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Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday the people of Northern Ireland gained a new understanding of the rights they had. On this day there was a Northern Ireland Civil Rights march to protest their basic rights such as their right to vote, religion, etc., because this is something that they have been restrained from for years. This was an unarmed protest that turned into something along the lines of a massacre when the British Army showed up. There is still not a clear number of the amount of marchers that day...

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History Controlled Assesment Bii Gcse

the majority of the population were pro government & against protest(no)- the population turned against the war in an overwhelming majority • Post troop withdrawal-larger protest called mobilization(yes) -Due to the Us being involved in bombing campaigns in Cambodia outraged people • Black Americans & students were the majority of anti-war protestors (yes/no)- the younger generation are always more involved in active protest but blacks were more occupied with the civil rights • Agnew...

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement

steadily accumulating and reaching bursting point in the masses. The movement has been the subject of countless debates that have sought to determine if the movement is justified or if it is an exploitation of the freedom of free speech and the right to protest. The discussion will highlight the moral and economic implications involved in the movement; while analyzing (with support from examples and evidence) each of the implications identified above against the utilitarian, Kantian, and virtue ethics to...

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Analysis Of Colin Kaernick's Speech

debate when he took a knee during the national anthem. Many americans were offended. As they felt disrespected from NFL players. As Colin Kaepernick spoke to the media, and explain the reason why he took a knee during the national anthem, was to protest against America’s doing. But it led to many hatred towards Colin kaepernick and the NFL. Because what have we done to show america that their still greater issue in our country, it may seem a inappropriate way of protesting. But Colin Kaepernick is...

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A Force More Powerful: a Century of Nonviolent Conflict

this book fascinating. Students can benefit from this book by learning more about other countries history and becoming more knowledgeable of political movements. It will certainly appeal to those who want to learn more about the power of civil protest and disobedience. After reading the book, I am convinced that peaceful methods are more effective than violent resistance. Ramirez 4 Works Cited Ackerman, Peter, and Jack Duvall. A Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent...

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Argumentative Essay: The Kneel To The Constitution

During the national anthem before an NFL game, he knelt in protest. It was a peaceful and quiet form of protest. People started yelling at him, calling him a traitor and others wanted him to be punished. The people of the United States have the right to protest during the national anthem because it is protected by their 1st Amendment rights. The constitution protects the people’s right to assemble and express their opinion freely. The protests were widely criticized by the American public, especially...

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Fees Must Fall Analysis: It's Effect On The Education System In South Africa

exorbitant fees were preventing them from accomplishing their degrees and pursuing their dreams in life into furthering their studies. On the other hand student who were able to complete their degrees felt as if there were being punished, they wanted the protest to stop and emphasized that violence doesn’t solve anything and it never the answer. The fees must fall campaign didn’t not only affect the education system in South Africa but also caused a huge negative impact on the South African economy. The...

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reservation in education

substantially. The ill-effects of caste-based reservation system are not hidden from us. In the recent years it has affected the education sectors in a big way. There are many examples that could be highlighted. The anti caste-based reservation protest took place. This was against the decision of the union Government of India that implemented reservation for OBCs in central and private institutes of higher education. In the year 2005, Government, on the recommendation of Mandal Commission, proposed...

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Social Media and Occupy Wall Street

changed the way of communication between organizations, communities, and individuals through websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Recently, social media has become a vital role in social movements like Occupy Wall Street, an ongoing series of protests against economic inequality, greed and the influence of big corporations on government. Unfortunately, the impact of social media on Occupy Wall Street has had mixed reviews. While some people, like Malcolm Gladwell, believe “the platforms of social...

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Flag Burning & Freedom of Speech

at times be restricted, the question arises, should such freedom be restricted when it comes to flag burning? An example of such an action would be an angry mob of people who wish to protest a recent decision by the government by burning the flag. Some people state that the government should ban this form of protest. Others staunchly insist this form of expression should not be outlawed. This freedom should not be restricted. Matt Nagin (2012), a writer for the online news platform policymic...

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