine the individual controllable and uncontrollable elements of a retail strategy, and to present strategic planning as a series of integrated...

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Retailing Discussion Questions

pg 275. Put these in Digital Drop Box. 4) Read Retailing View 10.1 on pg 281 and Retailing View 10.3 on pg 294. 5) Read Chapter 10 Summary on pg 302. 6) Answer Discussion Question #5 on pg 303. 7) Do the Discussion Board Question. Page 275 1. Human Resource Management is especially important in retailing due to the simple fact that it involves such a vital aspect of any and every retailing organization-the employees! What is a retailing business without people working for it, with it,...

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Retailing Sector in Bangladesh

producers with users to accomplish the marketing task. This channel must be designed such that it delivers a level of value to the customer that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for the supply chain. Today, our main focus is on “Retailing” aspect. Retailing involves all the activities of selling products and services to consumers for their personal or family use.  Department stores, like Macy's, discount stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart, and specialty stores like The Gap and Toys 'R' Us, are...

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Retailing Midterm Notes

CHAPTER 1 Retailing – a set of business activities that adds value to the products and services sold to the consumers for their personal or family use A retailer is a business that sells products and/or services to consumers for personal or family use A Retailer’s Role Attempt to satisfy consumer needs by having: the right merchandise at the rice price, place, in the right quantities, and at the right time Retailers Role in the Distribution Channel Ex. Manufacturing -> Wholesaler...

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