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Operations Research

TOPIC: NATURE AND APPLICATIONS OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: MS. AMANDEEP SAVEENA (LECTURER OF O.R) MBA-3RD (11-148) INTRODUCTION & HISTORY OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH Operational research came into existence in 1885 when Frederick W. Taylor emphasised the application of scientific analysis to methods of production. The name (OR)...

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS RESEARCH (OR) 1.1 INTRODUCTION Operation Research, an approach to decision making based on the scientific method, makes extensive use of quantitative approaches to decision making. In addition to operation research, two other widely known and accepted names are management sciences and decision science interchangeably. The scientific management revolution of the early 1900s, initiated by Frederic W. Taylor, provided the foundation for the use of quantitative...

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Application of Operation Research

UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA QUATER: FALL 2012 CSCI508 – OPERATIONS RESEARCH INSTUCTOR: DR. FATEH H. DATE: Acknowledgement I am heartily thankful to my course instructor Fateh h, whose encouragement, guidance and support from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject. Abstract Ultimately it will serve everybody with easier and flexible way. Operation research is the application of scientific method to problems of control and...

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The Business Use of Operations Research

What is Operations Research? Operations Research is an advanced use of analytical technique which is beneficial for decision making. It encompasses a wide range of problem solving techniques in the aim of good decision making. People holding skills in OR (operations research) hold positions in decision making and business analytic and marketing analysis. Operations research is also referred as Management science or Industrial Engineering. With today's times and changing client demands OR is the...

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Operations Research Paint Company

Globesco paint brands will be used in the paint services. With this, Globesco will be able to pursue a niche market and compete in the architectural sector. Operations Research Applications Globesco will have to deal with a lot of obstacles in trying to pursue this new strategy. As such, there are four key areas wherein Operations Research can be of help in making the strategy more efficient. These are facility layout design, seasonal employment, advertising and inventory management. Globesco will...

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Introduction to Operations Research

DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS BSc Honours in Operations Research and Applied Statistics SMO 1101 Introduction to Operations Research TUTORIAL QUESTIONS 1. List and discuss the six major steps in the quantitative modeling process. 2. What is the difference between a i. descriptive and a normative model? ii. discrete and a continuous variable? 3. Show that the set ℜ n is a convex set. 4. Is the linearity assumption, in LP models, realistic in applications? 5. Print-Rite assembles printers for personal...

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Operations Research Assignment

 1. The Ace Manufacturing Company has orders for three similar products: _____________________________________ Orders Product (units) A 2000 B 500 C 1200 Three machines are available for the manufacturing operations. All three machines can produce all the products at the same production rate. However, due to varying defect percentages of each product on each machine, the unit costs of the products vary depending on the machine used. Machine capacities for the next week, and the unit...

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Paper on Operation Research Transportation Model

Assignment on Operations Research Transportation Model INTRODUCTION Many practical problems in operations research can be broadly formulated as linear programming problems, for which the simplex this is a general method and cannot be used for specific types of problems like, (i)transportation models, (ii)transshipment models and (iii) the assignment models. The above models are also basically allocation models...

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Operations Research and Operations Management: from Selective Optimization to System Optimization

ORIGINS OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH comparison of the origins of operations management and operations research reveals that both are an innovation of the 20th century. The origin of operations research was in England, circa 1937, and has its roots in scientific management, with its first significant applications to military operations in both World War I and World War II. Operations management had its origins in the early factory system, and was more associated with physical...

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Assignment: Operations Research and Linear Programming

Outline the steps involved in the simplex algorithm for solving a linear programming maximization problem. Also define the technical terms used therein. Ans : Q.3. “Liner programming is one of the most frequently and successfully employed Operations Research techniques to managerial and business decisions” Elucidate this statement with some examples. Q.4. Describe the transportation problem and give its mathematical model. Explain by taking an illustration, the North-west corner rule, the...

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