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Nina Taupier 2011-10412 Russia and international Relations The West and Russia. 31.5.13 Whether Russia will integrate or cooperate with the West has been and continues to be a very heated debate. Overall, Russia’s European frontier appears the most stable and peaceful. The defining factor in the European security landscape is NATO enlargement. Russia’s failure to prevent the first wave and the likelihood of successive waves make the prospect of dividing lines in Europe real. The extent...

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6, 2012 Mr. Sessions Russia Population 140.4 million GDP (PPP) 2.2 Trillion 4.0% Growth 3.4% 5 Year compound annual growth 15,837 Per capita 7.5% Unemployment 6.9% Inflation (CPI) 41.2 Billion Russia’s politics takes place in the framework of a federal semi presidential republic. According to the Constitution of Russia, the president of Russia is head of State and of a multiparty system with executive...

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IKEA in russia

 IKEA IN RUSSIA INTRODUCTION Today, we present our analysis of the adaptation of a multinational in an emerging country. We chose to study the Ikea’s case because the company is the leader in the field of interior design and furniture. In addition, we chose to focus on the implementation of Ikea in Russia because the cultural differences between Russia and Sweden are important. This cultural distance shows the importance of brand policy and how it could have an impact on sales as well...

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Kodak in Russia

Kodak in Russia In the early 1990s, Kodak entered Russia. At the time, the country was deep in the middle of a turbulent transition from a Communist-run command economy to a fledgling democracy that was committed to pushing through the privatization of state-owned enterprises and economic reforms designed to establish competitive markets. Kodak’s entry into this market posed a number of challenges. Russian consumers had little knowledge of Kodak’s products, and the consumer market for photography ...

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 Russia also officially known as the Russian Federation is a country in northern Eurasia.  It is a federal semi-presidential republic. At 17,075,400 square kilometres (6,592,800 sq mi), Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. Russia is also the world's ninth most populous nationwith nearly 144 million people as of 2015. Culture Russian culture has a long and rich cultural history, steeped in literature, ballet, painting and classical...

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Modern Russia

Modern Russia: Overview Russia faced enormous problems in the 1990s. After 70 years of communism, with its planned economy and controlled currency, Russia was ill-equipped for a rapid conversion to capitalism. Factories were in poor repair and inefficient, and their consumer products were shoddy. Managers did not have the know-how to function in a market economy, nor were workers prepared for the uncertainties of the marketplace. The transportation and delivery system for the goods they produced...

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Russia Timeline

on the timeline. Specifically, choose events that are relevant to the political and economic development of Russia during this period. Your timeline should include a minimum of 15 events over this time period. Plot each event to indicate when they occurred, but also decide to what extent each event was moving Russia toward modernization and stability, or whether the event was moving Russia toward REVOLUTION.  For each event, provide a 1-2 sentence justification to explain why you placed it in a...

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Business in Russia

------------------------------------------------- International Business In Russia Introduction There are a number of misconceptions about Russia as a business destination. Some people believe that conducting business in Russia is an all too easy process and that all it takes are some good connections or simply meeting with the right people. On the other hand, others believe that in Russia, it is almost impossible to do business and that companies are not governed by the basic principles of economics...

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Russia in Turmoil

place both in politics and social standing as Lenin; leader of the Bolshevik party, took control over Russia and plunged Russian society into a period of extreme left wing control. The causation of Lenin’s decision to urge for a Bolshevik uprising is due to a combination of idea’s and beliefs, actions and events which resulted in a seizure of Bolshevik control and new age of democratic assembly for Russia. Following the failure of the July days to seize power by protesters in Petrograd against the Provisional...

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Russia in 1894

Russia in 1894 Politically backward Repression – the okhrana Extremism – denial of free speech led to extremism Most of Russia’s population were peasants – over 80% Decline in agriculture Large army = cost a lot more money The early reign of Nicholas II, 1894-1905 Came to throne in 1894 Russification – Russian was declared to be the official first language; all legal proceedings such as trials had to be conducted in Russian. Restricted the influence of the non-Russian national minorities...

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Corruption in Russia

The Two Sides of Corruption in Russia Corruption in Russia has been prominent since it was legal in the 17th century, when the tsar’s officers were allowed to take bribes. It was then illegalized, however never quite faded away especially during Soviet times when the conditions of the living people were harsh. It is still prominent in Russia today since the new capitalist country has not fully moved on from its socialist past. Understanding the historical content of corruption is critical in order...

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Russia Nep

contributing factor for the restoration of the economy, enabling Russia to feed itself and the removal of the final pockets of opposition to the Bolshevik rule. The rebellion from the once loyal Kronstadt sailors forced Lenin realise that there had to be a dramatic change in Russian policy. Despite this step back towards capitalism, the introduction of the NEP was to be seen only as a temporary measure. Although it provided Russia with no long term solution to its future development, the NEP was...

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Geography of Russia

Russian geography - Regions of Russia Russia is a country about 1.8 times the size of the US occupying the vast area between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 10, 672,000 sq. miles (17,075,200 sq.km) and a population of almost 150 million people. Occupying a large territory in Europe and Asia Russia is spread over all climatic zones except tropical. It takes over 8 hours by plane to reach from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast. West of the Ural mountains from the...

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Limits to Foreign Direct Investment in Russia The Russian Economy emerged from the upheaval of the 1990s as a market where power was inadequately dispersed among the oligarchs, formal regulating institutions were scarcely in force and the state assumed too much of a role in an economy that was to run on free market principles. A decade later, there have been minimal reforms despite the widespread political rhetoric about Russia being integrated into the world economy. How has the absence of a fully...

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Peasants in Russia

“Assess the view that the condition of the peasantry in Russia was transformed in the period from 1855 to 1964.” The conditions of the peasantry varied within the period 1855-1964 as the rulers had different ways of dealing with the peasants. There were times when the communists treated the urban working classes far worse than the tsars did such as during the rule of Stalin. On the other hand, there were also occasions when the tsars carried out policies that benefited working people such as reducing...

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Always Russia

pricing Always at the same level as Western Europe or make it as a mid-priced brand . Second issue was the sustainability of the different marketing strategies in Russia. Finally Procter & Gamble has to decide whether to extend its portfolio by launching Alldays or Tampax. SITUATION ANALYSIS Always is the current market leader in Russia with its premium positioning. According to the researches, Russian consumers have a very rational approach towards products and their decisions about the brands are...

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hockey in Russia

professionals. Eventually, in 1972 happened the event, that is not forgotten even nowadays, the titans of hockey clashed in the legendary “Summit Series”! It was decided to arrange a tournament of eight games - the first four in Canada and the rest in Russia. The Canadian team was coached by Harry Sinden and included the best NHL players at that time. In contrary, there was a not so fortunate replacement on the Soviet’s side: Tarasov and Chernyshev as the coaches were replaced by Bobrov and Kulagin. Anatoly...

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Mini Economy Analyse for Russia

Before the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was in the traditional economy. Which mean Russia was under-developed country. It both has the advantages and disadvantages. In the traditional economy system, everyone knew the three basic economy questions (what to produce; how to produce; for whom to produce). They produced what their former generation produced. Farming, hunting, and gathering as three basic ways to live were done the same way as the generation before. Also, customs gave the economic decisions...

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Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution

Why were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in Russia in 1917? The Bolshevik’s were able to seize power in Russian in 1917 mainly due to the exceptional leadership of Lenin and the organisational skills of Trotsky, the Red Guard army that was formed on May 11th 1917 and then re-organised on the 4th of November and the problems that the Provisional government had. The Bolshevik revolution took place with an armed rebellion in Petrograd. The October revolution led by the Bolshevik party and Lenin...

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Report on the Situation of Russia in 1903

Report on the situation of Russia in 1903 Russia is a vast empire and is crumbling piece by piece due to many different things happening in the country. The empire is falling bit by bit due to the backward industry and bad leadership. Reasons that will be explained in this report for this bad situation are an inefficient and corrupt government, the conditions of peasants, the contrast between the rich and the poor, conditions of workers and threats from opposition groups. All of these things are...

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International Business Assignment Russia

International Business Assignment Russian Federation Intro Would it be advisable to invest € 20.000.000,- in the country which you have studied?Russia’…Russia is the largest country in the world and is the 7th largest economy in the world by GDP. Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union and sustained a massive economic growth the past couple of years. It is a country of large differences and were almost everything has a price a lot of rich but still...

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Political Culture of Russia

Russia The nature of Russian political culture and by extension its politics has been shaped and molded over the previous centuries. While we can by no means attribute its entire political culture to a single event or time period, we also can’t point to a time period, say the Soviet time, and draw our perception of Russia’s political culture from that alone. That being said, the totalitarian nature of the Soviet State is by partial means attributable to Marxist-Leninist philosophies. The...

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Nationalism and Imperialism in Russia and Ukraine

Nationalism and Imperialism in Russia and Ukraine With months of violent outbreaks in the Ukraine cities, a fleeing president, Crimea wanting to join Russia and an approaching Russian military, Ukraine’s people are on edge. Earlier this month, British Foreign Secretary William Hague called the standoff in Ukraine the "biggest crisis in Europe of the 21st century." Today, Russia and Ukraine have many nationalist views and imperialistic ideas that are resulting in actions. In November...

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Popular Sports in Russia

athletes in Russia Russia is the successor of the Soviet Union (USSR), which was the dominant Olympic team during the Soviet Era whereby, Russia SFSR was the largest nation in the Soviet Union with the main athletes of the Soviet team. Nowadays, Russia is one the most successful countries at a variety of sports and continuously ending in the top rankings (never below the third place since 1952) in number of medals and gold medals collected at the Olympic Games. Moreover, since 1994, Russia always...

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UPS In Russia Draft

Proposal By: Sara Mcdonald and Nora Gedei UPS’s Best Opportunity is For East Region Expansion into Russia INTRO - COMMERCIAL RELATIONS The United States and Russia has a very complicated geopolitical relationship at the moment with new regulatory developments effecting both investors and policy experts. But the United States – Russian Business Council (USRBC) has recently allowed business and entrepreneur’s access to the latest information on the market conditions in the hopes of spurring progress...

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Russia Ukraine Incident

survival and development in the East-West political attacks. Russia wants to control Ukraine, in order to prevent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastward expansion. On the other hand, NATO hopes Ukraine can act as a barrier to prevent Russian expansion. Therefore, Ukraine must consider it should be pro-Russia or pro-Europe. Ukraine shares borders with the Russian Federation to the east and northeast and caught between Russia and European Union (EU). Also, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov...

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Russia country project

Russia Interfax Russia is a country slightly smaller than the United States, 1.8 times smaller to be exact. It is bordering the Arctic Ocean between Europe and North Pacific Ocean with a coast line of 37,653 km. The capital of Russia is Moscow with a population of 14 million consisting of 81% Russian, 3.7% Tatar, 1.4% Ukrainian, and 1.1% Bashkir. In this report we will learn about the contemporary business issues and economics in Russia. We will also see how the government takes part in the...

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Russia Tea Market

Russia tea market Russia Most of Northern European Russia and Siberia has a subarctic climate, with extremely severe winters in the inner regions of Northeast Siberia (mostly the Sakha Republic, where the Northern Pole of Cold is located with the record low temperature of −71.2 °C/−96.2 °F), and more moderate elsewhere. The strip of land along the shore of the Arctic Ocean, as well as the Russian Arctic islands, have a polar climate. Throughout much of the territory there are only two distinct...

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Intercultural Differences in Russia

in Russia  Analysis of some aspects of intercultural differences  Their effects on business communication The purpose of this essay is to show that intercultural differences between French and Russian businessmen exist and discuss if they are a threat for effective business communication. The structure follows the different steps of a real business situation: a French businessman meeting his potential Russian partners for a negotiation in Russia. Introduction Before going to Russia, what...

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ECOFIN Russia Position Paper

of the IMF on the international community and the European Debt Crisis. Russia is focused on helping the IMF as they take strides towards making a larger impact in low-income communities as well as the Eurozone. And Russia is open to helping with the financial crisis currently facing the European Union through whichever means it has available. Both these topics are of large importance to the Russian Federation, though Russia hopes to focus on the European Debt Crisis, as it is a more immediate matter...

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Individualism in Russia & Us

America and Russia Similarities Both countries are multi-ethnic, continental, great powers, expansionist, tamed a wilderness, and settled by a variety of diverse groups. The people appreciate casual, direct, and an often blunt way of speaking, and both show heartfelt hospitality to visitors from abroad. The survey asked foreigners to name the top 10 things they associated with Russia. The top four were communism, the KGB, snow, and the mafia. The sole positive association Russian art and culture...

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Ultranationalism in Post-Communist Russia

Ultranationalism in Post-Communist Russia The social-political status of contemporary Russia is quite the mixed bag. While you have Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party with a vast majority of the vote in nearly every election, there is a large variety of groups who speak out against him. In the days following the recent presidential election, where Putin was elected for a third term, tens of thousands of Russians protested the results of the election. Several different political and social...

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Why Is Russia Hard to Invade?

Since the early eighteenth century, Russia has been a major power in Europe, but its influence on a global scale has consequently made Russia a matter of desire for power hungry oppressors. However, history has shown that Russia possesses certain traits that have acted as a deterrent to invading forces. Most notably, Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 and its association with Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa are prime examples; their failures were caused by a number of factors ...

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Conducting Business in Russia

in Russia A Brief History: Russia was a monarchy, ruled by 'Tsars', for most of recorded history. (Early Russian history is complex -- it includes invasions by Swedish Vikings from the West and Mongols from the East. Christianity arrived in about 1000 AD, and there were Tsars in Moscow after about 1400 AD. Some of the more important Tsars were Ivan IV (called 'the Terrible' because he was pretty, well...terrible), Peter I (called 'the Great' -- he built St. Petersburg and turned Russia into...

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Russia problems faced

What Problems did Russia face between 1914 and 1916 When war broke out in Europe, in August 1914, it brought an end to industrial unrest in Russia. The country united behind the Tsar and his government in an atmosphere of patriotism. Although Russia invaded eastern Germany and eastern Austrian Hungary, by the en of 1916 the Russian army was in retreat. The war also had a major effect on the position of the Tsar and his family. Under the influence of Rasputin, an unpopular adviser, the Tsarina...

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The Development of Business Ethics in Russia

The Development of Business Ethics in Russia The word “ethics” (the Greek ethika, from ethos - custom, disposition) is usually used in two senses. On the one hand, the ethics - an area of knowledge, scientific discipline studying morality, morals, their origin, dynamics, factors and developments. On the other hand, ethics is defined by a set of moral rules in any sphere of human behavior or the organization. There are two main viewpoints on the relationship of universal ethical principles and...

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Civil Society in Russia

Does Russia have civil society? Stud. : Torosyan Boris (IFF 1-4(c)) Table of contents: Civil society in Russia, Introduction. P. 3 History. P. 3-7 Russian civil society today. P. 7-9 Conclusion and pespectives. P. 9 List of used Information P. 10 Civil society in Russia, Introduction. The term “civil society” in Russia is rarely referred...

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Women in Stalins Russia

near-universally literate generation. Millions benefitted from mass literacy campaigns in the 1930s, and from workers training schemes.[76] Engineers were sent abroad to learn industrial technology, and hundreds of foreign engineers were brought to Russia on contract.[75] Transport links were improved and many new railways built. Workers who exceeded their quotas, Stakhanovites, received many incentives for their work;[76] they could afford to buy the goods that were mass-produced by the rapidly expanding...

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Russia: the End of a Time of Troubles?

government led to an increase in bartering. This leads to two major problems - the inability of firms to pay wages and the inability of the government to collect taxes. Additionally, the weak monetary policy led to many quasi-monies to appear in Russia, making it difficult for the government to enact any monetary policy. Another significant problem due to the lack of trust in the federal government is its inability to impose its will on local or regional authorities. The federal government was...

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Mcdonald’s Russia: Managing a Crisis

to sell their products on the open market. In 1987, the Kremlin passed a new law on the joint ventures, easing restrictions on the importation of foreign capital, technology, and expertise. #2. First of all, Cohon’s idea to open a McDonald in Russia was originated at the Montreal Olympic Games where he met a group of dignitaries from the Soviet Union went in McDonald’s for snacks. When these officials entered McDonald’s, they were blown away. Second, types of restaurants in the Soviet Union was...

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Russia traditional medicine

Rus’, which is nowadays the European part of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as Siberia, has always had an abundance of different types of herbs. So that Slavic people who inhabited Rus’ and indigenous peoples of Siberia developed a huge number of different medical practices using herbs, potions and even words. These practices have always been used by all the generations of Russian people and are still used nowadays. In a largely globalized Russia the practice of traditional medicine maintains...

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Public Administration in Russia

Challenges to the Reforming of Public Administration in Russia It can be argued that effective public administration is perhaps the most important post-communist structural reform priority in Russia. Without effective reform in this arena, other types of reform are not viable or would be ineffective in its implementation. While reform in the public sector has been made in many areas the progress has been slowed significantly by various cultural, ideological and other barriers. Volumes can be...

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Russia Market Analysis Agricultural Sector

MARKET ANALYSIS TARGET We have chosen Russia to be our target market because it has undergone a decline in the production of the agricultural sector and nowadays the country is trying to face this problem. Besides that, we have thought that it could be a great place to offer our product so they can also reach a significant growth in terms of technology. It is important to mention that for this country investment and innovation are quite relevant. It also should be pointed out that 10% of the...

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Socialism and Socialist Law in Russia

and socialist law in Russia. | By: Hussein, Elsherbini | | | Political ideologies and economic systems didn’t just appear for the mere reason of change. They were influenced by the oppressive conditions of outdated economic structures and political despotism. Preceding every massive transformation from one state of being to another, a great revolution in thought took place. The former is relevant in the inception and spread of socialist ideology in 20th century Russia. World events such...

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Pest for Russia

Assignment 1- PEST Analysis: Business Environment in Russia (982 words) Pest Analysis: Business Environment in Russia Introduction Russia, with a wide base of natural resources and one of the BRIC countries is seen as an attractive market to gain a toehold in by global investors including the United Kingdom’s retail industry. This report aims to analyze the business environment in Russia for British retailers using the PEST analysis. The PEST analysis will focus on four different aspects of...

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The Fall of Communism in Russia/Soviet Union

in their Communist Manifesto finalized the philosophy of Communism. ("Communism," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 98 Encyclopedia) <br><br>In the beginning, people in Russia thought of Communism as a utopian ideal. (Funk & Wagnall's) The elimination of social classes, and guaranteed employment sounded outstanding to the people who lived in Russia. Communism did call for a role of socialist dictatorship to help control any form of protest. Through persuasive tactics this new government seized power and in...

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Dti in Russia

GTI In Russia 1. What do you believe are the three key lessons he has learned and what remaining questions do you anticipate that he will include in the report? − Three key lessons o Lesson 1~Granum learned about the instability and uncertainty in regulations and laws. That Russia differed a great deal from the United States when it came to the loosely defined property rights in Russia. This lead to the lack of knowledge on business ethics, individual job descriptions and responsibilities. Granum...

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Organ Trafficking Position Paper (Russia)

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee Represented by: Andy Woo Shekou International School, Shenzhen China Country: Russian Federation Background Information: Russia is a country in Northern Eurasia, bordered by the Arctic Ocean, and numerous countries such as China, Mongolia, and Georgia. The total area of Russia is 17,098,242 square kilometers (CIA.gov), making it the largest country in the world. The terrain of the country is “broad plain with low hills west of Urals; vast coniferous...

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Youth Unemployment in Russia: Causes and Effects.

appropriate job. In Russia such a system when young people continue living within their parents’ expenses right up to the age of 25, 27 or something about that is widespread enough. You may fancy that is because of the Russians’ idleness. Well, that is true but only in part. One way or another but both young people in the Western world and Russia face very often one and the same serious problem: they just cannot get a job. According to the official statistics youth unemployment in Russia is about 27%,...

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History of Bolsheviks in Russia

apart from the Menshevik faction at the Second Party Congress in 1903. The Bolsheviks were the majority faction in a crucial vote, hence their name. They ultimately became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks came to power in Russia during the October Revolution phase of the Russian Revolution of 1917, and founded the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which would later in 1922 become the chief constituent of the Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks, founded by Vladimir IllyichLenin...

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Arbitration in The U.s. and Russia

April 9 2014 Arbitration in the United States and Russia Arbitration is a process that involves two companies submitting their disputes to a third-party to assist in the resolution and settlement of the issue. (Kubasek & Brown, 2008) Arbitration is a difficult matter to handle and it becomes even more complex when dealing with international laws in the matter. The United States and Russia have drastically different rules that apply to arbitration so determining whose...

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Industrialization: Japan and Russia. The Rise and Emergence of Japan and Russia as major Industrial nations.

� PAGE �2� Laurentian University Industrialization: Japan and Russia HIST 1106EL-01 Zakk Bartsch October 14, 2007 Zakk Bartsch Dr. Mark Crane HIST 1106EL-01 October 15th, 2007 Industrialization: Japan and Russia As Western Europe began to industrialize, booming with innovation and new technology, the likes of which the eastern peoples of Asia have never seen, it became quite evident that they would either conform in this western practice of industrialization willingly, or become consumed...

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What has Putin done for Russia

Elliott Kimm Sept-Nov. 2014 Dr Neilson What has Vladimir Putin done for Russia? Vladimir Putin, a great man who is attempting to restore a country to its former glory, to restore it to its powerful past or, as many western leaders would have you believe, the biggest single threat to worldwide stability? The USSR, aka the Soviet Union, was a powerful alliance of countries during a time when strength was measured by military might rather than economic prosperity but power today is as much about...

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Mcdonalds Russia

Montreal Olympic Games, Cohon decided to bring McDonald’s to Russia. It took him 14 years to open up the first store in the heart of Moscow’s Pushkin Square. The opening of the store was a grand affair and was covered in the international news. Cohon eventually opened up another 25 stores in Russia before the Ruble crisis. This paper deals with the entry of McDonald’s into the Russian market and the prevailing economic environment in Russia at the time. It will briefly outline the steps taken by the...

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Change in Russia Following the 1917 Revolution

Bolsheviks brought about dramatic changes in Russian society following the 1917 Revolution. They took advantage of the unique time and place and once they had gained control of Russia they were willing to go to any lengths to ensure they remained in power and their Socialist ideals were put into action. The social organisation in Russia was an unjust system of autocracy, resulting in a majority of discontent. Russian society consisted of large amounts of peasants who owned a small amount of the land but...

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Has the Fall of Communism Benefited Russia?

communism benefited Russia? I have always wondered how other countries are impacted by communism, because my home country also has a few independent communist parties, such as the CPP. Communism seems like such a perfect form of government, but it does have some flaws. Ever since the fall of communism in 1991, Russia’s economy has plummeted. Communism is an economic system where everything is owned by the government, and everyone is treated and paid equally. I believe that Russia would be better...

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The Us Reaction towards Russia and Ukraine

2014 Conflict Among Russia, Ukraine, and the United States Following the Ukrainian Revolution in February of 2014, which ultimately led to the impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovych, an interim government and president was put into place in Ukraine and was recognized by both the United States and the European Union. Because of this, the Crimean Peninsula, a piece of land located along the coast of the Black Sea in Ukraine, has become an area of great interest to Russia. The Crimean Peninsula...

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Kuril Islands Dispute between Russia an

Islands Dispute between Russia and Japan One of the most significant discussions between Japan and Russia is the Kuril Islands issue. The disputed islands are currently under the Russian administration, but Japan claims them as its own. Over the past century this issue is the major obstacle to obtain complete ratification of Japan – Russia relations and sign a peace treaty between them. Despite the fact that there have been many efforts to change the situation between Russia and Japan, it is still...

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Russia as an Attractive Market for Wal Mart

------------------------------------------------- Russia as an attractive market for Wal-Mart Tutor: Jeremy A Head Student: Gleb Nekroenko Student Number: 21048807 ------------------------------------------------- RESEARCH METHODS Student Number: 21048807 Introduction The topic that I have chosen is “Russia as an attractive market for Wal-Mart: a case...

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The Fall of Czar Nicholas' Government in Russia

occurred as a result of the collapse. When Czar Nicholas II came into power in 1894, he continued the autocratic rule that Russia had in place for more than three decades. To help Russia catch up with the rest of the world, Czar Nicholas II attempted to industrialize Russia. He helped create more factories and increased the production of steel. Although these changes helped Russia in terms of industrialization, new problems occurred, such as horrible working conditions, low wages, and child labor. Trade...

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