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The first thing one thinks of after hearing the name “Subway” is healthy food. The Subway brand has brought a revolution in the food industry with its healthy sandwiches & salads.

Brand History:

The founder Fred DeLuca in partnership with Dr. Peter Buck opened a submarine sandwich store in 1965 to fund his education as he wanted to be a doctor. Little did he know that he was destined to create a brand which today has 34218 restaurants spread across 95 countries.

Brand Name:

The founders went for a name that represented the product they were selling instead of looking for a fancy name which can confuse the customers. The name Subway indicates that they sell the submarine sandwiches which makes the customers clear about what they are being offered.

The reasons why Subway is my most preferred brand among fast-food brands available today are

1. I am a health conscious person and perceive Subway as a Health brand.

2. I find it amazing that Subway is available almost everywhere I go and with the same quality of hygiene and with the same variety.

Brand Promise:

The brand promises healthy, widely available submarine sandwiches which is the demand today as people are becoming health conscious and also need something easily available considering their busy routines.

Brand attributes:

i) Clarity of goal: Subway represents only one main product which helps the customers set clear expectations from the brand.

ii) Consistency: The Subway sandwiches have same offerings around the world unlike their competitors like McDonalds which offer customised products depending on local tastes. Hence, one can always be sure that they get what they want irrespective of location.

iii) Cost effectiveness: The Subway sandwiches are cost effective and hence are popular among masses

iv) Availability: Since the Subway restaurants are spread widely around the world, they are easily accessible thus increasing the number of loyal customers.

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