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 NT 1210 May 23, 2013 In order to properly address the Infrastructure upgrade of the Kamazon Network our group decided that an appropriate ip address schema that will take into account the idea that people will be using more than just a desktop computer. They will have tablets, laptops, departmental printers, and smart phones. This is also based upon the understanding that every Department will have at least two printers for the staff and one for the Manager/Supervisor...

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Ip Addressing and Subnetting

Question 1 You are given a network address, show your calculation and answer the followings (20 Marks – 4 marks each) |IP Address: |Prefix Length - /27 | Bits allocation: |IP Address |128 |64 |32 |16 | |Prefix |11111111 |11111111 |11111111 ...

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Infrastructure of Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise.

I. Title and Authors Infrastructure of Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise. II. Abstract / Keywords The rapidly growing pervasiveness of the Internet is dramatically increasing the amount of data through networks from a resident or a business networks. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has emerged from laboratory experiments to widely used real-world applications today. Although being a highly theoretical and complex field in the technical domain, VoIP has significantly...

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Paper Wide-Ip

connectivity, and wireless networks further define the objectives. Knowing what the specification at each location are such as applications, overall user base, topologies, connectivity devices, protocols, traffic, security, DMZ areas, along with the specific IP addressing make this unique but obtainable. Ensuring that each network will have positive availability, high percentage for up-time, minimal downtime between failures, decreased repair time, reliable back up procedures, and any other additions that...

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Network Address

through 16 from the lab below. (.625 points each) 1) You are given the Class C network address: From this network, if you needed to create 2 subnets, how many bits would need to be borrowed at a minimum? 25 2) Given that you have the Class C network address: and have borrowed 1 bit, what is the maximum number of hosts per subnet? 126 3) You are given the Class C network address: From this network, if you needed to create 6 subnets, how many bits would...

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IP address

An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification & location addressing. Its role has been characterized as follows: A name indicates what we seek, An address indicates where it is, A route indicates how to get there. It encodes a network number (network prefix) and a host number. IP address are either dynamic or static. Our mobile network or broadband has dynamic address. Server has static address. Example: ellington.cs.virginia.edu ...

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Comp230 Week 1 Lab Report

extending across page boundaries. Task 1: Rename the Ethernet Interface and Display IP Configuration Settings Open the Windows Command Prompt using the desktop or the Taskbar icon. Maximize the size of the CLI. Use the ipconfig /all command to determine the following IP configuration settings for “Wired” Ethernet NIC: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: MAC (Physical) Address 00-50-56-9E-56-86 Copy and paste the specified ipconfig /all command output...

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understand how important it is to understand what an IP address actually comes from. It was quite interesting how a decimal number can be converted into binary format. It is definitely good to know exactly how the computer communicated between applications. IP source address contains 32-bit binary value that represents the IPv4 address of the host sending the packet. Microsoft TCP/IP supports class A, B, and C addresses assigned to hosts. The class of address defines which bits are used for the network ID...

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Student Name | | Class | | Date | | VBScript IP Array Report In the space provided below, copy and paste your VBScript Program Code. If it doesn’t fit, use the next page for the continuation of your sourcecode program ' VBScript: IP_Array_start.vbs ' Written by:Kamal ' Date: 11/25/2012 ' Class: COMP230 ' Professor: ' =================================== ' This initialize a 2-dimension array ' of IP Address. The first index +100 ' is the room# and the second index+1 ' is the...

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World Without Computers Essay

addresses of all the networks to be able to communicate with them and to control the internet and the LAN (local area network) traffic. The internet is global system connecting computers all over the world that used standard internet protocol called TCP/IP. I am going to talk about it few lines later. Internet use wires, cables and satellites as interlinked to transfer the data from computer to another; the major internet communications links are called the internet backbone. It is made from extremely...

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