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Computer Security

Computer Security Student Name University Abstract James works for a bank, and he spends most of his attending to bank clients and travelling. He always carries with him a laptop that contains confidential bank information. The Operating System of the laptop was last updated in May 2011. Some of the programs James uses are MS word 2007, MS Access and MS Excel. James’ computer is, however, not well secured. It does not have a firewall or an antivirus. In addition, the data in the laptop are...

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Security Question

password file is limited to one or a very few  accounts. 2. Role-based access control (RBAC) is an access policy determined by the system, not the owner. RBAC is used in commercial applications and also in military systems, where multi-level security requirements may also exist. RBAC differs from DAC in that DAC allows users to control access to their resources, while in RBAC, access is controlled at the system level, outside of the user's control. Although RBAC is non-discretionary, it can be...

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Common Information Security Threats

 Common Information Security Threats CMGT 400 August 29, 2014 Common Information Security Threats Information is what keeps this seemingly chaotic world functioning systematically. Not so long ago, information was physically present, printed or written on papers. To convey important information or messages, we used letters that took some time to reach its destination. Once our civilization invented and learned how to use electricity to store and send information, we never stopped...

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Security Breach

CASE WRITE-UP Case: Adobe Data Breach 1. About the Case On October 3, 2013, The Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States of America discovered that there was a cyber-attack on their network during its regular monitoring of security check. The hackers made it through breaking in to the network and stole the sensitive and personal data of the customers which includes encrypted credit and debit card information, illegal access of customer ID's and also source code of other various Adobe...

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Security Domains and Strategies

William Crank III Security Domains and Strategies ITT Technical Institute IT255 Part 1: Multi-Layered Security Plan Security is a fundamental aspect of any network infrastructure. The goal is to always have the most up to date programs and protocols to ensure the protection of the network. No aspect is too small to over look. That could mean the difference between a secure network and a compromised network. The best way to achieve this is to break down every level and approach each one as...

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Computer Networking Security

is very important. High level and low level auditing capabilities provide necessary levels of insight into the effectiveness of your policies and enforcement capabilities. The technology involved in information security changes and improves as time goes on. What trends will security technology following in the future? According to Ollie Whitehouse, an employee of Symantec; “Risk models will continue to evolve to help organizations set up the most cost effective and adaptable networks. Efforts...

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Network Security

Network Security Paper University of Phoenix NTC/360 August 9, 2005 Installing firewall or anti-virus software on enterprise workstations can help prevent some of the security problems the Internet can cause; but not everything. By understanding the different Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) levels and security threats involved with each one of them, it is easier to plan a strategy to combat security problems. Purpose and Scope To cover all areas I have listed the network security measures...

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Computer Security

Computer technology permeates most aspects of our lives. The ability to use computer technology and to evaluate electronic information has become a basic skill for most of people. In most places of business, a computer is standard. In the bank they use computers to look up for account information. They use computers in the auto repair shop to assess the cars. We can't find books in the library by looking in a card catalog — we must use a computerized database. Doctors' offices utilize computers...

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Computer Hacking Problems and Solutions

happens everyday to people everywhere all over the world. One of the major problems causing this is called hacking which is defined by the company who created the website the free dictonary dot com, Houghton mifflin company, as to gain access to a computer file or network illegally or without authorization. It is a big problem not just here but in other countries as well.One incident id like to mention is the playstation store being hacked into Now I would like to move on to some stastistics. According...

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Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report

 Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report Team B 11 DECEMBER 2014 CMGT 400 Mr. Juan De La Matta Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store with the very best domestic and imported fare at every location. In keeping with their motto, “Shopping the World for The Finest Food”, Kudler Fine Foods shops the world in order to provides the very best Baked and pastry products, fresh meat and seafood, fresh produce, cheese and specialty dairy products, wines, and condiments and packaged...

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