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  • What is authentication

    User Authentication 1.1 What is authentication and what is it used for? Authentication is a process used to establish the identity of a particular user trying to access data or information on a web server. Authenticating users is a common part of most web applications. It is an important security measure used to protect confidential data i.e‚ bank details. Without a means of verifying a potential user‚ data access may be grantedto an unauthorised user which can lead to serious consequences if used

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  • Authentication and Emergency Leave Transportation

    REQUEST AND AUTHORITY FOR LEAVE This form is subject to the Privacy Act of 1974. For use of this form‚ see AR 600-8-10. The proponent agency is ODCSPER. (See Instructions on Reverse) 1. CONTROL NUMBER PART I 2. NAME (Last‚ First‚ Middle Initial) 3. SSN 4. RANK 5. DATE 6. LEAVE ADDRESS (Street‚ City‚ State‚ ZIP Code and Phone No.) 7. TYPE OF LEAVE 1ordinary 0 EMERGENCY 8. ORGN‚ STATION‚ AND PHONE NO. 0 PERMISSIVE TDY 0other _____________________________

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  • Visual Code Authentication Schemes

    I bought a new security token and all I got was this lousy phish— Relay attacks on visual code authentication schemes Graeme Jenkinson‚ Max Spencer‚ Chris Warrington‚ Frank Stajano {graeme.jenkinson‚ max.spencer‚ chris.warrington‚ frank.stajano}@cl.cam.ac.uk University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory‚ Cambridge‚ UK Abstract. One recent thread of academic and commercial research into web authentication has focused on schemes where users scan a visual code with their smartphone‚ which is a convenient

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  • Biometrics Authentication of E-Exams

    A Theoretical Approach for Biometrics Authentication of e-Exams In the past fifteen years the use of Internet technologies has been substantially growing for delivery of educational content. E-learning environments have been incorporated in many universities for the delivery of e-learning courses. However‚ opponents of e-learning claim that a central disadvantage of such teaching medium is the growing unethical conduct in such environments. In particular‚ opponents of e-learning argue

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  • Multi factor authentication

    The Business need for Security Can multi factor authentication be breached? Authentication: Fundamental of information security is based on three principle Confidentiality‚ Integrity and Availability. How a user will be able to access asset by following these three principle is called as Access control. “Access control is the process of allowing only authorized users‚ programs and other computer system (i.e. networks) to observe‚ modify or otherwise take possession of resources of a computer

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  • Improving user authentication on mobile devices:

    Improving user authentication on mobile devices: A Touchscreen Graphical Password Summary By: Quaniesha H December 12‚ 2013 Abstract We analyze three biometric verification modalities – voice‚ face and motion – and in addition secret word passage‚ on a portable gadget‚ to investigate the relative requests on client time‚ exertion‚ blunder and errand interruption. Our research center study furnished perceptions of client movements‚ techniques‚ and responses to the validation

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    3D PASSWORD FOR MORE SECURE AUTHENTICATION INTRODUCTION Normally the authentication scheme the user undegoes is paticularly very lenient or very strict.Throughout the yeras authentication has been a very interesting approach.With all the means of technology developing ‚it can be very easy for ’others ’ to fabricate or to steal identity or to hack someones password.Therefore many algorithms have come up each with an interesting approach toward calculation of a secret key.The algorithms are

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  • User Authentication Through Mouse Dynamics

    FORENSICS AND SECURITY‚ VOL. 8‚ NO. 1‚ JANUARY 2013 User Authentication Through Mouse Dynamics Chao Shen‚ Student Member‚ IEEE‚ Zhongmin Cai‚ Member‚ IEEE‚ Xiaohong Guan‚ Fellow‚ IEEE‚ Youtian Du‚ Member‚ IEEE‚ and Roy A. Maxion‚ Fellow‚ IEEE Abstract—Behavior-based user authentication with pointing devices‚ such as mice or touchpads‚ has been gaining attention. As an emerging behavioral biometric‚ mouse dynamics aims to address the authentication problem by verifying computer users on the basis of

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  • User Authentication Through Typing Patterns

    USER AUTHENTICATION THROUGH TYPING PATTERNS ABSTRACT The argument surrounding this research topic is that the use of keystroke rhythm is a natural choice for computer security. This argument stems from observations that similar neuro-physiological factors that make written signatures unique are also exhibited in a user ’s typing pattern. The keystroke dynamics of a computer user ’s login string provide a characteristic pattern that can be used for verification of the user ’s identity. Keystroke

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  • Why Authentication and Authorization Needed

    Authentication and Authorization (Page 1 of 4 ) Authentication and Authorization are two interrelated concepts‚ which form the core of security for .NET applications. The authentication and authorization processes in ASP.NET are very flexible‚ simple and can be implemented in the code. ASP.NET is not a standalone product; it is linked with IIS and is‚ in fact‚ a layer on top of IIS. So‚ any request that comes into the ASP.NET process is first authenticated and authorized by IIS. In short‚ the

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