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  • Should Adolescents Own Mobile Devices

    Should adolescents own mobile devices? In the recent years‚ the usage of mobile devices has sharply increased among adolescents. There is a significant rise in the number of teenage who own at least one mobile device. Mobile device refers to a small electronic device which can be hold in hand. It is usually come with a display screen with touch input or a keyboard. The widening popularity of electronic gadgets has been debated as it has its own benefits and drawbacks. This paper is going to analysis

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  • Mobile Devices Security

    Mobile Devices Security This is my Summary for mobile devices security. I think that mobile computing devices have become a critical tool in today’s networked world. Enterprise and individuals alike rely on mobile devices to remain reachable when away from the office or home. While mobile devices such as smartphones‚ laptops personal digital assistants PDAs and universal serial bus USB memory sticks have increased convince as well as productivity in the workplace these befits are not without risks

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  • mobile commerce

    1 Fuad Husein‚ Andreas Gausrab‚ Elie Bensaci - University of Ottawa’s Executive MBA - January 2002 1 Mobile Commerce A Business Model for Success •Thank you for taking time to hear our presentation today •This project is a team effort by Elie Bensaci‚ Fuad Husein and Andreas Gausrab. Elie is a U of O student in the international MBA program. His contribution to the project is integrated into this presentation. Elie resides in Paris France so for obvious geographic reasons he will not be

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  • Mobile Computing

    Mobile Computing and Social Networking Mobile Computing and Social Networking May 20th 2012 Abstract Mobile computing has become a fixture in our everyday lives. As of today‚ people throughout the world can use their mobile devices to do anything that they would normally do on a laptop or a personal computer. At this point‚ there are no foreseeable bounds where mobile technology is concern. The healthcare industry is now realizing this fact and has decided to implement mobile technology

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  • Future of Mobile Devices

    Future of Mobile Devices In just a few short years Mobile Devices have come a long way. From the early days of pagers and car phones the size of bricks‚ to today with smart phones that do everything from make phone calls to text and web surfing‚ and hand held tablets and computers that allow us to do just about anything we need to do electronically.. Literally everyday something new comes out that is smarter‚ faster and better than the device before it. The future of mobile devices is limitless

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  • Mobile Learning: Activity Theory And Theories Of Mobile Communication Learning

    In this paper a framework for theorizing about mobile learning to complement theories of formal and informal learning are presented. As such‚ activity theory will form the main theoretical lens through which the elements involved in formal and informal learning for mobile learning will be explored‚ specifically related to context-aware mobile learning application. The author believes that the complexity of the relationships involved can best be analyzed using activity theory. Activity theory‚ as

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  • Bring your own device

    Control Organizations that do not have IT oversight managing its employees’ mobile devices unintentionally consent to making their assets vulnerable to attack from uninformed user behaviors like improper configuration and risky wireless connections (Search Consumerization). With the mobile market’s flux state adding new emerging technologies rapidly‚ companies have had to adjust from having their networks only accommodate few devices. Initially‚ laptops accessed the network through limited VPN concentrators

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  • Data Security and Mobile Devices

    Data Security and Mobile Devices Introduction: Mobile devices such as smartphones‚ PDAs‚ tablets‚ and netbooks have become an integral part of everyday business operations. Millions of people log into their company’s secure network on mobile devices via wireless Internet or even accessing their email‚ making sensitive data more susceptible to data theft and hacking. Mobile technology is advancing at such a fast pace‚ making it harder for IT managers to keep up with newly emerging threats. Since

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  • Global Mobile Wallet Market By Application By 2020

    The global mobile wallet market is expected to reach USD 2‚950.2 billion by 2020‚ according to a new study by Grand View Research‚ Inc. Increasing smartphone penetration‚ exponential growth of mobile internet applications and advancement of 3G and 4G networks are expected to serve as key market drivers over the forecast period. Technological advancement and the advent of NFC (Near-Field Communication) are also expected to positively impact market growth over the forecast period. The market is

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  • Security Risk Associated with Mobile Devices

    Security Risk Associated with Mobile Devices The term mobile devices are not limited to cellphones; they include iPads‚ iPods‚ Laptops‚ PDAs and e-Readers. These devices act as a lifeline to the outdoor world‚ and are frequently used for navigating‚ social networking‚ shopping‚ banking and business purposes. What is often forgotten about these devices is that they are gateways to hackers. “Mobile devices can be used by a hacker as an access point into many other aspects of your digital life as

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