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  • Native American Poverty

    Poverty in the United States (Bureau). The smallest ethnic group at just over 5 million people‚ held the highest rate of poverty; again. With an average income median for families of $37‚227‚ $16‚000 less than the national median average‚ Native American’s held and continue to hold the highest rates of poverty among all races and ethnicities (Bureau). However‚ the problem is not only contemporary yet historical. History has shown a state of economic turmoil has existed in the American Indian population

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  • Stereotypes of Native Americans

    2013 Stereotypes of Native Americans in Films Native Americans in films during the 1930’s‚ 1940’s‚ and the 1950’s were usually portrayed as irrational people that were determined on attacking and pillaging the peaceful settlers of the American west. The understanding of Native Americans in films was mostly limited to a single genre‚ the Western. The generalization of Native Americans can be classified under a few key themes. The history of the Native Americans have been condensed and represented

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  • Native American Medicine

    Medical Cures and Healing Beliefs of Native Americans The medical cures and healing traditions used by the Native Americans are rather interesting and different compared to modern day Anglo Saxon cures. Native Americans‚ using their basis of ideas and beliefs‚ have developed a general idea of naturalistic cures and healing processes. Although the cures and healing processes are much different than Anglo Saxon ideas of curing and healing‚ the Native American processes tend to work well and even

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    Education in Native American Societies: A History of Neglect Timothy Bateson Southern New Hampshire University   *** The titles “Indian”‚ “American Indian”‚ and “Native American” will be used interchangeably. When the word “Indian” is used it is not a label or derogatory term‚ merely an abbreviated version of the full title. The cultural assimilation of American Indians is the biggest scar that the United States of America carries to this day‚ dating

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  • Native American Essay

    the majority of a population. Native Americans are seen as a minority in the United States because they have a different ethnic background than the majority of the population. Present day Native Americans face the hardships of poverty‚ and difficulties of financial stability. Numerous reservations are treated unfairly‚ and don’t meet educational requirements nor housing. The poverty filled environment on Indian reservations had a powerful influence on the Native Americans’ expectations of their future

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  • United States Undemocratic

    nineteenth century‚ the United States of America was both democratic and undemocratic. As a newly independent country from Great Britain‚ the U.S tried to stay away from the tyrannical government which they had before. America believed that by giving people a say in the government and granting more rights to citizens‚ they would prove to be a successful government. However‚ although they seemed to be democratic‚ the United States still had some undemocratic aspects. The United States during the mid-1800s

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  • Native Americans Mascots

    Native American Mascots Imagine yourself at a sporting event. You are enjoying the last bite of your foot-long hot dog‚ anticipating the moment the half time show will begin. Out comes the shoe-less‚ plaid-shirt wearing‚ ripped and dirty blue jean sporting mascot. His name is “Billy Bob-- the wildest hillbilly in the boondocks.” He goes running around‚ chugging down his fake moonshine and spitting tobacco. Being a native of Appalachia‚ you find yourself upset‚ and state this to be extremely

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  • Native American Essay: Cultures and Beliefs of Native Americans

    Native American Essay The society of Americans today is unaware of the cultures and beliefs of Native Americans‚ and how complex those cultures are. The creation myth‚ “The Earthdiver” written by the Mono culture‚ and the creation myth‚ “How the World Was Made” written by the Cherokee have similarities and differences that open the eyes of its audiences that are unknowledgeable of the topic. Native American folktales are stories on how certain Native American tribes contributed their beliefs

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  • Native American Alcoholism

    There are 5.2 million Native Americans in the United States. 1 in 10 of those Native Americans die for alcohol-related reasons. Alcoholism spreads like the plague. Because of this‚ it can be hard for children on the reservations to find positive role models. Which can be why many Native Americans grow up to be alcoholics as well. “Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community” -Sherman Alexie. This quote means that it’s always a balance between being

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  • Native American Oppression

    Native American Oppression Santucee Bell Case Western Reserve University Native American Oppression Introduction & Focal Population Imagine living in a world that consistently devalues your existence and is heavily populated with individuals who are quick to use and abuse your resources‚ but are slow to share the wealth that is accumulated from those resources. How would you feel? Unfortunately‚ certain populations do not have to visualize the disparity that is pictured above. This is because

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