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Systems EEE F311 Contents 1 Aim of the course, what to expect? 2 Course content 3 Instructions about the course 4 Introduction/Discussions Aim of the course …  Understanding signals and systems  Analog & Digital modulation/transmission techniques  Understanding important block-sets of communication system  Information theory  Analysis of communication systems  Recent trends in communication References required  B.P. Lathi, Modern Digital and Analog...

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Phase Modulation

tutorial, QPSK, modulation, modulator, demodulator, demodulation May 01, 2002 APPLICATION NOTE 686 QPSK modulation demystified Abstract: Readers are presented with step-by-step derivations showing the operation of QPSK modulation and demodulation. The transition from analog communication to digital has advanced the use of QPSK. Euler's relation is used to assist analysis of multiplication of sine and cosine signals. A SPICE simulation is used to illustrate QPSK modulation of a 1MHz sine...

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fsk modulation demodulation

1.1 ABSTRACT: 2 .1 BLOCK DIAGRAM: Fig 2.1 Block diagram for FSK modulation and de-modulation 2.2.1 PIN DIAGRAM- IC 565 : Fig 2.2 Pin diagram for IC 565 2.2.2 PIN DIAGRAM -IC 555: Fig 2.3 Pin diagram for IC 555 3.1 DESIGN CALCULATION: 3.1.1 FSK MODULATOR: ON time TH=0.693RBC OFF time TL=0.693(RA+RB)C Total time T=TH+TL=0.693(RA+2RB)C 1 f1= -------------------------- → (1) ...

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Amplitude Modulation vs Frequency Modulation

amplitude modulation (DSB-AM) was produced. A sideband is a band of frequencies higher (called upper sideband) or lower (called lower sideband) than the carrier frequencies which is a result of modulation. All forms of modulations produce sidebands. In DSB-AM the carrier and both USB and LSB are present. The power usage in this system proved inefficient and led to the double-sideband suppressed-carrier (DSBSC) signal in which the carrier is removed. For greater efficiency, single-sideband modulation was...

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Analog Modulation

Amplitude Modulation and Angle Modulation Abstract— The aim of this document is to improve understanding of amplitude modulation and angle modulation. We have done this by using Lab view. We have shown 4 types of Amplitude Modulation & 2 types of Angle Modulation. Keywords-amplitude modulation (AM), angle modulation, double side band modulation (DSB), double sideband suppressed carrier modulation (DSB-SC), double sideband full carrier modulation (DSB-FC), single side band modulation(SSB), phase...

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Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation

AMPLITUDE MODULATION AND DEMODULATION : OBJECTIVE : Study how to perform the amplitude modulation and demodulation and to calculate the modulation index for various modulating voltages. Theory : AMPLITUDE MODULATION : Modulation is defined as the process by which some characteristics of a carrier signal is varied in accordance with a modulating signal. The base band signal is referred to as the modulating signal and the output of the modulation process is called as the modulation signal. Amplitude...

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Ptm Modulation

Pulse-Time Modulation In pulse-modulated systems, as in an analog system, the intelligence may be impressed on the carrier by varying any of its characteristics. In the preceding paragraphs the method of modulating a pulse train by varying its amplitude was discussed. Time characteristics of pulses may also be modulated with intelligence information. Two time characteristics may be affected: (1) the time duration of the pulses, referred to as PULSE-DURATION MODULATION (pdm) or PULSE-WIDTH MODULATION...

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Hardware and Software Team a 1

adaptive modulation. The multicarrier transmission distributes the spectrum in to subcarriers with each subcarrier the transmission is reduced. The OFDM uses FDM by achieving multiple carrier access by subdividing the bandwidth into multiple channels, but the spectrum is efficient as it spaces the channels closer together by making the channels orthogonal. The adaptive modulation supports a variety of the modulation schemes and the quality of the radio path determines which of the modulation techniques...

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Term Paper

necessary with a suppressed-carrier signal. * synchronous demodulator * This is the transmission of the modulation sidebands without the carrier itself. * suppressed subcarrier * The complimentary color for red is. * cyan * The complimentary color for blue is. * yellow * The color video signal transmitted as amplitude modulation of the 3.58 MHz C signal is known as. * I signal * It is caused by phase distortion for video frequencies...

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1 modern electronic

1. Define Modulation Modulation process of putting information onto a high-frequency carrier for transmission. 2. What is carrier frequency? In essence, then the transmission takes place at the high frequency (the carrier) which has been modified to “carry” the lower-frequency information. 3. Describe the two reasons that modulation is used for communications transmission. The modulated stage accepts two inputs, the carrier and the information (intelligence) signal....

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