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Masters of Wat

Masters of War For this essay I chose the song, “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan. This is a very deep song with blatant, outright, lyrics that clearly protest against war. This song was written by Bob Dylan in the 1960’s during the time of the the Vietnam war and Cold War between the USSR and the United States. Tension was very high between the two nations and citizens were in fear of the beginning of a nuclear war. Also many people in Amercia were protesting the war in Vietnam. Bob Dylan was rather...

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Bob Dylan Impact on Society

was finally going to become a star. Columbia Records offered Dylan a contract, and in March of 1962, he released his first album, Bob Dylan, and his second, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, in 1963. It was around this time that Bob started writing his protest songs (also called “finger-pointing” songs—sincere expressions of frustration towards leaders who opposed change13), in response to the beginning of the civil rights movement. There are several catalysts that led up to the civil rights movement. The...

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

violence against unemployed protesters in Vancouver, British Columbia etc. The phrase will be reused again in a political context some months after the film release to name the day when thirteen civilians were killed by British paratroopers during a protest march in Northern Ireland, but nothing so specific of turbulent is even hinted at the film or by its title. The action starts on a Friday and covers two whole weeks together with all days in between. There is a political subtext to the action, figured...

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Woody Guthrie: Singing a Revolution

really bonded with or attached to them. So when Woody headed east, the family headed back home to Texas (Partridge, 114). Woody’s activity in New York City during the early 1940’s illustrates his important position as one of the very early modern protest singers. Although he had always been protesting the unfair working and social conditions in America, the full-on rage of World War II provoked a stronger political message from him. Woody’s ideas were always well intentioned, but not always consistent...

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Bob Dylan

represented for a few years in the 1960s that continues to draw the public’s attention and ignite the imaginations of new generations of listeners”. In a three- year period, Dylan went from being an unknown singer/guitar player to full on protest anthem composer. As a descendant of Jewish race, Dylan was also able to sympathize with visible minorities in ways that others were not able to. He wrote some of the most influential music of the time and would to turn his back on it all,...

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Woody Guthrie

group called The Almanac Singers, they took up social causes such as union organizing, anti-Fascism, strengthening the Communist Party, peace, and generally fighting for the things they believed in the best way they could: through songs of political protest and activism. Woody became one of the prominent songwriters for the Almanac Singers. The Almanacs helped to establish folk music as a viable commercial genre within the popular music industry. A decade later, original members of the Almanacs would...

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Lead Up to and Night of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Beijing: the nation’s symbolic and geographical central space. It has long been a gathering place for protestors in China. The protests did not take long to spread around the country. At least four hundred cities protested, reflecting the broad dissatisfaction of China’s working population with the social results of the reform decade. Ten years previous to the Tiananmen Square protests, Mao Zedong died and the period of Maoism ended. Mao was the leader of China, who, according to Deng Xiaoping, was “seven...

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The Ethics That Revolve Around the Tea Party Movement

people think about the Tea Party Protest, they think about the Boston Tea Party. On December 16, 1773, a group of colonists boarded ships loaded with tea and destroyed it by throwing it into the Boston Harbor. The basis of the protest comes from the famous saying “no taxation without representation.” After the Tea Act was passed, tea became one of the next items in the new world to bear a tax. Although the basis for the movement is similar, the Tea Party Protests presented in this paper represent...

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decades. Therefore, this paper is to examine empirically the importance of internet in nurturing social protests in China, and thus provide empirical results for further analysis of changes in the authoritarian regime. In the following, the concentration will be on the opportunity structure proposed by Gamson and Meyer (1996) to illustrate how internet generates new opportunities for protests. After that, the state declining capability to carry out sufficient repressions will be explored. In the...

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Boston Tea Party

colonists boarded British ships loaded with taxed tea. Colonists disguised as Native Americans dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor. The colonists have the right to protest ,and the colonists have several reasons why to protest against unruly British laws. Colonists have the freedom of speech, so therefore they have the right to protest the Tea Act. Because they have the right to disagree with British actions, they should be able to speak up and show their opinions without being penalized by the...

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