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Electronic Boards plc JOHN INNES and FALCONER MITCHELL, University of Edinburgh Introduction Jack Watson, an electrical engineer, established Electronic Boards plc as a ‘one-man’ company in the early 1970s. From small beginnings, the company earned a reputation for the quality and reliability of its products, and grew rapidly and consistently until, by 2003, it employed over 200 people and had achieved a turnover of £26 million and a profit after tax of £1.9 million. In addition to Jack...

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Electronic Waste

Don’t Be Haste to E-Waste Electronic-waste (e-waste) has emerged as a critical global environmental health issue in both developed and developing nations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to e-waste as "electronic products that are discarded by consumers." More specifically, e-waste is a generic term that encompasses various forms of electrical and electronic equipment that may be old, might have reached end-of-life and most importantly cease to be of any value to their present owners...

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Electronic Communication

Electronic communication was discovered in 1998. It is a form of communication that is used for the transfer of data, images, signals, signs, etc. through wire, electromagnetic energy, radio, photoelectronic or photo-optical system. With its growing popularity, people have started to communicate via email. Electronic communication is not only a novel tool, it also serves to be an interesting mode of communication. However, while being a crisp form of conveying messages, it has a facet that inclines...

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Samsung Electronics

 Case: Samsung Electronics Case Summary. Over the previous five decades, the semiconductor industry had grown in economic importance. In 2000, the industry enjoyed $200 billion in sales, and the industry grew by an average of 16% per year since 1960. Growth: Semiconductor Industry has 16% of growth rate On average, 1960 -2000 In 1969 Semiconductor Company founded, began with Wafer production. And acquired by Samsung latterly In 1974 Samsung Group started Electronics industry in television...

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Electronic Watchdog

CIRCUIT IDEAS ELECTRONIC WATCHDOG TAPAN KUMAR MAHARANA I VED DWI S.C. H ere’s an electronic watchdog for your house that sounds to inform you that somebody is at the gate. The circuit comprises a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, which are mounted face to face on the opposite Fig. 4: Mounting arrangement for transmitter and receiver units Fig. 1: 38kHz IR transmitter circuit Fig. 3: Pin configurations of TSOP1738 and UM66 Fig. 2: Receiver circuit pillars of the...

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Electronic Dice

ELECTRONIC DICE . TO CONSTRUCT AN ELECTRONIC DICE USING LEDS . BACKGROUND: LED’s History The first known report of a light-emitting solid-state diode was made in 1907 by the British experimenter H. J. Round. However, no practical use was made of the discovery for several decades. Independently, Oleg Vladimirovich Losev published "Luminous carborundum [[silicon carbide]] detector and...

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Electronic Industry in Asean

the article – Electronic in ASEAN Several factors make electronics a leading industry in South East Asia: 1. Possibilities of application – greatly impact the growth of economy and society of one particular country 2. The drop in the prices of important hardware Electronic industry is divided into two main category: industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Industrial electronics: 1. Servers 2. Telecommunications 3. Robots Consumer electronics: 1. Radios ...

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We were assigned with the task of designing and building a digital clock that displays the time in Binary. First a power supply that outputs a 60Hz square wave is fed into the circuit. We used 74160 decade counters in the project. A 74160 divided the clock down to 6Hz, and then a truncated 74160 divided it down to a 1Hz wave that would be the input for the clock. This clock will display in military time. The 1HZ is equal to one second and is fed into the first 74160. There are six 74160 counters...

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Defining Electronic Records

Electronic Records Langemo (1995) describe records as the memory of the organization, the raw material for decision making, and the basic for legal defensibility. Meanwhile Gagnon (1987) defines records from the functional standpoint when he says all recorded information regardless of media or characteristic, made or received and maintained by an organization or institution in pursuance of its legal obligations or in the transaction of business. However, Clubb (1991) admits that it was relatively...

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Electronic waste solutions

without a downside though. With these electronic technologies becoming cheaper and more expendable it creates a situation where the disposal of these electronics. Electronic waste problems are not just of where you dispose of it, but also how it effects the area around the dump site. Studies have shown that, “heavy metals pollution of groundwater, soil, and plants is an issue of environmental concern, especially when e-waste is involved”(Olafisoye, 7). With electronic waste continuing to grow this pollution...

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