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Can Riots/Public Demonstrations Bring Change? A demonstration is an action by a group of people in favor of a political or other cause. It normally consists of walking in a mass march formation and either beginning with or meeting at a designated endpoint to hear speakers. Actions such as blockades and sit-ins may also be referred to as demonstrations. Demonstrations can be violent or nonviolent. Nonviolent demonstrations can turn into violent demonstrations depending on the circumstances...

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Lesson Plan for Physical Education

Pictures of Child with Correct Sitting and Standing Posture, Task Cards, Checklist of Correct Sitting and Standing Posture D. Value Focus Discipline E. Skill Correct Standing Posture Correct Sitting Posture F. Strategy Demonstration Method III. Procedure A. Pre – Activity 1. Motivation Who knows how to play the posture walk? I’ll teach you how to play and we’ll play such game now. Formation Players are in circle formation facing right...

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Teaching Method Suitable for Teaching Skilled Subjects in Business Education

skill subjects in Business Education. Demonstration Method: Demonstration Method of teaching involves showing the student the response pattern that is desired. It is a method whereby the teacher will be demonstrating what he is teaching and the students will be imitating his actions. This method of teaching can be employed in teaching skilled subjects like Book-keeping, Typewriting, shorthand etc. For example, in teaching typewriting with the demonstration method, the teacher shows the student how...

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of the superlative to describe her son highlights and strengthens this demonstration of courage. Pliny’s use of tricolons exhibits Arria’s courage impressively. For her son, Arria “ita funus paravit, ita duxit… ignarus esset maritus” shows her fortitude in being able to prepare and even lead her son’s funeral procession, all while Paetus her husband was completely unaware of his own son’s death. The writer’s demonstration of Arria’s grit here is quite poignant because it shows she has made...

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Chocolate Cupcakes

to _______. Your Central Idea Determine the central idea of your demonstration speech text. In other words: a clear demonstration speech topic statement. Describe what your demo presentation is about and why you want to share it.
Example: It is important to preserve family recipes and this project is the best way in which to do that. How to Introduce Your Demonstration Speech Topics Once you have decided on a demonstration speech topic, write an attractive, effective and interactive attention...

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Benefits of Practical Life Exercises

Examples of practical life exercises with an explanation about benefits and purpose In the Montessori method, demonstration by the teacher is very important to ensure correct and responsible use of the activities. If children are using materials incorrectly or irresponsibly, the teacher will again go through a demonstration with the child. The child gain control in the coordination of his movement, and help the child to gain independence and adapt to his society. Practical Life Exercises also...

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Strategic HRM Assessment

2 Case Analysis (60%) PERFORMANCE STANDARDS | High Distinction | Distinction | Credit | Pass | Fail | KS (1.1) Well-researched knowledge and critical understanding applied to issues at the forefront of a specialised discipline area | Demonstration of current knowledge of the chosen business strategy and the implications for strategic human resource management (SHRM)Weighting: 10/60 | Full critical exploration of the chosen business strategy and the implications for SHRM is demonstrated through...

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Arthur Miller's Treatment of Women

relationships. Through this essay I will make clear Arthur Millers true opinion on women evident via events, characters, setting, relationships and dialogue; the much concealed misogyny of Arthur Miller, and Death of a Salesman. The most apparent demonstration of Arthur Millers misogyny was through the dialogue. One of numerous occasions the Loman men objectified women was while Happy and Biff are having a boorish conversation about a past girl they had both slept with, that was my first time I think...

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Speech Analysis

The speech was delivered by Dr. Fred Travis who presented his research advances of brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. The speech is informative because Dr. Fred Travis uses descriptions, demonstrations, and vivid detail to explain the subject which the audience wants to understand and remember. Critique the speech as follows: * Objective * Identify if the speaker’s objective is to inform, or to persuade...

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Democratic National Convention 1968

democratic presidential nominee. Chicago was a major “hot spot” for civil uprising, making it the perfect setting for a major political demonstration. The 1960’s gave birth to opinionated activist organizations, such as the famous Yippies, Students for a Democratic Society and the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, who all co-organized the demonstrations outside of the Democratic National Convention. Mayor Richard J. Daley was in great disagreement to the Yippie movement, and after...

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