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Remote Access

when  IPSec is a set of extensions to the IP protocol family. It works pretty much the same for both IPv4 and IPv6. It provides two basic services, and a large number of variants on them. IPSec provides two service: 1. Authentication and Verification - Authentication means that you can be sure that the data came from who it says it came from. - Verification means that you can be sure that it hasn't been altered. 2. Confidentiality - Confidentiality means that the contents are not visible to...

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Lab3 Enabling Windows Active Directory and User Access Controls

server. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. What are the three fundamental elements of an effective security program for information systems? Identification, Authentication, and Authorization. 2. Of these three fundamental controls, which two are used by the Domain User Admin to create users and assign rights to resources? Authentication and Authorization 2 | Lab #3: Enabling Windows Active Directory and User Access Controls 3. If you can browse a file on a Windows network share, but are not...

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IS3230 Lab 5 Chris Wiginton

FL Instructor: David Marquez 17 April, 2014 1. What are the three major categories used to provide authentication of an individual? a) something you know (e.g., a password) b) something you have (e.g., a certificate with associated private key or smart card) c) something you are (a biometric) 2. What is Authorization and how is this concept aligned with Identification and Authentication? a) Authorization is the process of determining whether an entity, once authenticated, is permitted to access...

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7 Layers of Lotu Security

highest security level can be achieved when you work with Domino server, using Lotus Notes (‘thick’ client). IBM says about seven security levels the following:   • Network – this level works with network side (physical possibility); • Authentication – the process for “trust” connection establishing between the server and the applier; • Domino Server Security - this level deals with server documents access rights; • Database Access (ACL) - this level provides user access control...

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The World Experience of Biometrics in Banking Industry and Prospects of Its Implementation in Ukraine

World experience and the activities of several world known banks indicate that biometric technology are effective in minimizing these risks. In this research, I studied biometric authentication methods used in different banking operations. At last, I discuss about solutions for improvement of authentication for Ukraine’s banking system. The role of biometrics in banking were researched by such scientists as Landon B., Ratha N. K., Connell G. H., Williams G. O., and others [1]. ...

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Network Plan

how big or small, will need careful attention to detail to ensure that an organization’s information will function properly and will be secure. Some of the things to consider are hardware, software, cost analysis, disaster recovery plans, and authentication policies. When creating a network plan for Acme Sensitive Data, these measures were taken. Their company has two adjacent floors with 20 employees. The other floors of the building contain several other companies that cannot gain access to their...

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represented by the initials CIA: confidentiality, integrity, and authentication or availability. Confidentiality means information cannot be access by some parties unauthorized. It is a kind of secrecy or privacy, which breaches of confidentiality range from the embarrassing to the disastrous. Integrity means that information is protected in order to against unauthorized changes that are not detectable to authorized users. Authentication means that users are who they claim to be. Availability means...

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Lab #3

demonstrates how to configure a centralized authentication and policy definition for access controls. The Active Directory users and workstation plug-ins will be used to create users, groups, and configure role-based access permissions and controls on objects and folders in a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory system. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. What two access controls can be set up for Windows Server 2003 folders and authentication? Authentication and Access Control 2. you can...

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it255 study guide

process. 12. You log onto a network and are asked to present a combination of elements, such as user name, password, token, smart card, or biometrics. This is an example of which of the following? 13. Which of the following is a type of authentication? 14. Identify an example of an access control formal model. 15. Which of the following access control models is based on a mathematical theory published in 1989 to ensure fair competition? 16. Which of the following are primary...

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Mis Final (Essay)

these question, there's a likelihood Skype users will have a notification of an update in the next two months. 7. (TCO G) What are the security challenges faced by wireless networks? Maintaining 1) confidentiality, 2) integrity, and 3) authentication There are risk of hackers that can intercept data or have unauthorized WiFi usage. There's loop holes in this three areas that I mentioned. Confidentiality, having a password to your wifi may help you from outside users; however, inside...

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