Generators: Electric Power and Ashe Members

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[pic] Regulatory Advisory

A service to members, advisories are produced whenever there is a significant development that affects the job you do in your community.

A Message to ASHE Members:

The Joint Commission (JCAHO) is conducting a Field Review of its proposed addition to standard EC.7.40 on the inspection, testing and maintenance of emergency power systems. JCAHO proposes to add a new Element of Performance (EP) requiring annual testing of each emergency generator for four continuous hours, under load. ASHE members are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to: • Provide your input on the actual need for this new requirement, • Comment if this requirement will assure greater reliability, • Inform JCAHO of the specific impact to your facility from implementing this requirement as it is proposed. The Field Review will close on February 20, 2006

Standard EC. 7.40 – Proposed Element of Performance #5

The [organization] tests each emergency generator at least once every 12 months for a minimum of four continuous hours. This test shall be conducted under a load (dynamic or static) that is at least 30% of the nameplate rating of the generator.

The Field Review is being conducted on the JCAHO website at: The notice contains background information that identifies emergency electrical generators as a critical resource for delivery of safe care. The background information further explains that “Testing generators for sufficient lengths of time increases the likelihood of detecting generator reliability problems and reduces the risk of losing this critical resource when it (is) most needed”. A key question ASHE members should comment on is: As it is written - will the proposed requirement lead to more effective detection of generator reliability problems and in doing so reduce the risk of failure under emergency...
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