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Electric Power Transmission

Over the next decade, the most vibrant Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) markets will involve the contactless charging of portable and mobile equipment, in particular consumer electronics and electric vehicles. Today, development teams worldwide are stretching the boundaries of physics using available components to create systems that are able to compete with the efficiencies of wired solutions while offering the conveniences of wire free connections. In the 1890's famous scientist and engineer Nikola...

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Power Transmission Line Project

Transco. 1. Transmission System Planning 2. Feasibility Report Preparation 3. Approval from Board of Directors/Government 4. Gazette Notification 5. Signing of Bulk Power Tariff Agreement. 6. Funding Tie up. 7. In Principle Approval from Ministry of Environment & Forest. 7. Design, Engineering & Specification finalization 1. Transmission System Planning & System Engineering Purpose: Transmission Planning Studies are carried out for evacuation of power from a Power...

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Case Analysis: the Early Bird – Electric Power Load Despatching

Bird – Electric Power Load Despatching The Early Bird – Electric Power Load Dispatching Electric utility firms have, for more than two decades, used marginal productmarginal cost concepts to generate and dispatch electric power in a more efficient, lowercost manner. Southern Company, the nation’s third largest utility, refers to its load dispatching method as the “Early Bird” system. Southern’s Early Bird is designed to provide automatic, computerized control of all the company’s power production...

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Power Outage

Out line Power outage 1. Introduction: Electricity makes our lives easier and more enjoyable, since almost all of our modern conveniences are electrically powered. We could survive without electricity. This statement: Power outage is one of the serious problems that Egypt face, but dose really we have a solution for that problem? 2. Topic sentence: A power outage (also power cut) is a short- or long-term loss of the electric power to an area which has its causes...

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Power Line Coomunications

POWER LINE COMMUNICATION “Power line communications (PLC) is a global technology with worldwide interest in its development. In its simplest terms, PLC modulates communication signals over existing power lines. This enables devices to be networked without introducing any new wires or cables. This capability is extremely attractive across a diverse range of applications that can leverage greater intelligence and efficiency through networking.” - Texas Instruments. Introduction: Let me start...

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Pacific Gas And Electric Company Leadership Analysis

Introduction Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation is one of the leading corporation in the energy industry. This is done so through one of its holding companies, Pacific Gas and Electric Company or better known as PG&E. PG&E’s is the primary subsidiary for the corporation that provides customers with utility services and other energy generated services along with electricity, natural gas transmission, and the distribution of electricity. The primary area of operation of the company is the United...

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Merchant Power Plants

Merchant power plants differ from traditional rate-based power plants as to: 1) how they are financed and 2) where they sell the electricity they generate. A merchant power plant is funded by investors and sells electricity in the competitive wholesale power market. Since a merchant plant is not required to serve any specific retail consumers, consumers are not obligated to pay for the construction, operations or maintenance of the plant. A traditional rate-based power plant, on the other hand...

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Problems in North Delhi Power Limited

Introduction: The organization chosen for our analysis is North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL). The company is involved in the business of distributing electricity in the North and North West areas of Delhi. NDPL is a joint venture between Tata Power Limited and Government of Delhi. It was formed on July 1, 2002 as a result of the privatization of electricity distribution in Delhi. Purpose of the report: The report aims at analyzing the operational performance of NDPL, identifying the reasons for...

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wireless power transfer

CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING INTRODUCTION The area of wireless power transmission is very interesting. The technology is in its infancy but the overall benefits from its maturation could be significant to society as a whole. World population is expected to continue to grow exponentially. Five sixths of the world’s population lives in developing nations. Most developing nations such as China, India, and Pakistan are rapidly improving their standard of living. All of these trends point...

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Solar Power Ac Dc Discussion

the polarity or direction of current is irrelevant, so long as there is enough voltage and current to the load to produce the desired heat (power dissipation). However, with AC it is possible to build electric generators, motors and power distribution systems that are far more efficient than DC, and so we find AC used predominately across the world in high power applications. To explain the details of why this is so, a bit of background knowledge about AC is necessary. If a machine is constructed...

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