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  • Uninsured Native Americans

    According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health‚ the American Indian and Alaska Native population make up about 2 percent of the total United States population. This constitutes approximately 6.2 million people who meet the classification. Their demographic classification would be comprised of those who have origin from North‚ South and Central America with some sort of tribal affiliation. A tribe is defined as any aggregate of people united by ties of

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  • Native American DBQ

    February 2‚ 2015 Native Americans DBQ (1877-1900) In the late 1800s‚ Americans were continuing to expand Westward as they “worried that the Northeast was overpopulated and that‚ as a result‚ the country would face the same problems as Europe—class conflict‚ poverty‚ and urban ills” (Document I). From 1850 to 1890‚ the Native lands ceded went from Midwest America to the Pacific Coast (Document A). This presented a similar problem that they had faced in the past with Native American land. In an attempt

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  • Native American Gamblings

    Throughout the history of the United States of America‚ many different groups of people have been abused‚ exploited‚ oppressed and discriminated in some way ever since Christopher Columbus “discovered” this land in 1492. One group in particular are the Native Americans‚ who in fact were here long before the infamous Christopher Columbus had set foot in what he thought was India. Native Americans have had their land and homes burned to the ground‚ they have inured the Trail of Tears and many more

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  • Mistreatment of Native Americans

    Land; is this a good enough reason for the mistreatment of Native Americans? Invading their lands‚ killing their people‚ breaking treaties‚ sending them to reservations; all this for land? The U.S. government has done many cruel and unfair things in the past‚ but this must rank among one of the most. It is through their sufferings and misfortunes that Native Americans are entitled to compensation from the U.S. government. Native Americans had been an old culture in America 2000 years ago. The first

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  • Native Americans and Diabetes

    Since the arrival of Columbus in 1492‚ American Indians have been in a continuous struggle with diseases. It may not be small pox anymore‚ but illnesses are still haunting the native population. According to statistics provided by Indian Health Services‚ "Native Americans have much higher rates of disease than the overall population" (White 1). This includes a higher death rate from alcoholism‚ tuberculosis‚ and diabetes than any other racial or ethnic group. Recent studies by Indian health experts

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  • Native American Mascots

    North Dakota is currently in one of the biggest debates over a Native American team mascot. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is fighting with the University of North Dakota regarding the Fighting Sioux mascot. The Native American students have been increasing the pressure on the University to change its name. “We’re seeing more educators around the county‚ in middle Schools‚ high schools and at universities‚ concerned about the racial climate in schools dropping these symbols” (Johansen

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  • Native American Genocide

    Was U.S. Policy Toward Native Americans During the Periods of Expansion‚ Colonization‚ and Early U.S. an act of Genocide ? “To conquer a nation‚ one must first disarm its citizens.” - Adolf Hitler‚ 1933 Abiona Yemane US History Ms.Brown Section F Independent Research Project 4 June 2014 Introduction In August of 1492 Columbus set sail from Spain hoping to soon arrive in Asia‚ but a few months later he arrived in the Bahamas and claimed it as new land. He

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  • Native American Informative

    Indian reservations across America are lands that are reserved for Native Americans. On the reservation‚ the Native children are taught an education and ways to interact with others. On most reservations the children are taught the Indian language‚ but are also taught how to speak English. They mainly keep most of the Native American techniques and heritage. In a way these lands set aside are best for the Native Americans since they were on this land first. In North America there were seven main

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  • The Native American Struggle

    The Native American Struggle The way of life for the Native Americans changed greatly when the settlers arrived but they fought strongly to hold onto their sacred beliefs. No amount of influence or interference from the Europeans could change what the American Indians believed in. The natives fought long and hard to try to preserve their heritage and their lifestyles. While they are still given a small portion of land to live on‚ the plight of the Native American people has been going on since

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  • Native American Culture

    1st Draft Red vs. White Estrangement is the state of being withdrawn or isolated from the objective world‚ as through indifference or disaffection. Ill-advisedly‚ the protagonist from “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” is forever bound in this state of mind. His internal conflicts enthrall between fighting for his Native American ethnicity‚ and‚ finding his purpose to this world. This link between the two becomes a challenge due to his pessimistic‚ and protective attitude

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