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  • Data Link Layer

    Data Link Layer INTRODUCTION: Now a day’s communication is vital for the entire world‚ nothing happens without communication. The cell radio communication and wireless computer networks of GSM (Global System Mobile)‚ CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) type are worldwide communication systems. All these communication systems are based on the reference model OSI-RM (Open System Interconnection-Reference Model) Description of OSI-RM System: OSI-RM is an International Standard ISO that defines

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  • Sublayers of the Data Link Layer

    Sublayers of the data link layer The data link layer has two sublayers: logical link control (LLC) and media access control (MAC). Logical link control sublayer The uppermost sublayer‚ LLC‚ multiplexes protocols running atop the data link layer‚ and optionally provides flow control‚ acknowledgment‚ and error notification. The LLC provides addressing and control of the data link. It specifies which mechanisms are to be used for addressing stations over the transmission medium and for

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  • Role of the Physical Layer, Data Link Layer and Network Layer for the in Network Transmissions for Dotcom

    Role of the Physical LayerData Link Layer and Network layer for the in Network Transmissions for DotCom The Role of the Physical LayerData Link Layer and Network layer for the in Network Transmissions for DotCom As the Network Manager of NotCom‚ my goal is to plan and implement the corporate network services strategy that is the best fit for the future needs of the organization as the growth from 20 to 150 employees is realized. To reiterate‚ all employees have PCs that are a part

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  • Osi Layers

    The OSI model has seven layers‚ with each having different types of security responsibilities. The seven layers are application‚ presentation‚ session‚ transport‚ network‚ datalink and physical with control being passed down from layer to layer starting with application. The biggest threat to these layers is through people‚ sometimes known as the 8th layer of the OSI model. Companies should take the time to educate their employees on the security threats that each individual brings to the company

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  • The 7 Layers of the Osi Model

    The 7 Layers of the OSI Model Last updated: March 03‚ 2008 The OSI‚ or Open System Interconnection‚ model defines a networking framework for implementing protocols in seven layers. Control is passed from one layer to the next‚ starting at the application layer in one station and proceeding to the bottom layer‚ over the channel to the next station and back up the hierarchy. |Application |This layer supports application and end-user processes. Communication partners

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  • Data Comms

    starts here" and "Internet of Everything" advertising campaigns. These efforts were designed to position Cisco for the next ten years into a global leader in connecting the previously unconnected and facilitate the IP address connectivity of people‚ data‚ processes and things through cloud computing applications and services. Cisco’s current portfolio of products and services is focused upon three market segments—Enterprise and

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  • Data Communication Netwroks

    mmTASK 1 a) Explain the following types of data communication networks and their applications * Public switched telephone network (PSTN) * Local area networks (LANs) * Metropolitan area networks (MANs) * Wide area networks (WANs) * Packet switched data network (PSDN)‚ * Integrated services digital network (ISDN) Public switched telephone network (PSTN) Public Switched telephone network (PSTN) is the global collection of interconnects originally designed to

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    SOLUTIONS MANUAL DATA AND COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS EIGHTH EDITION CHAPTERS 1 - 12 WILLIAM STALLINGS Copyright 2007: William Stallings © 2007 by William Stallings All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced‚ in any form or by any means‚ or posted on the Internet‚ without permission in writing from the author. Selected solutions may be shared with students‚ provided that they are not available‚ unsecured‚ on the Web. -2- NOTICE This manual contains

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  • Data link layer

    The Data Link Layer Our goals: ❒ understand principles behind data link layer services: ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❒ error detection‚ correction sharing a broadcast channel: multiple access link layer addressing reliable data transfer‚ flow control: done! instantiation and implementation of various link layer technologies 5: DataLink Layer 5-1 Link Layer ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ ❒ 5.1 Introduction and services 5.2 Error detection and correction 5.3Multiple access protocols 5.4 Link-Layer

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  • Data Link Layer

    Table of Contents Part 1: General review of data link layer 2 a) Explain the working principles of the data link layer. 2 b) Is controlled access better than contention for media access control? Discuss. 2 c) Why is error detection important in this layer? What is being measured? 3 d) Identify three significant noises that can cause errors in data communication digital circuits. Briefly explain. 3 Part 2: General review of error correction 4 a) Why is cyclical redundancy

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