Topics: MTR, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon-Canton Railway Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The MTR Corporation was established in 1975. On 2 December 2007 the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, merged with the MTR. The merger is a new development of the Hong Kong Railway and The Hong Kong MTR Corporation became the sole railway in Hong Kong. Nowadays, the services provided by Hong Kong MTR Corporation Limited are regarded as one of the world's leading railways. We often hear foreigners say that the Hong Kong railway is the world's premier. What is the visitors think about Hong Kong’s subway? Hence, we are doing this survey to find out the answer. In this report, we aim to survey interviewees’ views about Hong Kong’s subway and the subway in other countries. We also investigated of different ages visitors. Suggestions for improvement were also collected from respondents. This report is based on the results of a survey, which was completed last week. The report includes the survey method, data analysis and it also summarizes some findings and recommendations.

We collected our data on 9 October 2012 in Tsim Sha Tsui through face-to-face interviews and questionnaire. We chose this method due to a high response rate. We interviewed 20 foreigners, their age range is between below 20 and under 65, including 10 females and 10 males. Ten of the respondents refused to answer. A photo is attached in the appendix for reference.

There was a half response rate to the questionnaire. A breakdown of the responses is listed below in Chart 1 to Chart 13. It can be clearly seen the comparison of foreigners’ opinions on Hong Kong subway and the subway in their home countries. The result of the survey shows that the vast majority of visitors are satisfied with Hong Kong subway service. First of all, Chart 1 and Chart 2 show that our data is collected from different age group and different countries. Chart 1 shows the result about seven out of ten visitors are in group 20-35 and Chart 2 shows that we collected the data from...
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