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  • Electronic Engineering

    Electronics engineering‚ [1] also referred to as electronic engineering[2][3] is an engineering discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to develop components‚ devices‚ systems‚ or equipment (as in electron tubes‚ transistors‚ integrated circuits‚ and printed circuit boards) that uses electricity as part of its driving force. Both terms denote a broad engineering field that encompasses many subfields including those that deal with power‚ instrumentation

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  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

    Question ) 1. Materials and Components Structure and properties of Electronic Engineering materials‚ Conductors‚ Semiconductors and Insulators‚ Magnetic‚ Ferroelectric‚ Piezoelectric‚ Ceramic‚ Optical and Superconducting materials. Passive components and characteristics‚ Resistors‚ Capacitors and Inductors; Ferrites‚ Quartz crystal‚ Ceramic resonators‚ Electromagnetic and Electromechanical components. 2. Physical Electronics‚ Electron Devices and ICs Electrons and holes in semiconductors‚ Carrier

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  • Electronics

    Electronic Boards plc JOHN INNES and FALCONER MITCHELL‚ University of Edinburgh Introduction Jack Watson‚ an electrical engineer‚ established Electronic Boards plc as a ‘one-man’ company in the early 1970s. From small beginnings‚ the company earned a reputation for the quality and reliability of its products‚ and grew rapidly and consistently until‚ by 2003‚ it employed over 200 people and had achieved a turnover of £26 million and a profit after tax of £1.9 million. In addition to Jack

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  • Electronics Engineering Purpose Statement

    Science and Technology and distinct fascination in the constantly developing universe of innovation spurred me to take up designing. I major in Electrical and Electronic designing with an exceptional inclination to dive into the testing field. Amid my undergrad program I took in the different basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which together with common sense coursework fortify hobby. Right from my school‚ I had a keen interest towards Mathematics‚ Science and research in general. This

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  • Engineering Economics

    ESE 215 Introduction to Circuits and Systems Prepared by: The Task Group on ESE 215-205 N. Farhat‚ N. Engheta‚ J. Keenan‚ and V. Vuchic Background‚ Philosophy‚ and Motivation: Over the past few decades‚ the scope of electrical engineering (ESE in the context of our department) has expanded to a degree where the discipline risks effacement by diffusion [1]. This calls for hard thinking on how to reform traditional course offerings in our discipline in order to avoid incoherent bifurcations

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  • Electronic Lock

    ELECTRONICS LOCK A Report of the project for the fulfillment of the requirement of NIRMAAN (Electronic Hardware Model Exhibition) Sankalp-2009 Submitted By PRAGNYASINI PANIGRAHI (EIE) 200860192 SIBANI SAIDARSANI (ECE) 200860316 ANKITA PANIGRAHI (EIE) 200810202 Organized By Electronics Hobby Club‚ NIST |[pic] |[pic]

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  • Electrical And Electronics Engineering Personal Statement

    An allure for Science and Technology and a keen interest in the growing world of technology led me to take up engineering. I chose to major in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an intense longing to explore into the challenging field. During my under graduate program I learned the different fundamentals of electrical and electronics which were well-balanced with practical exposure. Right from my school days I had an active interest for science and research. As a matter of fact‚ I used to

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  • engineering activity log

    Activity Log Week 1 On the first week of my Engineering project I had to think about what I should make. Some of the suggested ideas where ruled out‚ but the Electronic door lock was a good ideas so I was able to stick with it. I began to do some research on how the frame of the door lock will look like and the material needed. I did most of the material research on the internet going to different websites such as Homebase‚ and Argos. Week 2 In the second week of work on my project I began to

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  • Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Engineering in the Power Electronics Education Annika Nilsson Environmental Engineering in the Power Electronics Education Annika Nilsson *‚ Per Karlsson **‚ Lars Gertmar **‚*** Department of Building and Environmental Technology Lund University‚ Lund‚ Sweden Phone: +46 46 222 96 15 Fax: +46 46 222 45 35 ** Department of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation Lund University‚ Lund‚ Sweden Phone: +46 46 222 92 90 Fax: +46 46 14 21 14 *** ABB Corporate Research‚ Västerås

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  • Biodegradable Electronics

    BIODEGRADABLE ELECTRONICS ParveenLuthra Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. Punjab Technical University Global Institute Of Management and Emerging Technology. Amritsar. e-mail id-parveen.luthra@yahoo.com ABSTRACT: A new class of electronic devices: small‚ robust and high performance‚ yet also biocompatible and capable of dissolving completely in water – or in bodily fluids. Biodegradable electronics.These are electronic circuits and devices with a limited lifetime

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