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“computers” or “ice cream.” While these may be important, they are definitely not the most important. By far, satellites are the most important objects today. Most everything, including smartphones and computers, are present today because of satellites and have capabilities such as Wi-Fi and 4G because of the role satellites play. Even Socrates, who lived centuries before the first satellite, realized the importance of a view from space when he said, "Man must rise above the Earth…to the top of the...

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Communication Satellites Introduction Communications Satellites have been around since 1958. A communications satellite is a spacecraft that orbits the Earth and relays messages, radio, telephone and television signals. Stations on the ground, called earth stations, transmit signals to the satellite, which then relays the signal to other earth stations. As a newer form of communications, communications satellites are very useful in bringing the people in the world together. Communications between...

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What is a satellite? How can they help us daily / what is the purpose with satellites. How do they orbit? Satellite Power Sources

What is a satellite? A satellite is a small thing orbiting or circling a larger thing. The complete path it follows is called an orbit. The moon is a example of a natural satellite of the earth. Manmade, or artificial satellites are placed into orbit by rockets or space shuttles. After World War II, the former Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite in 1951, into space. In 1958, the United States launched its first artificial satellite Telstar I into orbit....

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Introduction to satellites

 Subject : Introduction to satellite (SCM01D4) Introduction Eclipses can only occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in a straight line. Solar occur at new moon, when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth and in contrast, lunar eclipses occur at full moon, when Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The apparent size of the Moon is roughly the same as that of the Sun, with both being viewed at...

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Satellite Communication

Satellite communication, in telecommunications, is the use of artificial satellites to provide communication links between various points on Earth. Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system. Approximately 2,000 artificial satellites orbiting Earth relay analog and digital signals carrying voice, video, and data to and from one or many locations worldwide. Satellite communication has two main components: the ground segment, which consists of fixed or mobile...

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satellites of india

India has launched 74 artificial satellites in space .Here are some of them- Aryabhatta It was indias first satellite.It was launched by the Soviet Union on 19 April 1975[1] from Kapustin Yar using a Kosmos-3M launch vehicle. It was built by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) The launch came from an agreement between India and the Soviet Union directed by U.R. Rao and signed in 1972. It allowed the USSR to use India ports for tracking...

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Case Analysis Of International Satellite Images

I-Current Situation: A. Current performance International Satellite Images (ISI) is one of the three United States companies approved by the government to build and launch an imagery satellite system. ISI is building a satellite to image the world at a resolution of one meter. The resolution allows a trained photo interpreter to identify images that include both military objects and non-military objects. The whole operation is financed by investors or venture capitalist, which relied on contracts...

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Satellite Visibility and Availability

Satellite Visibility and Availability A Ganesh and R Narayanakumar The satellite visibility and availability is an essential parameter for precise positioning and surveying. Users of GPS must know where, when and what satellites should be tracked to attain the best results. The following are the essential measures a GPS operator is expected to know, during positioning. The elevation angle: - is the angle from the antenna between the horizontal and the line of sight to the satellite. ...

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Satellites & Weather Forcasting

The current headlines regarding “extreme weather events” occurring around the world and here in America left a curiosity about the history and technology used to forecast the Earth’s weather. Around the world meteorologists use technology such as satellites, infrared, radio, and radar transmissions, to help determine the most accurate forecast possible. However, even with the most advanced technology available, no predication is 100% accurate. Captain Robert Fitzroy of Great Britain started a forecasting...

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Design and Simulation of QPSK Modulator for Optic Inter Satellite Communication

Analysis of Design and Simulation of QPSK Modulator for Optic Inter Satellite Communication:Review Submitted by A Penchala Bindushree 4th Sem, M.Tech (DCE) Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore – 560090 Under the guidance of Internal Guide: Nataraju A B M.tech, (PhD) Assistant Professor, ECE Department Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore – 560090 External Guide: Vijesh T V Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ LEOS/ISRO Bangalore-560013 Abstract We have proposed a digitally...

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