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Computer Security

Computer Security Student Name University Abstract James works for a bank, and he spends most of his attending to bank clients and travelling. He always carries with him a laptop that contains confidential bank information. The Operating System of the laptop was last updated in May 2011. Some of the programs James uses are MS word 2007, MS Access and MS Excel. James’ computer is, however, not well secured. It does not have a firewall or an antivirus. In addition, the data in the laptop are...

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Common Information Security Threats

 Common Information Security Threats CMGT 400 August 29, 2014 Common Information Security Threats Information is what keeps this seemingly chaotic world functioning systematically. Not so long ago, information was physically present, printed or written on papers. To convey important information or messages, we used letters that took some time to reach its destination. Once our civilization invented and learned how to use electricity to store and send information, we never stopped...

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Security Domains and Strategies

William Crank III Security Domains and Strategies ITT Technical Institute IT255 Part 1: Multi-Layered Security Plan Security is a fundamental aspect of any network infrastructure. The goal is to always have the most up to date programs and protocols to ensure the protection of the network. No aspect is too small to over look. That could mean the difference between a secure network and a compromised network. The best way to achieve this is to break down every level and approach each one as...

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Computer Networking Security

is very important. High level and low level auditing capabilities provide necessary levels of insight into the effectiveness of your policies and enforcement capabilities. The technology involved in information security changes and improves as time goes on. What trends will security technology following in the future? According to Ollie Whitehouse, an employee of Symantec; “Risk models will continue to evolve to help organizations set up the most cost effective and adaptable networks. Efforts...

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Network Security

Network Security Paper University of Phoenix NTC/360 August 9, 2005 Installing firewall or anti-virus software on enterprise workstations can help prevent some of the security problems the Internet can cause; but not everything. By understanding the different Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) levels and security threats involved with each one of them, it is easier to plan a strategy to combat security problems. Purpose and Scope To cover all areas I have listed the network security measures...

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Computer Network Security and Firewall

 Principals of Information Security 4th Edition Questions Chapter 6 Questions 1. What is the typical relationship among the untrusted network, the firewall, and the trusted network? The relationship is that data is only limited to what firewalls allow via specific places called “ports”. There is the untrusted network on the outside, then the firewall which prevents unwanted or suspicious connections, and the trusted network is what lies within the bounds of the firewall. 2. What is the relationship...

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Security Breach

CASE WRITE-UP Case: Adobe Data Breach 1. About the Case On October 3, 2013, The Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States of America discovered that there was a cyber-attack on their network during its regular monitoring of security check. The hackers made it through breaking in to the network and stole the sensitive and personal data of the customers which includes encrypted credit and debit card information, illegal access of customer ID's and also source code of other various Adobe...

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Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report

 Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report Team B 11 DECEMBER 2014 CMGT 400 Mr. Juan De La Matta Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store with the very best domestic and imported fare at every location. In keeping with their motto, “Shopping the World for The Finest Food”, Kudler Fine Foods shops the world in order to provides the very best Baked and pastry products, fresh meat and seafood, fresh produce, cheese and specialty dairy products, wines, and condiments and packaged...

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Kirk Samuda, Kirk Patrick Samuda, - Information Security and Data Access

Information Security and Data Access Paper Kirk Samuda Master Degree in Information Security Technology (MSIT) CMGT/545 July 20, 2009 Professor Juan Van Hiffen   McBride Financial Services is concerned about the cost, security and the approach to be used in both sharing and accessing data by customers, employees, contractors and business partners via the internet or intranet. There is an obvious need for the company to allow all types of users the ability to interact virtually...

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Write an Essay Discussing the Pros and Cons of Hiring Known Hackers to Test the Security of a System.

known hackers to test the security of a system. Nowaday, hacker is someone makes the technology's life to be more interesting. The term hacker has evolved over the years and been growing. For years there existed a fuzzy distinction between good and bad computer hackers, or we also call them white hat and black hat hackers. Whether they are good or bad, we can't negate they don't have any influence on the development of technology. Hiring known hackers to test the security of a system is an example...

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Security Threats of Mobile Banking

Security Threats of Mobile Banking Student ID: TP023353 Introduction The evolution of technology over the past few years has been part of a phenomenal experience in our everyday lives. Today, more and more people rely on getting things done faster and quicker, with the help of technology. Take banking for instance, the traditional way was having to go to the bank for even the smallest transactions like sending money, checking your balance and so on. Then came the era of Automatic Teller Machines...

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Comparison Between Computer Crime and Computer Misuse Actct and

COMPARISON BETWEEN COMPUTER CRIME ACT 1997 AND COMPUTER MISUSE ACT 1990 (UK) As the Malaysian society becomes more and more technology-savvy and Internet savvy due to the encouragement by the government and the country’s vision to be a world leading country in computer technology with the Multimedia Super Corridor, the number of computer-related crimes is on the rise. Therefore, in order to combat this new type of crime, the government of Malaysia had introduced a new legal framework to...

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Vbb Vehicle Security System

Q.1 - What Is Micro VBB ? MicroVBB is a messaging and Antitheft security system for vehicle with various sensors installed in vehicle.After deploying this interactive system in the vehicle the registered user can control his vehicle by sending described commands to MicroVBB system via SMS. 5TOP Q.2 - How Does Micro VBB Function ? This technology provides super security to your vehicle that enables the user to detect any access to his vehicle by any other through a SMS on his mobile . The...

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Android Hacking and Security Research Paper

Android Hacking and Security Donna McDuffey Kentucky State University Graduate Student Nicholasville, KY 859-382-3480 donna.mcduffey@kysu.edu ABSTRACT An introduction to the security risks to android users, how hackers target these platform devices, and how users can better protect themselves and sensitive data. Categories and Subject Descriptors Introduction Android Platform introduction Android Security Features and Shortcomings Types of Android Hacking Android Security Measures to Prevent...

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Cmgt/430 Enterprise Security

purposes. Mobile device management has become a key IT initiative. Riordan is looking to take advantage of both Apple iOS and Android devices in the organizational environment. The IT department looks for ways to allow access without compromising security or losing endpoint control. With the use of remote access solution to balance the need for mobile access and user productivity is one way to keep corporate resources secure. The Portal app for iOS and Android devices simplifies secure mobile access...

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Overview of Computer Security

Overview on Computer Security In this course, you have discovered how important computers and their contents are to everyone. Safeguarding your computer and its valuable information is important. You should be aware of the threats facing by your computer and data, and take necessary measures to protect them as well. By taking some precautionary steps, you can safeguard not only your hardware, software and data, but yourself. This lesson introduces you with some of the most common threats to your...

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QUESTIONS 1) Describe basic security issue based on authentication and authorization towards company that are given to your group. 2) Work corperatively in group to present e-commerce issue associated with electronic trade and commerce to ensure secured online business transaction in the actual market case study on. QUESTION 1 EXAMPLE 1 EXAMPLE 2 Authentication and Authorization are two interrelated security concepts. Authentication and authorization are required...

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Unit one notes

Some of the key reasons for maintaining security and confidentiality are to: Prevent buildings from being entered by unauthorised people and from being vandalised Minimise burglaries and thefts (possessions / information) Protect staff from personal attack or assault Protect computer systems from hackers / viruses Keep plans and commercially sensitive materials secret Meet legal responsibilities (such as data protection principles). To improve security and confidentiality in the workplace...

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Network Administrator

my master in Network administration. A network administrator is a person responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises a computer network. This normally includes deploying, configuring, maintaining and monitoring active network equipment. A related role is that of the network specialist, or network analyst, who concentrates on network design and security. The network administrator (or "network admin") is usually the level of technical/network staff in an organization...

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Installation of Kaspersky

Following are steps to install KASPERSKY. Right Click on my computer (Properties(Computer Name ( Change (Workgroup (Type ” PGP12-14 “ or if you are FPM then “ FPM12 “ or if you are ABM then “ABM12-14” Click On More ( Primary DNS suffix of this computer( Type “ iimahd.ernet.in ” Tick in change Primary DNS suffix when domain…….changes It will ask for Restart Computer . please restart computer Click on Start ( Run \\\ Username :software Password : software@iim ...

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Hospital Information System

the Hospital Information System and the have chosen the Administrative Modules which consist of Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Inventory Management, Library Management and System Security. The modules chosen to be reviewed in this paper is Human Resource Management and System Security. Given the ‘big' budget and 3 years of project timeline, The company have to recruit additional task force by conducting interviews after advertising the job openings and estimating the cost of...

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Confidentiality of Health Information Exam 40902600

medical information about the patient? A patient should be advised of the existence of computerized database containing medical information about the patient , before the patient’s physician releases said information to the entity keeping the computer bases. All medical information must be shared with the patient before any treatments are performed, so that the patient may give their informed consent for the treatment or procedure to be administered. If patients were unaware of the existence of...

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Ethical and Unethical Hackers

number of people. In the 1980s, hackers started gaining more of the negative connotations by which the public now identifies them. Movies such as War Games and media attention started altering the image of a hacker from a technology enthusiast to a computer criminal (“Hacking History”). During this time period, hackers engaged in activities such as theft of service by breaking into phone systems to make free phone calls. In many respects, the 1980s formed the basis for what a hacker is today. “Over...

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lab 5

Servers c. Logical IDS 4. When a computer is physically connected to a network port, manual procedures and/or an automated method must exist to perform what type of security functions at the Network Port and Data Switch level for access control? a. MAC Address Authorization configured for to protected each network port b. MAC Address Profiling c. Secured VLAN deployment for devices that meet this standard and cannot meet more intelligent solutions such as security posture assessment. 5. What...

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Chap 2

groups as Windows is installed. These different groups represent common roles within an organization and provide a starting point for implementing least privilege. User groups and Descriptions: Administrators- granted urestricted access to the computers resources, this is the highest account level; Power Users- Limited administrative rights, including the ability to install software and manage users, and extensive file and folders access permissions; Users- Limited user rights, prevented from making...

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Cyber Threats

Jimmy Neutron Mrs. Dinkleberg English 101 11 April 2014 Cyber Threats on the Rise Every day advances in technology happen. In the last few decades, computer technology has advanced past many technological barriers. Almost every aspect of everyone’s life has some dealing with computers in it. With all this being said, computer cyber threats are on a rise in every economy in the world. Cyber threats in America, have caused the government to try and control American internet access, have cost...

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It 244 Access Control Policy Appendix F

Associate Level Material Appendix F Access Control Policy Student Name: Patricia Manter University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Kevin Swinson Date: June 24, 2012 Access Control Policy Due in Week Seven: Outline the Access Control Policy. Describe how access control methodologies work to secure information systems 1 Authentication Describe how and why authentication credentials are used to identify and control...

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Securing Yourself Online Final Version 1 Attention Catcher: You are at risk. All of us are at risk. I’m not talking about STDs, global warming, or terrorism. I’m talking about your life online. You’re at risk of having your computer taken over so that perfect strangers can read your e-mail, access your bank accounts, pilfer your credit card numbers, and even steal your identity. 2 Listeners Link: Speakers Credibility: As college students, we’re particularly vulnerable because we spend...

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Internet Privacy

communication, and personal reasons. There is a sense of false security for individuals on the Internet. Information is being sent globally in a matter of seconds, so how can you believe that your information is safe? Why would you want to put any information on the Internet at all? Knowing simple facts, like which activities reveal personal information, how others get information, and ways to safeguard privacy, may help average computer users stay safe and help keep personal information private. ...

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Cloud Computing

Annotated Bibliography: The Government Cloud Bowen, Janine Anthony. "Cloud Computing: Issues in Data Privacy/Security and Commercial Considerations." The Computer & Internet Lawyer Aug. 2011: 1+. Academic OneFile. Web. 1 Oct. 2011 In the article, "Cloud Computing: Issues in Data Privacy/Security and Commercial Considerations", Janine Anthony Bowen discusses the legal problems with Cloud Computing. She discusses problems with cloud computing such as client’s data being...

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Unit 4 P5

identifying potential requests. What is the Computer Misuse Act 1990? The Computer Misuse Act 1990 was designed to enclose legislation and controls over computer crime and Internet fraud. The legislation was created to: - Criminalise unauthorised access to computer systems. - Discourage serious criminals from using a computer in the commission of a criminal offence or seek to get in the way or impair access to data stored within a computer. The Computer Misuse Act 1990 has raised concerns among...

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Explain the Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Information.

20days of the applicants request. Computer misuse act 1990 The computer misuse act is a law in the UK that legislates against certain activities using computers, such as hacking in to other peoples systems, misusing software or helping a person to gain access to protected files on someone else’s computer. Unauthorised access to computer material, unauthorised access to computer systems with intent to commit another offence and unauthorised modification of computer material is all illegal. Ethical...

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A Book Report on the Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll - a Cuckoo's Fledgling

example was the rapidly expanding "online" community, with its assortment of up-and-coming networks that were, to many technically inclined users, a virtual "McDonald's Play Place" with slides, ball pits and winding tubes to explore, all rapped in a security blanket of innocence. Not until a bully invaded, did another bastion of delayed-maturity, Cliff Stoll, find that "Big Bother" was not eager, or perhaps unable, to repel the invader on his behalf. This led Cliff to take responsibility and stand...

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IS3230 Lab 5 Chris Wiginton

real-time alarms for network-based attacks Service Network. 4. When a computer is physically connected to a network port, manual procedures and/or an automated method must exist to perform what type of security functions at the Network Port and Data Switch level for access control? Name and define at least three. a) Physical Security - Is intended to detect and deter unauthorized personnel from gaining access. b) Logical Network Port Security – Implemented by configuring the network switch such that specific...

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the road. Automotive systems have become more dependent on software innovations in the past ten years. The University of Washington and the University of California-San Diego (UW-UCSD) Center for Automotive Embedded System Security (CAESS) are conducting experimental security analysis since 2010. The team injects packets into the car’s controller network to manipulate the electronic control units to change the vehicle state meaning operating the break, gas pedal, and lights. Autonomous vehicles...

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ProjectP 1

services, develop a link exchange program with related web sites, use click based advertising on related sites , and register the bookmarks of your business online with companies. The enhancing the customer service delivery also involves ensuring security for communications and protecting customer information, using VoIP provides less-expensive alternatives for the different hubs, implementing a secure access for remote employees secure remote communication channels would need to be implemented...

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Cloud Computing

by providing these services. What exactly is cloud computing? According to Turban & Volonino (2011), cloud computing is Internet- based computing in which shared resources (such as hard drives for storage) and software apps are provided to computers and other devices on- demand (p. 48). The author will explain in this case study how Ericsson benefitted from using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in terms of cost reduction, automated software updates, remote access, and on-demand availability. The...

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Alternatives to Passwords

the most common way to access modern computer systems. However as we have seen these old methods of user authentication are susceptible to social engineering and new social networks have made this all the more easier. Luckily there are a few alternatives. These include Imaging, security combinations and Biometrics. 3.1 Images One possible solution to combat many of these problems would be to use images. Using a Deja Vu graphical scheme could strengthen security while keeping the convenience of more...

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University of Southease

software while authenticating the already registered students, inadequate network bandwidth & IT&R’s Help Desk services (Saunders, 2013). · University of the Southeast maintained a centralized server for managing email accounts for better security, reliability and efficiency. It also made it easier to maintain & control (Saunders, 2013). · User friendliness was sacrificed as the faculty faced problems in archiving their mails, forwarding mails on their institute based account...

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IS3230 Final Project Chris Wiginton

Incorporated (IDI) will establish specific requirements for protecting information and information systems against unauthorised access. IDI will effectively communicate the need for information and information system access control. Purpose Information security is the protection of information against accidental or malicious disclosure, modification or destruction. Information is an important, valuable asset of IDI which must be managed with care. All information has a value to IDI. However, not all...

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Accounting Information - Article Review

because the vendor takes care of maintaining the software and servers. As for the risk, businesses need to analyze the applications and options offered by the various cloud vendors and determine how they would fit within their current IT systems. Security and reliability have to be taken into consideration as well, especially if all of your data is being stored in a cloud with other entities. The AICPA has established guidelines that provide “a highly specialized examination of a services organization’s...

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Ais Attacks and Failures: Who to Blame

AIS Attacks and Failures: Who to Blame ACC564 2/17/13 Professor Ridilla AIS Attacks and Failures: Who to Blame Accounting information systems is a computer based database that stores, collects, and processes the financial data of the organization. The AIS system is then backed up by the organizations centralized database. When the AIS system is attacked by outside sources the responsibility falls to the organization if the proper controls are not in place but if the...

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Accounting Information Systems: Test Review

Data leakage Computer fraud perpetrators who use telephone lines to commit fraud and other illegal acts are typically called Phreakers Hackers Jerks Crackers Tapping into a communications line and then entering the system by accompanying a legitimate user without their knowledge is called Data leakage Piggybacking Hacking Superzapping Spyware is Software that monitors whether spies are looking at the computer Software that tells the user if anyone is spying on his computer Software...

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Password Pattern Analysis

being leaked and I have downloaded the package also ensure that username-password are effective most --from author) Backgrounds: Text-based passwords is still and will remain the most significant authentication method in an expected long time for computer systems, especially the social network systems (SNS) are keeping their usernames and passwords in the database. The most recent example of data breaches involving large numbers of hashed passwords happened in China is the CSDN Password-Scandal, which...

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Service Request Sr-Kf-013 Paper

noticed a couple of issues that may occur and thus I want the company to be aware of them in order to properly address them to take preventive steps to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. These issues revolve around legal matter, the need for security and ethical reassurance. Ethical Issues & Key Points According to the outline which describes the Frequent Shopper Program, “Kudler’s new initiative is tracking purchase behavior at the individual customer level and providing high value incentives...

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Oversee security across the entire network from a single location. Enlist a range of customization and reporting features to tweak the system security as you need. Network Speed and Stability Load-balance execution of tasks to prevent overloading network connections and antivirus storm on VM hosts. Choose from improved update options – update mirror server via HTTPS connection or revert to older virus database and modules.  Reports, Logs & Notifications Monitor network security status and...

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Unit 7 Technical Assessment Questions

1. Why is risk mitigation and filling in critical security gaps an important next step after the security assessment is performed? During your security assessment you probably found some gaps, some of them may be critical gaps, so naturally the next step should be to fix those gaps. Once you know you are exposed you want to fix those gaps ASAP before they get exploited. 2. How do you align the results of the qualitative risk assessment to risk mitigation? You align the results by how likely each...

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Elements of Computer Security

Elements of Computer Security Week 6- 7/1/15 Thomas Mitchell Grantham University Instructor: Dr. Gonzalez Abstract The information in this paper will investigate the elements involved in computer security. Protecting information today requires more than just locking a door or filing cabinet. With data being stored electronically, it is vital that important information be protected from prying eyes. There are many different methods for protecting information that is stored on computers. These...

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SEC 435 Wk 11 Final Exam

11 ____ involves sending messages to devices over Bluetooth. • Question 12 The ____ tool can be used to identify RFID tags. • Question 13 The ____ is the most important part of any network, so usually it is given a higher level of security. • Question 14 The ____ tool simulates the real-time scenario in which a large number of users make requests to a Web application. • Question 15 ____ is performed by putting an artificial load on a server or application to test its stability...

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Quiz 9

5 A(n) ____ is a small application program. Correct Answer: applet Question 6 The protection of assets using nonphysical means is called ____ security. Correct Answer: logical Question 7 ____ is the protection of computer assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Correct Answer: Computer security Question 8 Originally, the term ____ was used to describe a dedicated programmer who enjoyed writing complex code that tested the limits of technology...

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Information System Audit in Indian Banks

is lost, modified, misused huge loss can occur to business. Hence information security becomes important for any business. Information system in business including that of banking is becoming technology oriented. Computers are being used in all the areas of business including that of financial accounting. Internal controls used in a Computerized Information System (CIS) environment should aim at information security also. This aspect of internal control is mostly overlooked in a Financial Audit...

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Hr Data

is a compliance with the labor legislation and minimization of risks related to labor law violations. Manual HR records are independent from other IT systems at _____ and it enables us to provides even better security from any unauthorized access, problems with the central server, computer viruses or failure. When processing HR data and mainly personal data we act in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2006. This document places restrictions on the processing of personal data and...

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Facebook Hacking

With numerous users, Facebook is an ideal source of information of hackers. In this analysis and expose' of Facebook hackers, security, ethical, and legal issues have arisen. The resources for hackers to penetrate Facebook has grown exponentially, where Malware and unsecure emails are capable of stealing a user's entire personal profile. The security of users is lost, causing users to lose not only personal information but also can result in financial theft. The ethical argument...

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Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults Assignment 2

should be protected and methods used to protect the information should be affective. There are a few ways the data can be protected, which are computer security and staff training. To ensure that all information held on the computer is protected from hackers and other unauthorised individuals then a firewall and a virus checker should be installed on the computers system, also passwords should be assigned for the system, which should also be kept confidential. Only allow staff access to the information...

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Making Strong Passwords

Making Strong Passwords Name University Professor Name Course Name Date Making Strong Passwords In today’s society, computer-based user accounts that require a username and password are very common in workplaces, schools, and homes for various applications. E-mail accounts, online bank accounts, social networking profiles, and many other instances of private information are all secured by user created passwords. With so much data at risk, it should be safe to assume people would generate...

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your account. PERSONAL INFORMATION (*REQUIRED) *FIRST NAME: DO NOT SHOW MY NAME IN MY PROFILE: *LOCATION: *ZIP/POSTAL CODE: *COUNTRY: Select One... U Premium465 Words2 Pages Password Theft 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. History of Authorization System The security of digital data has long been a concern of operating system designers. The first time-sharing systems in the early 1960s had password schemes as part of logging in, memory protection hardware, and access control lists on files. Premium6445 Words26 Pages ...

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Cyber Predators

power of the internet in millions of households, comes great responsibility. These websites have become a playground for cyber stalkers. Cyber predators can find easy prey on today’s internet, but with kids gaining more internet knowledge, computer security devices, and crime task units progress can start being made in stopping this ongoing problem.  One of the best ways to keep children safe is by parents sitting down with their kids and informing them with some safety precautions...

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up north fishing

software Configuration files shown to guest users Non sanitized data shown in URL strings using (GET/POST Methods) Setup files/folders found in web documents DDoS using low level http attack methods to fill ports What risk do they create? Security risks/vulnerabilities/exploits are released to public Able to identify services to attack Injection Recreation or modifying current configurations Deny service to normal users, black hole the IP Listing of all files even hidden ones ...

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Unit 4 Assignment 2

NT2580: Introduction to Information Security Unit 4 Assignment 2 4/12/2014 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Definition Richman Investments Acceptable Use Policy The use of company-owned computing devices and networks is a privilege, instead of a right, and inappropriate use can result in revocation of such privilege. Employees must remember that their behaviors represent the actions of the company, and the respect to the rights of others and all relevant laws, regulations and contracts. Employees...

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Internet Essay

daily life. However, the problems of study, work and leisure which rely on the Internet are becoming increasingly serious. Under the circumstances, people should find solutions to make Internet more academic reliable and provided with high-level data security and predict being a breeding bed of gambling addiction. First, in this article, it will talk about the problem happening in Internet study especially academic reliability. And then this essay will point out the lack of data protection, with using...

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