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Computer Network

Network and standards protocol Professor 1.Which of the following terms is the cloaet synonym to the term computer networking? Protocol 2.Ann uses her email address, me@here.com, to send an email to bob, whose email address is you@there.com. the message contains a few paragraphs of text. Which of the following will be important to the process of making sure that bob receives this email? 3. According to this chapter, which of the following concepts happens in a modern-day , end...

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Sample Exams Questions and Answers on Computer Networks

CCM 4300 Lecture Computer Networks, Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS Dr P. Shah 1 Show that, according to the Shannon-Hartley law, if the signal power (S) is equal to the noise power (N), the channel capacity (C) in b/s is equal to the bandwidth B Hz. (6 marks) C= B log2 (1+S/N) If S=N C=B log2 (1+1) C=B log2 (1+1) C= B log2 (2) C=B 2 What are the purposes of the following GSM networks? VLR HLR MSC (home and visited) (6 marks) VLR: it is a database maintained...

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Introduction to Network Concepts

Introductory Network Concepts, Network Standards, and the OSI Model 1. There are many reasons for a company to network its computers, some are as follows; Share software, information with others on networks, cheaper than buying individual software and hardware for each standalone especially if the software often offers deals for amount being purchased, e-mail between network users, and flexible access from any computer on the network. 2. Two fundamental network models are peer-to-peer(P2P)...

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A Network Protocol

Wide Area Network for an audio and video special effects company with worldwide offices in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and South America. This part of the project details the types of network protocols we’re proposing to utilize for the WAN and LAN throughout the corporation. Keywords: WAN, Wide Area Network, LAN, Local Area Network, Global Corporate Communication Network Structure, Networking Protocols Protocol Choices Discussion WAN’s (Wide Area Networks) and LAN’s (Local Area Networks) utilize...

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Network Security

Firewall Quiz 1. A(n) hub____ is a standard network device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together by using twisted-pair copper or fiber-optic cables in order to make them function as a single network segment. 2. A(n) Router____ is a network device that can forward packets across computer networks. 3. A(n) Proxy server____ is a computer or an application program that intercepts a user request from the internal secure network and then processes that request on behalf of the user. 4....

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History Shaping Network Technology

How History Shaped Today's Networks Jonathan Moscone IT – 340 B. Richards 5/5/2013 Computer network technology has been shaped by history in many ways. From the needs of business, government, military and personal use. As these needs grow and change so do the networks and connections that support them. The biggest network people use today in the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone...

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World Without Computers Essay

The router is an expert computer or network element connected more than one network running software that allows the router to move data from network to another. It does this by storing the addresses of all the networks to be able to communicate with them and to control the internet and the LAN (local area network) traffic. The internet is global system connecting computers all over the world that used standard internet protocol called TCP/IP. I am going to talk about it few lines later. Internet...

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3.1.3 Computer Network Topology

3.1.3 Computer Network Topologies Network Topology is a network specification that determines the network arrangement, connecting the senders and receivers through lines of connection. Topologies are of both physical and logical aspect of the network. The physical topology describes the network’s physical wiring layout or shape. The logical topology describes the path through which the data moves. Both logical and physical topologies could be same or different in a same network. The physical and...

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Formal Networks

Problems with Formal Networks Formal networks are defined, setup and maintained by the organization. They are put into place to make sure information, resources, problems and punishments are used efficiently and not abused. When these networks are used properly everything will flow up and down the chain of command smoothly. This chain of command comes from the basic principle of a formal network; assigning titles to employees and to give them a certain amount of responsibility to go along with...

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computer networks lab

UNIVERSITY OF COMPUTER & EMERGING SCIENCE Computer Network Lab ( CS-314) Lab Session 01 Lab Instructor: Shahbaz Siddiqui, Shoiab Raza Week 1 Network Command TASK: Use the appropriate networking commands to solve these networking problems. 1. Find the IP address of the computer you are currently using. Command: ________________________________________________________ IP address: ________________________________________________________ 2. Find the IP address of the computer you are currently...

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