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Ces2 Reflection

I was the procurement lead for CES2 project and I had a back-up procurement staff that worked diligently with me to complete the project. For this project, I went through the process of releasing about six (6) addendums, multiple sets of Q&A’s, protest of requirements, evaluations of draft bids and final bids, confidential discussions and negotiations. As the procurement lead, I reviewed and edited the IFB, business and technical requirements, statement of work (SOW), cost worksheets, evaluation...

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Civil Disobedience In History

examples of civil disobedience in history is the Salt March of 1930. The march, led by Mohandas Gandhi, was a protest against the British rule in India. According to History.com, the Salt Acts prohibited collecting and selling the salt, which was necessary to the Indian diet. This led Gandhi and a group of dozens in March of 1930 to travel nearly 240 miles to the town of Dandhi, in protest of the acts placed on salt. Gandhi and his followers finally reached Dandhi on April 5th. When Gandhi finally...

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Arab Spring

The Arab Spring of Yemen began with protests in 2011. Both violent and non-violent events had occurred in the Yemeni Arab Spring. A whole chain of key events took place within the year that it lasted. On January 27th of 2011, thousands, led by many individuals all over Yemen, flood the streets of Sana’a and other cities in the southern region. These protests took place in order to urge President Saleh to end his presidency. There were weeks of mass protests to follow this event. President Ali Abdullah...

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Albany Campaign

there in December 1961, a local boycott of the bus station began. The boycott was backed by rallies and protest meetings and, following an address by King, a large protest was held. The protesters were ordered to disperse and, when they refused were arrested and fined. In order to increase awareness of this King refused to pay and as a consequence was jailed. However unlike the numerous protests which had proceeded this one, the Albany Movement failed. The city closed parks, sold the swimming pool...

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A Young Mans's Thought Before June 16th

drenched with red Analysis Background In 1976, the students of Soweto lead the protest against the government’s plans to implement Bantu education. This marked the beginning of the Soweto uprising, many were shot or killed by the police during this demonstration against education in Afrikaans. This pathos poem communicates the thoughts and feelings of one of the students in 1976, who would lose his life in the protest. This poem concentrates on the human aspects rather than political convictions...

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music and non-violence

and The Beatles enemies followed even closer. Gandhi, The Beatles and their fans all practiced non-violence. Gandhi organized peaceful protests. He taught his followers to accept their punishment for their actions “Mahatma Gandhi believed the best way to oppose tyranny was through non-violent, non-cooperation instead of armed resistance (Toler). One protest Gandhi stated was about The untouchables, they were children of God in Gandhi’s eyes. (American History). Untouchables were the lowest caste...

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Tlatelolco Massacre

complete power and authority over the country and Mexican citizens. On October 2nd, in the region of the Plaza de las Tres Culturas a thousand students were gathered to protest against the government's actions. Things started to slip through his iron fist and this turned into a nightmare of horror and grief. The student’s protest of 1968 in Mexico City were initially touched off not by university political issues, but by charges of unusual police brutality in the suppression of a typical fight on...

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How Did Kobayashi's People During The Hibiya Riots?

that the workings of the justice system could be made transparent to the Japanese public. Furthermore, the years spent covering the government’s response to protest and pollution brought Kobayashi the clout that branded him as a reporter who could be trusted to cover complex subjects. However, he is cognizant of the she scope of the protests that were necessary to spur the government into responding to the Ashio Mine case so thoroughly, a realization that left him wary of the state and more committed...

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Social Media and Occupy Wall Street

changed the way of communication between organizations, communities, and individuals through websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Recently, social media has become a vital role in social movements like Occupy Wall Street, an ongoing series of protests against economic inequality, greed and the influence of big corporations on government. Unfortunately, the impact of social media on Occupy Wall Street has had mixed reviews. While some people, like Malcolm Gladwell, believe “the platforms of social...

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Non Violent Resistance

Chenoweth and Stephan's arguments and research show that non violent campaigns are more successful than violent campaigns against violent political regimes. Though violent protests can show to be successful and they do get the point across though in a very different way, non violent protests I will have to agree, are the best and most efficient way to go about combating a violent opposition. With cases such as Dr. Martin Luther King, and Ghandi being two of the most noted cases. (not to say that...

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