Power Transmission Line Project

Topics: Project management, Electric power transmission, Flexible AC transmission system Pages: 6 (1534 words) Published: June 14, 2011
a. What are the major steps to be taken before the actual tendering process (i.e. Process for invitation for bids) can be initiated? Include approvals have to be taken from various agencies outside the Transco.

1.Transmission System Planning
2.Feasibility Report Preparation
3.Approval from Board of Directors/Government
4.Gazette Notification
5.Signing of Bulk Power Tariff Agreement.
6.Funding Tie up.
7.In Principle Approval from Ministry of Environment & Forest. 7. Design, Engineering & Specification finalization

1. Transmission System Planning & System Engineering
Transmission Planning Studies are carried out for evacuation of power from a Power Station, which is either newly constructed or where a new generation capacity is added, for grid strengthening, for intra-regional exchange of Power, for inter regional connection for exchange of power. These studies are carried out keeping in view the long-term power plans of the country framed by CEA. Load flow, short-circuit; stability and Over voltage studies are the ones need for this purpose.

From the Point of view of power system planning and system engineering following are needed:

i. The data and time schedules for carrying out Planning Studies are to be collected from various Organizations, such as CEA, Planning Commission, Respective Electricity Boards (SEB)/Electricity Departments (ED), Regional Electricity Boards (REB), Regional Load Dispatch Centers (RLDC), Power Utility’s own system and operational data etc. These are corresponding to different time frames including present scenario and comprises of Generation Details, Load (both Active and Reactive), Details of Transmission Network at different voltage levels, Transformer Capacity, Details of Reactive Compensation ii. Long term transmission plans are evolved considering the long term power transfer requirement from generation resources to Load Centers. iii. Data are to be complied in a format suitable for simulation software. iv. Different Transmission alternatives are to be evolved. While developing an alternative following issues are to be considered:

Minimization of Transmission Cost and Loss
Right- of - way (ROW) Considerations
Optimal utilization of energy resources
Adoption of new technologies like, FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) at suitable locations.
Most optimal system is to be evolved by carrying out computer studies based on the input available from above.
System Engineering studies are carried out to decide various equipment rating and parameters, charging instructions.

v. The outputs of these studies are forwarded to various groups for carrying out system design.
While choosing any transmission alternative, flexibility of development and provision of adequate control features should be kept in view to take care of grid operation under normal and contingent conditions. Power System Planning Criteria issued by CEA is referred to in this context for further details.

2. Feasibility Report Preparation
Once a transmission system is finalized, Project Feasibility Report is prepared for the investment approval from the competent authority. The Feasibility Report consists of details of transmission system, justification, scope of the project, technical parameters, estimated cost of the project, details pertaining to project management, environmental impact, project completion schedule, tariff, etc.

Based on the studies the system that emerged and the various cost data, feasibility report of the project is prepared and submitted to the approving authority. The feasibility report is a base document used in execution of the project.

3. Design, Engineering & Specification finalization
The feasibility report, output from system studies, recommendations of various standardization committees of CEA, CBIP, relevant statutory...
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