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Price Price which means that the amount of payment for goods and services given in money term. Price also is the total values for consumers exchange for the benefit for their satisfaction by using or having the product or service. Price decisions must focus on product design, promotion costs, distribution and more mixed, forming a valid imploded marketing plan. In arrange the price of a product, marketers must use the pricing strategy. However, use the pricing strategy not only can fascinate more...

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Gas Prices

Fluctuating Gas Prices Kyle Bonzelaar Davenport University Gas prices have been on a rapid rise the last few years and not many people are happy with it. It limits those on a budget for how much they can do and how much they are willing to drive. Lately, gas prices have been fluctuating in price and going up but are more recently going back down, which gives people a little more flexibility at times in their schedule. It lets people do things such as travel and more, that they were not able...

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Monopoly and Price

  5. A company that manages apartments decides to buy 17 new dishwashers at a list price of $750 each as replacements for old dishwashers in a small apartment complex it owns. Because the company is buying more than 10 dishwashers, it is eligible for a $150 per unit quantity discount. Financing charges total $20 per unit. The company gets $10 per dishwasher for the 17 dishwashers traded in. What is the actual price the company will pay for each dishwasher?  A. $600 B. $610 C. $590 D. $730 E. $760 ...

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Price Policy

The purpose of this essay is threefold. First,to identify specific factors and the environment affecting an export price policy. Second, to analyse thisthese factors within our firm and to extract the best decisions given our starting point. Finally, to consider the above and to give guidelines governing thatwhat should be applied in the international marketing price. It should be noted that in some cases due to an information deficiency, assumptions should be madee. “Pricing is the moment of...

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Transfer Price

Question 5 – Transfer Price Division A, which is part of the ACF Group, manufactures only one type of product, a Bit, which it sells to external customers and also to division C, another member of the group. ACF Group's policy is that divisions have the freedom to set transfer prices and choose their suppliers. The ACF Group uses residual income (RI) to assess divisional performance and each year it sets each division a target RI. The group's cost of capital is 12% a year. Division A Budgeted...

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Price Plan

This task provides evidence for P6 In this assignment, i am going to describe and explain how marketing mix is useful for the new product being bought to the market and how i will be using it. Marketing mix is commonly known as the 4ps: product, price, place and promotion. These are controllable element and its importantly used when determined and adjusted until the right combination that serve the needs of the product consumers. The product i have chosen for my marketing mix is a phone that...

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The problem of rising price

THE PROBLEM OF RISING PRICE There is the problem of rising price all over the world. But this problem is more serious in India than anywhere else. It is the greater curse to the poor class. The following facts have causes the price rate in India. India is a back ward country. Production is not enough to meet the needs of the people. So there is shortage of every thing. It causes rise in price. India is facing the greatest problem of over- population. But...

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Greeting Transfer Price

that they knew a price increase for framed items would soon be on the way. In an effort to dissuade him from increasing the transfer price for framed prints, several store managers e-mailed him with detailed analyses showing how framed-print sales had given stores a strong competitive position and had increased revenues and profits. The store managers mentioned, howeve4, that while they were opposed to an increase in the cost of frarned prints, they were looking forward to a price decrease for unframed...

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Price Sensitivity Model

Price Sensitivity Model   In the 1970s, Dutch economist Peter H. van Westendorp  introduced  a  simple method  to assess consumers’ price perception.  It is based on the premise that there is a range of prices bounded bya maximum that a consumer is prepared to spend and a minimum below which credibility is  indoubt.  The Price Sensitivity Meter (sometimes called the Price Sensitivity Measurement) is based on respondents’ answers to four price-related questions. A simple and easily executable...

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Supply and Demand and Equilibrium Price

b. Because the U.S. postal service is a monopoly and Congress sets postal prices through legislation, market forces do not determine stamp prices. c. New York City government auctions taxi medallions that give the right to transport passengers by taxi. Because the government controls the number of medallions, market forces do not determine their price. 3. Indicate whether each of the following statements describes an increase in...

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PRICE RANGE OF PRODUCTS Above is the price range of all Apple products between the years of 1975 to present. Steve Jobs manufactured products that were not just far advanced than other products in the same category, but they were also out of reach for most consumers. When Apple Computer launch its Apple II in 1977, it cost $1,298 and if you wanted a more powerful version it would cost you a twice that amount. In 1984, Apple Computer released the Macintosh at a price of $2,495. At these prices...

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The Challenges of Price Escalation

The Challenges of Price Escalation Introduction One of the biggest challenges of the marketing mix of an international firm is pricing a product. On the contraire to the other elements of the marketing mix: product, placement, and promotion (whereas are considered a cost to the firm) pricing is the one element that produces revenues. Thus pricing is the key element to succeed or fail expansion efforts (Global Market Today). At the time of selecting the...

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Fisher Price Case Study

CASE ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK I. Problem Definition Fisher Price, a market leader in toys for preschool has traditionally sold quality toys at moderate price. The company has plans to introduce product in riding toy product line segment, research shows optimistic forecast at the projected price of $12. Unforeseen manufacturing cost has resulted in increase in retail price to $18. The Marketing VP is now faced with a dilemma regarding go-to market strategy of the product. II. Situation Analysis ...

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Price Discrimination | Amusement Parks

 JWI 515: Assignment Four: Price Discrimination Amusement Parks Professor Serluco Managerial Economics Charles W. Slaven November 30th, 2014 Introduction Consider these Amusement park pricing scenarios: Six Flags Discovery kingdom sells its annual season pass for $59.99. According to its website, “Buy your Season Pass for $59.99, just $14 more than a one-day admission.”  Bush Gardens Dark Continent. sells its Fun Card for $95.00. According to its website, “Pay for a Day, Get now through 2015...

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Investment and Selling Price

costing for a new product it is considering introducing. At a selling price of $30 per unit, management projects sales of 30,000 units. The new product would require an investment of $200,000. The desired return on investment is 13%. The target cost per unit is closest to:  A. $32.92 B. $30.00 C. $33.90 D. $29.13  Hauber Corporation would like to use target costing for a new product it is considering introducing. At a selling price of $26 per unit, management projects sales of 60,000 units. The new...

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The Ridiculous Land Price in Hk

The ridiculous land price in HK Hong Kong is an amazing place. Due to its unique history and location, Hong Kong became an international city. Most of the rich companies in Hong Kong rely on the estate’s business. The fact is that Hong Kong is just a small place, land supply is extremely limited. But the population never stops growing. In this situation, businessmen keep rising the land price or the rent. As government needs more income to enrich the reserve and keeps providing land piece to the...

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Price and Value Agreement

Price and Value Agreement FIS 200 May 29, 2011 Is the value of something equal to the price tag placed on it? Is the value and worth of something the same for every person? This is something that many struggle with understanding properly. To fully understand this concept then you must understand the true difference between the value, price, and worth of something. I intend to explain these and provide you with a better understanding by the end of this paper. Have you ever went grocery...

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price discrimination versus price differentiation

Price Differentiation vs. Price Discrimination Price differentiation and price discrimination: two terms used in Marketing and Economy. First of all, it is appropriate to make an accurate definition for both of the terms. Price differentiation is a pricing strategy that “charges different segments of customers altered prices for the same products or services.” Likewise, we can meet with the same definition if we look for price discrimination definition. Then, is there a difference between price...

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Mcdonald's: Low Quality, High Prices?

McDonald’s: Low Quality, High Prices? I. Background and Article Summary Its safe to say when we think of fast food, McDonalds certainly comes to mind. That is because the company has made a name for itself through its infamous golden arch and signature burgers. Still after 70 years, McDonalds is one of the largest fast food chain restaurants in the US and has growing worldwide recognition. They have reserved their title based on their huge customer base and increasing sales. The food giant has...

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Price in Marketing

Price Marketing is defined as the “activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers” . The process of marketing involves planning and employing an array of methods known as the marketing mix (price, place, promotion, and product). An aspect of the marketing mix is price, which is the value received by a business in exchange for its goods . Pricing is thought to be the most crucial factor of marketing mix, as it is directly correlated with revenue and profitability...

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Price Discrimination

3 price discrimination With the rapid development of economy and market, the price discrimination phenomenon is more and more universal and the form is more and more multiple. Price discrimination refers to companies selling exactly the same or similar production to different customers at different prices. 1In November 2006, the major IT Web site noted, Lenovo in the United States launched a holiday promotion, and four models of ThinkPad were under undercut. TP R60 price was down from $...

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Price War

disadvantages of price wars for different social groups By Nelson Rodriguez Price war is a situation in which rivals companies try to increase the number of consumers by attracting those who are buying from other companies through price lowering (This is common for commodity products that are so similar that price reduction may look as the only alternative to gain more customers).After each reduction there is a period of stability in which all afferents have the same price, but this equilibrium...

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Law of Demand and Supply, and Price Ceilings

Report Activity Article Title: Price to Fall Next Month Article Publication Date: Monday, 15 December 2008 Source: Khaleej Times Economic Concept(S): Law of Demand and Supply and Price Ceilings. The article discusses how the costs of various commodities are going to be reduced at the start of the New Year. This is going to increase the quantity demanded of these commodities, according to the Law of Demand. . The Law of Demand states that an increase in price level, will lead to a decrease in...

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Impact of Fuel Price Deregulation in India

Impact of Fuel Price Deregulation in India Introduction Empowered group of Ministers on Friday, 25th June 2010, took a decision to decontrol the petrol prices increasing it by 3.50 per litre & that of kerosene by Rs 3 a litre. While petrol is mainly used by the middle class for cars, kerosene is used by the poor for power. Diesel prices rose by Rs 2 per litre and might be freed up in the future. Cooking gas prices were raised by Rs 35  a cylinder. Govt. has indeed taken a bold step by deciding...

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McDonald S The Hamburger Price Wars

Case: McDonald’s The Hamburger Price Wars 1. How serious is McDonald’s U.S. situation? Why is the company having problems? McDonald’s U.S. situation is rather bad as the sales declined in the first three quarters of 2002 with strong competitive pressure and low consumer satisfaction. Looking at its financial performance in 2002 (Table A), it can be observed that McDonald’s SG&A had increase disproportionately in Q3 which resulted in lower operating income. Even though McDonald prides its success...

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Price and Single Family Homes

Demonstration Problem 6-1 Special Order Davis Driveways, Inc. (DDI) pours concrete driveways for single family homes. DDI uses a cost-plus pricing approach. The company’s accountant prepared the following report showing how DDI established the price per driveway at $350. A new builder in town, Rachel Rodgers, has acquired a large tract of land upon which she intends to build 200 single family homes. Ms. Rodgers offers to purchase all 200 driveways from DDI. However, she is willing to pay...

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The Effect of Price Hiking of Rice in Bangladesh

The Effect Of Price Hiking of Rice On Bangladesh Acknowledgment: First of all, I would like to thanks Almighty Allah for helping me to complete this report properly and on time. I am also especially grateful to our honorable course instructor Professor Dr. Faruque Hossain for his kind and sincere guidance throughout these endeavors and to make my report best and much more knowledgeable. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and cordial thanks to friends, faculty student, parents for...

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Assessment - Used Car Price Negotiation

Assessment for Used Car Negotiation Simulation Summary My target for this negotiation was to get the car at $4,500, the low end of blue book value. $4,500 could be the net price, which means if seller can offer something else, such as maintenance service, parts or accessories to offset some part of the cost, I can accept higher price. My BATNA is to deal with other seller for similar used car. Eventually, I couldn’t make any deal with seller during the negotiation because he wanted to sell at $5,000...

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Application of Von Thunen Model in Land Price Change

Application of Von Thunen Model in Land Price Change Fahmida Afrose & Prodip Kumar Das Urban & Rural Discipline Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh Introduction Land use planning is very much important for physical planning of an area and land price is the most vital issue of any physical planning. To the classical economist land is defined as being all the free gifts of nature which yield an income. Balchin and Jeffrey (1977) often found land and capital so interdependent that separate identification...

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Case Study: Fisher-Price Toys, Inc.

Case: Fisher-Price Toys, Inc. 1. Basic information 1) 2) Company: Fisher-Price Toys, Inc. (Industry: Child toys) Business dilemma: a rash marketing decision has to be made on carrying out whether a new quality product (product name: ATV Explorer) at exceptional high price or a new less-quality product at moderate price 2. Business dilemma 1) Key problem: (1) price-point: Cost for a projected toy can't be made within budget, resulting in a much higher price ($18.5) than planned. High price disobeys the...

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How Ikea Designs Its Sexy Price Tags

------------------------------------------------- POM Presentation ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Case: How IKEA designs its sexy price tags? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Group Number: 02 ------------------------------------------------- Members: M.A.Sravani ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Price on Goods and Services Provided by the Ecosystems.

Should a price be put on the goods and services provided by the world's ecosystems? Every day there are parts of land that are being sold so builders can make buildings. Like new home construction, parking lots, malls, and even restaurants. But do people ever think of what we are taking away by building over certain parts of the land. What if certain species lived there and we took their habitat away. Or what about the swamps and the forest? A lot of things come with those places, and we use...

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Price Analysis

the Best Price Analysis Method Sandra Greene BUS 315 Dr. Lena Maslennikova 27 Oct, 2012 Determining the Best Price Analysis Method Every adult that has purchased items, whether big or small have conducted price analysis. Price analysis is simply price comparison. When people go to the store to purchase something and compare the price of different brands of the same item, they are conducting price comparison. In doing the price comparison...

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Price Adjustment

Five (5) price adjustment strategies Discount and allowance pricing This is when companies adjust their price to reward customer for certain response. Such as early payment of bills and buy one get one half price or free. The many form of discount include a cash payment discount, a price reduction to buyers who pay their bills promptly. For examples “2/10 net 30,” this means although payment is due within 30 days, the buyer can deduct 2 percent if the bill is paid within 10 days. Also buyers...

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Price SK-II is known as the one of the most expensive skin care or beauty brands in Asia and the world. To keep up global brands status and able to compete better than competitors, SK-II has used product line pricing strategy. (UKESSAYS.com n.d.) Most of the normal type of SK-II products are pricing from RM80 until RM150, while the luxury type of SK-II products are pricing from RM150 until RM300. (UKESSAYS.com n.d.) Although SK-II products are mostly expensive, but it works well for the consumers...

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List Price Information in the Negotiation of Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Is Silence Golden?

Abdulwahed Firas Group number 135 Title of the article List Price Information in the Negotiation of Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Is Silence Golden. Author / authors of the article < DEAN. Gatzlaff >; < PENG, Liu > … Publishing year 2013 Review / Journal The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Volume, Number < 47 > Pages ISSN / ISBN < 1573-045X > Abstract We examine the use (and non-use) of list price information in the process of marketing commercial real estate...

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Silver price fluctuations

was often more valuable than gold. Silver is currently about 1/50th the price of gold by mass, and 70 times more valuable than copper. Silver did once trade at 1/6th to 1/12th the price of gold, however, the discovery of great silver deposits in the Americas. These new discoveries made the price of silver fall dramatically, due to the excess supply prices were forced down, as the demand did not match supply at so high price levels. Demand for silver has changed over the past years. Firstly, the...

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Setting Product or Service Prices

Setting a price for a service or product can be very difficult. Patients are now checking to see prices on certain non-emergent services before having them performed. Patients also check prices on medications before they have prescriptions filled. What are the different methods and seven steps for setting an initial price for a product or service? There is much dissatisfaction with the prices of health care services. Consumers face rising co-payments and deductibles, employers are feeling the pinch...

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The Law of One Price

law of one price states that identical goods in different locations should have the same prices without taking transportation costs and tariffs into consideration and under free competition. This paper investigates whether this law holds or not. The analysis is based on 57 countries from all over the world. The data consists of six goods which are coke, rice, sugar, gasoline, a movie or theatre ticket and the perfume “Amor Amor” from Cacharel. Firstly the theory of the Law of One Price will be briefly...

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Petrol Price Hike

Impact of Petrol Price Hike Economics State-run oil companies announced a hike of Rs 7.50 per litre in petrol prices - a direct fall-out of elevated international crude oil prices, which had until now not registered a pass-through in domestic market prices; thereby impacting the financial and liquidity position of oil marketing companies (OMCs) in the country. A depreciating rupee has only added to this pressure. While diesel and LPG prices have been left untouched, this move is expected to provide...

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Intermediate Price Theory

Intermediate Price Theory Problem Set 1 -- Supply and Demand 1. Assume that the United States demand curve for corn is QD = 80 - 2P where P is the price of corn (in dollars per bushels) and QD is the quantity of demanded of corn ( in billions of bushels) and that QS = 20 + 4P is the supply curve for corn where QS is the quantity of corn supplied (in billions of bushels). a. What are the equilibrium price and quantity? At equilibrium,...

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Marketing Price and Product Summary

Price, is the value placed on what is exchanged. Something of value is exchanged for satisfaction and utility. Price Competition Match, beat the price of the competition. To compete effectively, need to be the lowest cost producer.,Must be willing and able to change the price frequently. Customers adopt brand switching to use the lowest priced brand.sellers move along the demand curve by raising and lowering prices among Demand Curve Non-Price Competition Emphasize product features, service,...

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Outline the Main Benefits and Costs to Society from Advertising. Does Advertising Necessarily Lead to a Higher Price for the Product?

Outline the main benefits and costs to society from advertising. Does advertising necessarily lead to a higher price for the product? Advertising is an important component of the promotion of the marketing strategy, along with direct marketing, PR etc. The aim is to promote business and communicate the information to the intended audience to increase sales. Businesses that continue to advertise regardless of economic times have a competitive advantage over businesses that trim their ad budgets...

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Price Control

Price Controls Econ 360-002 Sonia Parsa Sparsa1@gmu.edu G00509808 Word Count: 1540 Abstract This paper examines how, in the United States, the government imposes several forms of taxes and price controls and how all individuals are required to pay direct and indirect taxes. It looks at how the approach of taxation and how the constraints of taxation on goods and price controls affect the U.S. economy. Introduction Regulations have played a huge role in the political and...

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Fisher Price Case Analysis

FISHER-PRICE CASE ANALYSIS I. PROBLEM The main problem facing Jack Asthalter, Fisher-Price’s marketing vice president is whether or not to move forward with the production of a new ATV Explorer toy. The extensive market research that Fisher-Price performed with children and their parents was very positive in favor of producing the ATV Explorer. Unfortunately, the production costs were going to exceed initial estimates of $12.00 retail and instead require a wholesale price of $9.20 per...

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Price Discrimination

A seller charging competing buyers different prices for the same "commodity" or discriminating in the provision of "allowances" — compensation for advertising and other services — may be violating the Robinson-Patman Act. This kind of price discrimination may give favored customers an edge in the market that has nothing to do with their superior efficiency. Price discriminations are generally lawful, particularly if they reflect the different costs of dealing with different buyers or are the result...

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Oil price

to the war in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, oil prices increased significantly as did the profit earned by many oil companies including PETRONAS. Politicians in Malaysia opposed the government policy to oil price increase by twenty cents and the withdrawal of oil subsidy. As a manager or policy implementer, discuss the pros and cons if this policy in the context of the various theories of profit. Introduction The government of Malaysia increased the price of oil by 20 cents and withdrawal of the oil...

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P1: Explain how an organisation can cost a product and determine its price at any activity level.

semi-variable, direct and indirect costs 2. Suggest the weekly production level and a breakdown of costs for one product from your chosen business. Then calculate the marginal and absorption costs per unit. 3. Describe at least 2 methods of setting the price, including cost-plus pricing. Then suggest which method is best suited to your chosen business’ product and why. You may wish to choose a business you already have knowledge of from trips or your part-time employer. For a product of your choice: ...

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Florence Price

Florence Price, Composer The purpose of a biography is to enhance the reader's knowledge about a particular person's life, in this case, Florence Beatrice Price, and offer a sort of historical background focusing on significant events, accomplishments, and personal aspects of that particular individual's life. Ideally, the writer molds complex biographical facts—birth and death, education, ambition, conflict, milieu, work, relationship, accident—into a book [or article] that has the independent...

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Setting Export Prices with a Marketing View

Setting export prices with a marketing view Price is the only one of the 4 P's that produces revenues. Set the right price is fundamental as pricing for the foreign market is more complex than in the home market. Exporter must decide whether its exported product price will be higher, at the same level or lower than in the domestic market. Too often, in fact, companies forget to think about the customers and define prices just looking at the production costs. This behaviour is likely to drive a...

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Write a 1,400- to 1,750-Word Paper in Which You Describe the Elements of the Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion). in Addition, Select an Organization with Which You Are Familiar and Describe How Each

the most respected and recognized in the coffee world, Starbucks implanted a marketing program that uses marketing mix to satisfy the wants and needs of its large target audience. Discused below is the breakdown of the marketing mix: product, place, price and promotion. Product They sell everything from espressos, brewed coffees, iced drinks, smoothies, Panini’s, pastries, snack items, mugs, and even music. Starbucks sells over 30 types of eco-conscious frappe’s to whole bean coffees and iced drinks...

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Rising Market Prices on the Supply Demand for Gas

the most expensive gas The United States gasoline prices have been fluctuated from $3.40 a gallon to $3.60 in the last few months. As of July 20, 2013 the average fuel prices which is nationwide use to be $3.63 per gallon has rising up from $3.48 cents a gallon, which was a week apart. The recent rise in gas price have some drivers wondering if the gas price will soon be up to $4.00 a gallon by the end of this summer. The Crude oil prices have shot up partially because of the political unrest...

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Ramadan Price Hike

else which is increased tension and worry that is caused by the uncontrolled price increase of the daily essentials. Each year before the month of ramadan, the prices of the daily essentials increase twise or even thrice as much. Every year the government tries his best to control the price hike of the daily essentials but fails eventually. But this year, the government has taken some unprecedented steps to control the price hike. It is quite an admirable fact that the government has addressed this...

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Price Discrimination

PRICE DISCRIMINATION What is Price Discrimination; Price discrimination is a pricing tactic that charges consumers different prices for the same product or service. In other worlds, price discrimination exists, when identical product or service transacted at different prices from the same supplier. Price discrimination allows a company to earn higher profits than standard pricing because it allows firms to capture every last pence of revenue available from each of its customers. While perfect...

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Price Makers and Price Takers

Market Structure o Perfect (pure) competition Price–taking firms each with no influence over the ruling market price (see diagram below) Free entry and exist of businesses in the long run – drives down profits towards a normal profit equilibrium level Each supplier produces homogeneous products – each a perfect substitute – hence the perfectly elastic demand curve for the individual supplier Key factor - interdependent nature of pricing decisions between rival firms Each firm must consider...

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Subtitution effect

Effects? When the price of q1, p1, changes there are two effects on the consumer. First, the price of q1 relative to the other products (q2, q3, . . . qn) has changed. Second, due to the change in p1, the consumer's real income changes. When we compute the change in the optimal consumption as a result of the price change, we do not usually separate these two effects. Sometimes we might want to separate the effects. The Substitution Effect is the effect due only to the relative price change, controlling...

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Farmer Dilemma

get their produce to market and high prices were always charged. Railroads controlled storage, elevators, and warehouses so the prices the farmers paid were very high. Middlemen- Middlemen set the price of the produce low when they sold because the market price was unpredictable. Bankers- High interest rates caused the farmers to pay even more when they didn't have the money to pay. Trusts- Trusts such as McCormick, makers of farm machinery, set the price for the farm machinery. Many farmers...

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Data Collection: Real Estate

The premise relies on sale price being dependent on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, the existence of a garage and pool, the district the home is located and the distance from the city. Table 1.1: Variables Affecting Price [pic] The study will continue by evaluating the data set provided to determine if a 3000 square-foot, six-bedroom house with a garage, pool, 3 baths located 15 miles from the city in district 4 substantiates a $398,900 price tag. The team will review...

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Kone: the Monospace Launch in Germany

launch a new product in the low-rise building market. The elevator industry in Germany was highly competitive and mature. From 1995, when the construction boom ended abruptly, until 2000 they expected the demand to shrink by 15%. This provoked the prices to fell between 5% and 7% in 1994 and 1995, generating loses for Schindler and Otis (two of the six major competitors in Germany). The German low-rise building market was divided, as in other European countries, in geared traction technology (PU...

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Practical Business Math Procedures Chapter 7 Challenge Problems and Summary Practice Set

Original Price $17,995.00 b) Honda Insight Dealer Price $16,495.00 c) Terms: 1/15 n/30 II. Unknown a. How much is the rebate? b. What percent is the rebate? c. What is the amount of the discount if the dealer pays within 15 days? d. What is the dealer’s final price? e. What is the dealer’s total savings? III. Equation a. Rebate = Original Price – Dealer Price b. % Rebate = (Rebate / Original Price) x 100% IV. Solving and Solution a. Rebate = Original Price – Dealer Price = $17995...

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