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Film: 12th and Delaware

interesting and eye opening. At the beginning they talk about how the two clinics are across the street from each other, the Women’s Health Care Center purchased the building from a chiropractor in a matter of a small amount of time, so they can stage protest daily against the Women’s World Clinic and provide another path for women seeking abortion, many women mistaken the Women’s Health for the abortion clinic. Anne, who runs the Women Health Clinic, surprised me with her actions during the film. She...

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American Experience

experience of protesting or dream to in the future. Individuals want to protest to bring change for a better future in their society. Protesting can reflect as an American experience and identity by wanting to have the freedom of speech or fight for what they believe in. I have chosen a work of art image, that portrays the significance of how protesting can reflect as an American experience and identity. I think millions of Americans protests at least once in their lifetime, wither that being voting at a...

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Gandhi Movie Summary

conflict with the police. Gandhi's counter to the popular phrase "an eye for an eye" says that after that, "everyone will be blind." Gandhi leads several organized protests against British rule. In one, all Indians stopped doing their work, and the major cities in the country were disabled. Another time, he led a 165-mile walk to the sea to protest the British monopoly on salt. The Indians made their own salt out of the sea. <br> <br>A turning point on the Indian fight for independence was the western...

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John Stuart Mill: The Black Lives Matter Movement

of the movement. On the positive end of the spectrum, Mill would appreciate that Black Lives Matter activists exercise their freedom of opinion despite outside attempts to suppress them. In addition, his harm principle aligns with the movement’s protests against police brutality and racially motivated attacks. However, as he values political participation, he would question the effectiveness of the movement due to its lack of significant political influence. Because he praises the freedom of opinion...

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employment at will doctrine

towards destruction of organization’s discipline. I will also issue a notice to everybody to keep under organization discipline otherwise taking disciplinary actions to those employees who will break the order. Case – 3: Ellen started a blog to protest the CEO’s bonus, noting that no one below director has gotten raise in two (2) years and portraying her bosses as “know nothings” and “out - of- touch”. These all issues like CEO bonus, appointment of higher authority are parts of management decision...

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Arab Spring

The Arab Spring of Yemen began with protests in 2011. Both violent and non-violent events had occurred in the Yemeni Arab Spring. A whole chain of key events took place within the year that it lasted. On January 27th of 2011, thousands, led by many individuals all over Yemen, flood the streets of Sana’a and other cities in the southern region. These protests took place in order to urge President Saleh to end his presidency. There were weeks of mass protests to follow this event. President Ali Abdullah...

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Tlatelolco Massacre

complete power and authority over the country and Mexican citizens. On October 2nd, in the region of the Plaza de las Tres Culturas a thousand students were gathered to protest against the government's actions. Things started to slip through his iron fist and this turned into a nightmare of horror and grief. The student’s protest of 1968 in Mexico City were initially touched off not by university political issues, but by charges of unusual police brutality in the suppression of a typical fight on...

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Civil Disobedience Arguments

000 miles away from home, here in America, to drop bombs and bullets on other innocent brown people who’s never bothered [them]”(Ali) His words are well-reasoned, with obvious passion behind them. He succinctly says “No, I will not go.” (Ali) He protests the idea of war in general by remarking that innocent civilians were dying as result. He also makes a more specific argument: that as a black man he cannot fight for a nation that has mistreated his people in the past. His words and actions sparked...

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India's Civil Disobedience Movement

apartheid (segregation) laws were still in force. This experience led him to notice the inhumane inequality around the world, especially in his home country, India. Once returning to India, he declared his Civil Disobedience Movement, which only protests that were nonviolent and peaceful. For example, shortly after the massacre, he began the Salt March , where he and thousands of others made salt illegally from mud and seawater (International Center of Nonviolent Conflict). He was liked nationwide...

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Black Lives Matter Thesis

must address the issue. BLM has been known to build power through protest and rallies. They even created slogans during demonstrations such as “Hands up, Don’t shoot”, “I can’t breathe”, and “Is my son next?”. Even the general public has issues with how BLM goes about doing their protests. Some protests lead to BLM supporters completely stopping traffic on freeways and highly populated streets by standing in place. When a protest is done this way, it doesn’t help the issues they're trying to address...

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