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  • Harvard Business School Excel Course

    HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL EXCEL COURSE All Masters programs in the Lindner College of Business involve coursework that presumes facility with spreadsheets. In Statistics‚ Managerial Accounting‚ and Financial Tools‚ spreadsheets are indispensible tools. In a host of other classes they enable superior analysis‚ organization‚ communication‚ and planning as well. Therefore‚ before starting coursework in any Masters program‚ students must PASS the On-line Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling Course available

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  • Top 10 business schools

    1. Institute of Business Administration (IBA) On Number 1 is Institute of Business Administration - IBA. The institute is the oldest business school outside North America established in 1955 by the world famous Wharton School of Finance‚ University of Pennsylvania; later‚ the University of Southern California set up various facilities at the Institute and several prominent American professors were assigned to teach at the IBA. It is the first institution in Pakistan to become partner of CFA Institute

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  • Business Ethics - Criticizing Business Schools

    Course: Business Ethics Questions: Why are authors criticizing business schools? Do you agree or not agree their views? Why? They are criticizing business schools(specially top business schools) because authors think that they do not give enough importance to ethics and they haven’t changed themselves for a long time. Instead of teaching ethics in business‚ they say that these schools teach only “How to become successful business/finance person?” to potential leaders. They claim that ethics

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  • Onus of Ethical Lapses Lies on Business Schools

    Fatima‚ NUST Business School‚ 2010 2 Ethical Lapses in Businesses: Onus lies on B Schools? I joined NUST Business School two years back‚ after I did my engineering degree. The logical premise‚ I gave to justify my choice to enter a Business school was not that I was passionate about studying business administration in anyway‚ but was the fact that the MBA is a good add-on to my degree‚ ensuring better and well paying career options in the long run. In my view back then‚ a business school was meant

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  • Business School Essay

    [Comment 1] about attending Wharton to challenge myself with powerful business lessons that will help me grow as a leaders [Comment 2] . My alma mater offered an orientation program that offered [Comment 3] new admits consultation on academic study‚ and more importantly‚[Comment 4] early career plan. I was excited to learn that the tests confirmed what I already expect [Comment 5] – that I showed a strong ability in business. Starting that day‚ I pinpointed [Comment 6] MBA as an ideal master degree

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  • Rutgers Business School Application Essay

    I came to the United States to get my bachelor’s degree in Finance. My passion for Finance fired up during the last couple years in my high school when I was learning the basic core subjects in the Commerce field at Mithibai College of Commerce‚ Mumbai. While taking the introductory class for the Management Information Systems course at Rutgers Business School I grew interest in that major area‚ and thus I decided to double major in Finance and Management Information Systems. Rutgers Newark‚ being

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  • the employability of the school of business administration who undergone ojt

    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction In a fast changing world where “subsistence” and “existence” are the main purpose of living‚ individuals are perceived to finding ways and means to cope with how to live and survive. The trend of the world today vis-à-vis the needs to basically live become the most important measure of men to direct his/her attention to muddle through life – for his comfortability‚ if not for his survival. Amongst the arm used by men to further his

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  • Information: Writing and Harvard Business School

    net/posts/welcome-message--11 Attack Your Day" by Mark Woods was a good workbook exercise that will help me to be more productive in my life. The book was just not for me going to college but it had something for a walks of life whether you are a business executive‚ homemaker‚ educator‚ pastor‚ employee‚ self-employed‚ student‚ or whatever‚ there is something in the book that will benefit you. This book open my eye to a lot of different technical and skills that I was lacking in my day to day activity

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  • Literature Review - Business Schools Role in Society

    Literature Review Role of Business Schools in Society The Importance of Actions of Business Schools in Pursue of Global Sustainability | Introduction Since 2007‚ the people of this planet have been living on 150 percent of its natural resource capacity (WWF‚ 2010). Increase in consumption does not show any signs of slowing down‚ as a consequence of emerging third world countries. The role that business schools play in this situation and its importance cannot be understated (Financial

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  • School and Business Closings

    Growing up in Wisconsin has been cold. There are many times that schools that are cancelled‚ business open late or do not at all‚ and the city workers are out trying to get roads cleared off for safe travels. Over the past several years when I changed from going to school to working world I have noticed a big difference. There are many times that children are off school but all the area businesses are still open. Yes we are keeping the children safe but if the parents still have to brave the roads

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