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Operations Org Chart Subway Restaurant

The Subway sandwich chain is the largest restaurant operation in the world, as determined by the number of locations. Subway has been gaining on other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's for years. It’s smaller format costs less to open and operate than other chain restaurants and lets it squeeze into heavily trafficked locations places such as McDonald's might bypass. In its clarity, simplicity, and achievability, the Subway restaurants have one of the best mission statements in the U.S....

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Marketing and Subway Restaurants Subway

problems because they fail to remember the service they are there to provide and to whom they are providing it to. SUBWAY RESTAURANTS Subway is an American restaurant that primarily sells sandwiches and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates, Inc. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world and they are one of the world’s largest restaurant chains there is, in terms of number of locations. They have become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious...

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An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants

Tyann Peres An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants University of Houston-Downtown MGT 3332 Summer 1 Dr. Steven Coy An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants University of Houston-Downtown MGT 3332 Summer 1 Dr. Steven Coy Team Aces came to an agreement and decided to conduct an operational analysis of various Subway Restaurants throughout the Houston and Katy area. Each team member was charged with the task of visiting a Subway location near their residence. This way each...

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 1. PIZZA HUT Pizza Hut is a global fast food chain, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company. It was founded in Wichita, Kansas, USA in 1958 and is running its operations in about 91 countries worldwide. It is one of the major competitors of McDonald and Subway. Pizza Hut serves a large variety of starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, Pastas and deserts. Strategies:- The strategies at Pizza hut are guided by principles like Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy...

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Subway Assignment

Subway Profile Subway “Eat Fresh, Live Green”. That mission statement right away tells everyone what Subway is all about. Most people would probably consider Subway to be a fast food sandwich shop but as signs in the shop say “The only fast thing about us is our queue”. Subway wants to delight every customer so that they tell their friends. The first Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca, who had set out to fulfil a dream of becoming a medical doctor and decided thanks to a friend to open a submarine...

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The first thing one thinks of after hearing the name “Subway” is healthy food. The Subway brand has brought a revolution in the food industry with its healthy sandwiches & salads. Brand History: The founder Fred DeLuca in partnership with Dr. Peter Buck opened a submarine sandwich store in 1965 to fund his education as he wanted to be a doctor. Little did he know that he was destined to create a brand which today has 34218 restaurants spread across 95 countries. Brand Name: The founders...

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ASSIGNMENT I have chosen SUBWAY® as an Multi-National Company for my assignment. Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca at the age of seventeen in 1965 with the help of a friend, Dr.Peter Buck, who invested $1000 in his first sandwich shop which was named Pete’s Super Submarine which was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut which was meant to fund his dreams of becoming a doctor. He set a goal of having 32 stores in 10 years but by 1964, they had only 16 stores. They realized that they would not be able...

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4 P's of Subway Restaurants: Promotion

Subway’s Promotional Methods Subway, the largest franchise in the world, uses various promotion methods. Subway uses mass selling as their primary way of advertising. Since the target market is large and scattered over 98 countries, this is the easiest way for Subway to target their products. They announce their promotions using TV ads, radio ads, newspapers, and online ads. Subway also uses publicity as a form of advertising. Jared Fogle, Billy Blanks, and Michael Phelps are all great examples...

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Subway Analysis

 Business Organization Selection: Subway has now become the world’s largest fast food chain in the world, overpassing McDonalds with over 39,500 restaurants in 102 countries. I felt that the success of this business and the motivating story behind founder Fred DeLuca, this was a very aspiring business to select. Deluca and a family friend opened up a sandwich shop in 1965 with only a loan for $1,000. DeLuca hoped the tiny sandwich shop would earn enough to put him through college. After struggling...

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Natural & Technological Environment of Subway Sandwich

Natural Environment Subway restaurant is the restaurant that sells the most largest submarine sandwich chain and have more than 37,000 franchise in all around the world are on a running to make their restaurant to operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible to aim to improve the health of the earth in the same time. Last few years, subway started to switch their products and business practices that use less energy and resources, and generate less waste. By the process,...

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