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  • Electric Vehicles- Are They Really Green?

    ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT         OPINION BRIEF Are electric cars actually bad for the environment? New research suggests that you have to drive an electric car a long‚ long way for it to be greener than a gas-guzzling vehicle POSTED ON JUNE 14‚ 2011‚ AT 10:30 AM A hybrid car is plugged into a charging station in San Francisco‚ Calif.: Electric cars may have bigger carbon footprints than their gas-guzzling competitors‚ according to a new study. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSEE ALL

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  • Classifications of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Classifications of the Hybrid Electric Vehicles: The hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are the special types of vehicles that make use of two things together‚ i.e. conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric propulsion system‚ which together help in achieving fuel efficiency as compared to any other vehicle. The degree of efficiency and improvement provided by the HEVs depend on the degree and the type of propulsion systems they make use of. The engineers have succeeded in adding

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  • Electric Vehicle and Hybrids

    Introduction I. Attention Catcher: Talk about anticipating typical Thanksgiving food and what I will eat (maybe show a slide or photograph for watching). II. Listener Relevance Link: People are switching to hybrid cars more than getting an average vehicle. III. Speaker Credibility Statement: I have learned a lot about hybrids‚ since my best friend got one‚ and she and another friend was honored to help me give information on hybrids. IV. Thesis Statement: Living a vegetarian lifestyle is an important

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  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    13/07/2012 Hybrid cars are thought to be the vehicle of the future‚ with increasing emphasis being put on cutting carbon footprints and protecting the planet. Not long ago Hybrid cars were the preserve of the particularly eco-conscious‚ but they have now made their way into the mainstream. Most major motoring brands offer Hybrids with models like the Toyota Prius‚ the Honda CR-Z and the Lexus CT proving popular. They work by combining a fuel engine with electric batteries‚ which reclaims energy when the

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  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Hybrid electric vehicles are one of the applications of hybrid technology in real modern life; in which it’s currently a high demand technology and is growing rapidly. Although hybrid vehicles weren’t the latest type of transportation technology to be discovered‚ since they appeared earlier than gasoline vehicles‚ because of the cost of research and technology they disappeared a prosperous century of gasoline vehicles began. Nowadays‚ when the world needs green transportation because of high fossil

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  • Tesla: Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    CREATING THE CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Industry Creating the Clean Energy Economy Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Industry Primary Authors Jennifer Todd is an Economic Development Associate at IEDC. Jess Chen is a Research Fellow and a PhD candidate at American University. Frankie Clogston is an IEDC Consultant and a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University. Primary Editors Liz Thorstensen‚ Vice President of Knowledge Management & Economic Development

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  • Zap and Electric Vehicle

    1.The competition to develop and market electric vehicles has increased during the last year and is expected to continue to increase. The electric bicycle industry has four major manufacturers and a large group of small companies. The major manufacturers are Honda‚ Suzuki‚ Sanyo and Yamaha. They mainly sell products to Japan and Europe. The other group of manufacturers is much smaller in size and sales volume. These manufacturers have products they sell into the U.S.‚ European and Asian markets.

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  • Global Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market

    Global Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market 2014-2018 A hybrid electric vehicle combines two energy sources‚ one of which is mechanical (ICE) and the other electrical. The size of the gasoline engine in a hybrid electric vehicle is smaller than that in a traditional vehicle. The combination of the two power sources helps to achieve better fuel economy and performance. Hybrid electric vehicles use efficient technologies such as regenerative braking that charges the battery by converting kinetic energy

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  • Electric Vehicle Case Study

    How far do you think an Electric Vehicle can travel on a single charge? To test the awareness and knowledge of the consumers regarding electric vehicles we asked this question and the options and answers are as follows:  50 - 100 kms  31.8%  100 - 200 kms  50%  200 - 300 kms  9.1%  More than 300 kms  9.1% Are you aware of any of the following Electric Vehicles? The next question was asked on the awareness on the electric cars available in the Indian market. The options and answers

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  • Honda and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Honda and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Honda was founded in Hamamatsu‚ Japan‚ by Soichiro Honda in 1946 as the Honda Technical Research Institute. The company began as a developer of engines for bicycles‚ but by 1949 it had produced its first motorcycle‚ called the Dream. In 1959‚ Honda entered the U.S. automobile and motorcycle market by opening the American Honda Motor Company. A few years later‚ in 1963‚ Honda released its first sports car‚ the S500‚ in Japan. Honda Motor Co. Inc. grew rapidly

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