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environment and to human’s health. Usually the conventional building used a lot of amount of power and produced large amount of carbon dioxides annually. Therefore, conventional building is one of the sources of global warming. Green building concept is an effort made to reduce the impacts of conventional building. Green building is a space and energy efficient home which can offer coziness and healthy living environment to its peoples. The green building used the sustainable resources. It is considered as...

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Structural Design of a Building

TASK 1 There are 7 different forms of structural design used to form multi-storey buildings within the building industry today, They are:- • Shear wall structures • Hull core structures • Propped structures • Suspended structures • Traditional framed/caged structures • Cantilevered structures • Braced structures The two that are popular and most widely used are shear wall structuresand braced structures. SHEAR WALL STRUCTURES These are made up from Concrete continuous vertical walls...

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Role of engineers in Nation Building

What is Nation Building? Nation-building refers to the process of constructing or structuring a national identity using the power of the state. Who is an Engineer? Engineers are technically skilled professionals who are responsible for solving problems. Their main focus is on making things work efficiently and effectively by applying the theories and principles of sciences and mathematics to research, and develop economic solutions to technical problems. The Engineer differs from the scientist...

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Base Isolated Buildings

BASE ISOLATED BUILDINGS What is base isolation? When a building is built away (isolated) from the ground, resting on flexible bearings or pads known as base isolators. It is of the most popular means of protecting a structure against earthquake forces. HISTORY The first evidence of architects using the principle of base isolation for earthquake protection was discovered in Pasargadae. One of the world's first base-isolated structures – the William Clayton building Base Isolation...

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Comparison of Different Buildings

Building Types (Low Rise) Building type | Structural form | Description | Advantages | Disadvantages | Dwelling – detached semi-detached up to three storeys. | Traditional masonry cavity wall structureTimber frame Structure.Lightweight steel structureStraw bale construction. | Dwellings are lightweight structures requiring relatively small spans. The enclosing walls usually carry the load uniformly throughout their length down to a strip foundation.The enclosing walls are either masonry formed...

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Building a house project charter

on a two-acre lot located in the area with main intersection Sheppard Ave and Warden Ave, Scarborough, Ontario. The project will start on July 1, 2013 and will complete no later than July 1, 2014. This home will be constructed using the newest building materials and codes and will involve a new technology in order to minimize the energy consumption. Construction will be managed by The Estate of Credit Ridge, the prime contractor who might subcontract the construction work. Project Purpose ...

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Building As A Physical Structure In Heidegger's Symbolism

section of the reading, Heidegger first tackles the subject of a building not just as a physical structure, but with a definition more related to dwelling. Buildings are usually thought of as a place where one can dwell, but not all buildings are also dwellings. The examples given were bridges, hangars, stadiums, etc. People inhabit these buildings, but they do not dwell and take shelter in them. Heidegger also mentions that buildings seek to become dwellings, and in addition, to build is also already...

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Nusserwanjee Building

NUSSERWANJEE BUILDING INTRODUCTION: This is the new building on the site of the Nusserwanjee building which was relocated to Clifton as a new wing of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. The old building was marked for demolition but was saved by concerned citizens and architects as a cultural heritage. Shahid Abdulla, one of the founders of the Indus Valley School, excitedly called to say he had found a beautiful old building, right in the heart of Kharadar, which...

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Building Permits Required for Which Projects

What construction projects need building permits? A building permit is required for any new building greater than 10m2 (108 sq ft), any addition to an existing building, any material alterations to an existing building which affects: the structural design of the building; mechanical; electrical; plumbing services (no limit on size of building); fire separations; exiting; fire protection systems; and the use of buildings or parts thereof. Below you will find a list of typical residential and commercial/industrial/institutional...

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Building Technology

Question1 The type of foundation used to support a building is dependent on the type of in-situ soil, the bearing pressure of that soil and the loads imposed by the structure on the soil. The Building regulations state that the minimum depth to the underside of a strip found is 0.45 for frost protection and this should be extended to 0.75 in clay soils, largely due to the water retention in these materials ( Osbourn and Greeno 2007). This depth is also required to protect the foundation from seasonal...

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