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IP Addressing and Subnetting Exercise 1. Write the default subnet Masks for the Class A, Class B and Class C IP addresses. 2. How we can distinguish Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E IP addresses from each other. Write the range of first octet in binary and decimal for all the 5 IP address classes 3. Write the default subnet Masks for the following IP addresses: a. b. c. d. 192.11...

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Mis 589 Mini Case Week 4

g., library, maintenance, finance) spread over another 10 buildings. There are 4 residence halls that house a total of 2,000 students. Suppose the university has the 128.100.xxx.xxx address range on the Internet. How would you assign the IP addresses to the various subnets? How would you control the process by which IP addresses are assigned to individual computers? You will have to make some assumptions to answer both questions, so be sure to state your assumptions. As a network manager, I would...

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Useful Cisco Commands

Syntax for Static Routing (ip route command) Router(config)#ip route <Destination Network> <Subnet Mask> <Next-hop Address> or <Exit Interface> Syntax for Default Routing (ip route command) Router(config)#ip route <Next-hop Address> or <Exit Interface> Syntax for Routing Information Protocol (router rip command) Router(config)#router rip Router(config-router)#network <Subnet Address> Useful Cisco Commands: Syntax that...

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Subnetting Assignment CMIT 265

#26, and #113. 10101100 00011101 00000000 00000000 Network Address 11111111 11111111 00000000 00000000 Subnet Mask I need to have 113 subnets. I have to borrow host bits and convert them to subnet bits. I will use the formula 2X to find how many bits I need to borrow. 21=2 22=4 23=8 24=16 25=32 26=64 27=128 I need to borrow 7 bits to create 113 subnets. 10101100 00011101 00000000 00000000 Network Address 11111111 11111111 11111110 00000000 Subnet Mask New Subnet Mask: 255.255...

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Lab 7 Configuring Network Connections

3|Manually Configuring TCP/IP| Overview|Because the lab network you are constructing for Contoso, Ltd. must be isolated from the production network, you do not want the lab computers to obtain their TCP/IP settings from the DHCP servers on the production network. Therefore, in Exercise 7.3 you manually configure the TCP/IP client to use static IP addresses.| Completion time|15 minutes| 3. Using the information in the Ipconfig.exe display, note your workstation’s current TCP/IP configuration settings...

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Adding a Scope to Windows 2008 Server

New Scope wizard. 4. Name the scope, then click Next. 5. Type a start IP address and an end IP address. 6. Set the subnet mask by typing the mask value (example: or typing the number of subnet mask bits (example: 24) in the Length field. 7. Click Next. 8. Type the starting and ending IP address for any exclusions. (Note: To exclude a single address, type the start address but leave the end address blank.) Click Add. 9. Click Next when you have defined all required exclusions...

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Mis 589 Homework Questions Week 4

of TCP/IP and what do they do? Who is the primary user of TCP/IP? TCP/IP is the transport/network layer protocol we use on the internet. Many BN’S, MAN’s and WAN’s rely on it. This is because it is relatively efficient, and transmission has few errors. Any errors that are found, are checked and so large files can be sent even in the most unsafe network and the data will still be unchanged. TCP/IP is very compatible with a number of data link protocols as well. The two parts of the TCP/IP are the:...

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Wireshark Tcp Lab

Bozhidar Mochev LAB1 NSLOOKUP 1. Run nslookup to obtain the IP address of a Web server in Asia. 2. Run nslookup to determine the authoritative DNS servers for a university in Europe. 3. Run nslookup so that one of the DNS servers obtained in Question 2 is queried for the mail servers for Yahoo! mail. I assume that taking screens of IPConfig section 2 of the LAB is pointless, because that’s just too easy and time wasting. Better to skip onto the next one. Tracing DNS with Wireshark ...

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Unit 8

Possible Networks Possible Hosts per Network A 0-127 A b.c.d 27 224 B 128-191 A.B c.d 214 216 C 192-223 A.B.C d 221 28 Exercise 8.1.3 Would the IP address be valid as a Class C address? Yes Why or why not? The first octet is 192 which would be in Class C Exercise 8.1.4 What is the network ID of the IP address? 190.8 What is the host ID of the IP Address? 8.4 What is the binary network ID? 10111110.1000 What is the binary host ID? 1000.100 Exercise 8.1.5 What is the slash notation equivalent...

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java networking

Java.util.* Java.net.* Objects Used: InetAddress - creates an IP connection to a specified host Inet4Address - Creates an IPv4 connection to a specified host Inet6Address - Creates an IPv6 connection to a specified host SocketAddress - provides an immutable object used by sockets for binding, connecting, or as returned values. (Abstract class (used with InetAddress)) Socket - Opens a TCP socket to a specific IP address ServerSocket - Creates a server for Sockets to connect to (Only needed...

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