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  • IP address

    An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification & location addressing. Its role has been characterized as follows: A name indicates what we seek‚ An address indicates where it is‚ A route indicates how to get there. It encodes a network number (network prefix) and a host number. IP address are either dynamic or static. Our mobile network or broadband has dynamic address. Server has static address. Example: ellington.cs.virginia.edu

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  • Ip Address

    Configuring IP The Internet Protocol (IP) is the only routed protocol that is turned on by default on a Cisco router running IOS. The acronym IP is actually an abbreviated way of writing TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)‚ which is the suite of protocols and applications used on the Internet and many private internetworks. We are going to begin the coverage of IP configuration with a brief overview of IP and how IOS processes its traffic. Then we will delve into the configuration

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  • Ip Address

    TOPIC:IP ADDRESS AUTHOR-Rameshwar Prasad Srivastava MS ( Cyber Law & Information Security) Indian Institute of Information Technology ‚Allahabad The address of a computer on the Internet is commonly referred to as the IP Address (Internet Protocol). It ’s a 32 bit (4 bytes) number normally written as follows: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Since a byte can represent any number from zero to 255‚ the least and the maximum IP address possible are: to Understanding

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  • Ip Address Scheme

    IP Address scheme: IPv4 operates on 32-bit addresses. 32 bit address = Byte 1| Byte 2| Byte 3| Byte 4 Class Prefix Network Number Host Number A 0 0-7 8-31 bits B 10 1-15 16-31 bits C 110 2-24 25-31 bits D 1110 Multicast E 1111 N/A The bits are ordered from left to right

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  • NT2460 Unit 1: IP Addresses Classes and Special - Use IP Address Space

    Frison NT2460 – Mr. Rose 6/27/14 Unit 1: IP Addresses Classes and Special - Use IP Address Space In a computer network internet protocol is used for communication‚ to each device such as printers and computers a numerical label called an IP (Internet Protocol) Address is assigned. There are two functions of an IP Address a host or network interface identification‚ and also provides a location addressing. The basic elements of a network are the IP Address and Subnet Mask. There is also switching

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  • Tcp/Ip

    TCP/IP At first glance‚ TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) may seem baffling. Many other protocols‚ such as NetBEUI and IPX/SPX‚ require no configuration. TCP/IP is different. Due to the seemingly endless number of options that you can configure within TCP/IP‚ many people become intimidated at first. In reality‚ however‚ TCP/IP isn ’t very difficult‚ but you have to gain some understanding of what you ’re configuring. So‚ I ’m going to give you a crash course in TCP/IP. Although

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  • IP Addressing

    Unit 1 Exercise 1 IP Addressing Scenario When designing the data closet should be located in a non-centralized location but still have easy access for services and upgrades or repairs. I would consider using a class b network set up which would easily allow 145 users‚ computers or equipment to connect but still provide additional addresses and networks as the company expands within the next two years. As for IP address I would consider static IP address for all local computers and equipment

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  • Ip Addresses

    B. Espina COMNETS BT602E Jan. 7‚ 2013 1) Define IP Address. IP (Internet Protocol) Address is a numerical label assigned to each device participating in the computer network that uses the internet protocol for communication. An IP Address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. The designers of the internet protocol defined an IP address as a 32-bit number and this system‚ known as Internet Protocol Version 4 is

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  • Ip - Subnet

    IP-Subnet-Mask numbers IP mask numbers are used to divide internet addresses into blocks called subnets. The mask number represents the number of 1s in the binary of the address that is ’masked" against the address so that it ignores the last bits which are for the group of IP addresses in the masked address. The first address of a subnet block (all 0s) is called the network address or network ID. The last address (all 1s) is the broadcast address of the network. Typically the network address

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  • IP Subnetting

    Overview: As part of your assigned readings and material covered in your class lecture‚ you have learned about IP subnetting including the math involved. For this assignment‚ you will answer questions relating to IP subnetting. Resources: Textbook Lecture materials and notes Deliverables Answer the questions in the following section. Turn in your responses to your instructor. Be sure to show your work‚ meaning your steps to convert binary to decimal‚ etc. Questions: 1. How many bits

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