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roof of their house. One day I want to have a home that makes me feel well and where I can be safe and happy. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and fine structural decisions I made about designing my dream house. The house of my dream has to be huge, spacious, which would reflect my personality toward innovations and new modern technological advances. . I would like my house count as much as possible with green materials that serve to protect the environment I want my house to be located...

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Folding Houses

presents different kinds of portable or folding houses and its applicability in our society. This also discusses about low cost houses which is suitable for low income families. Low cost houses are intended for fast increasing population country that prone from illegal settlers, who lived and stayed in urban places in order to work and to do other activities for survival. With the high cost of building materials, the designer is task to design a residential house with a limited budget to provide his client...

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House or Flat

1. House or Flat? Pros and Cons A house or a flat is for everybody not just a place where you sleep, eat or relax, but it is a place, which we all call „ home“. Well, as the saying goes, „ As a good roof shelters us from winter´s storms, a good home shelters us from life´s storms“, home is a place where you can find, on the one hand, help, understanding and embrace of your family through the tough times in your life and on the other hand, joy, love and happiness while experiencing all the family...

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Shining Houses

Shining Houses, Timur Fattahov 1. Quotations that are Central Context and Significance 1. “Twelve years. My boys wanted me to sell then and go and live in rooms. But I said no. I had my hens and a nanny goat too at that time. More or less a pet. I had a pet coon too for a while, used to feed him chewing gun. Well, I said, husbands come and go, but a place you’ve lived fifty years is something else. Making a joke of it with my family. Besides, I thought, if Mr. Fullerton was to come back, he’d...

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Dream House

Dream House By William This is my sixth “my show” in lucky English center. The topic is my dream house. About of it, I ask most of my friends a question – ‘what is your dream house like?’ Their answers are surprisingly similar and interesting. There are two types of answers. The first is a beautiful seaside villa. The second, a big apartment is located in the CBD. Earlier this year, I bought three sets of apartment in the center of NANKAI district in Tianjin. I recently hired two professional...

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House is not a home

Francesca Prof. Richard Doughty Geography 101 March 27, 2014 “A House Is Not a Home” I once heard a saying that stated, “When it rains it pours.” In some cases it is not always like that. I say that because, on the old country side where I live, rain comes in a quick shower and that’s about it. I cannot justify that for others because while reading this passage, I learned that some families are not as fortunate as my family and I. With that thought there two families I read about in the passage...

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Korean Traditional House

Korean Traditional House: Grass Roofed House In Korea there was a traditional house called ‘Choga house’ which ‘Choga’ means grass roof and it had a lot of benefits for poor people. It is made of red clay so it was cool in summer and warm in winter. Also it was really easy and cheap to get those materials so many poor people used to make Choga house. The roof was made of grass so it was easy to get it, and it was good in both summer and winter because it protected hotness in summer and...

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The House Behind Analysis

How does the author explore the effect of the murder upon the residents of both houses? “The House Behind”, is about two different houses and the events that occur, that affect those that were involved in the incident including everyone else around it. The narrator in the story is a resident of the house behind and observes the occurrences there. The two houses are of very different economic standing, one is very wealthy and the other is very poor. The story explains their relations with each...

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Social Class and Caroline House

Gillespie Center, babysit at Bacharach Houses, homes owned by the town to help educate women with children, and so much more. However, out of all the philanthropies that I have been a part of throughout the years, the most influential experience for me has been tutoring children at the Caroline House in Bridgeport. After traveling a mere 7 exits on I-95 from Westport, one finds Bridgeport, Connecticut, a town so vastly different from Westport yet so close. Houses are packed elbow to elbow, each only...

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4 Hour House

With a “We Can Do It!” attitude Team A managed to build a house in 2 hours and 55 minutes, creating a world record under strenuous conditions. The video “Four Hour House” showed us a competition based out of San Diego. This motivational video illustrates the principles of total quality management and team work. But in a regular situation how can we actually build leadership from the ground up? This four hour house was built with a high performing leadership team. High performing leadership teams...

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