Satellite Communication

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Satellite Communication Engineering

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Series Introduction

Over the past 50 years, digital signal processing has evolved as a major engineering discipline. The fields of signal processing have grown from the origin of fast Fourier transform and digital filter design to statistical spectral analysis and array processing, image, audio, and multimedia processing, and shaped developments in high-performance VLSI signal processor design. Indeed, there are few fields that enjoy so many applications—signal processing is everywhere in our lives. When one uses a cellular phone, the voice is compressed, coded, and modulated using signal processing techniques. As a cruise missile winds along hillsides searching for the target, the signal processor is busy processing the images taken along the way. When we are watching a movie in HDTV, millions of audio and video data ar being sent to our homes and received with unbelievable fidelity. When scientists compare DNA samples, fast pattern recognition techniques are being used. On and on, one can see the impact of signal processing in almost every engineering and scientific discipline.

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Because of the immense importance of signal processing and the fastgrowing demands of business and industry, this series on signal processing serves to report up-to-date developments and advances in the field. The topics of interest include but are not limited to the following.        Signal theory and analysis Statistical signal processing Speech and audio processing Image and video processing Multimedia signal processing and technology Signal processing for communications Signal processing architectures and VLSI design

I hope this series will provide the interested audience with high-quality, stateof-the-art signal processing literature through research monographs, edited books, and rigorously written textbooks by experts in their fields. K. J. Ray Liu

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Satellite communication is one of the most impressive spin-offs from space programs, and has made a major contribution to the pattern of international communications. The engineering aspect of satellite communications combines such diverse topics as antennas, radio wave propagation, signal processing, data communication, modulation, detection, coding, filtering, orbital mechanics, and electronics. Each is a major field of study and each has its own extensive literature. Satellite Communication...
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