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Below is the report is a report outlining the steps that were undertaken in order to come up with a computer network design that will benefit the company, and help improve the security and safety of the company’s information while also improving communication among the four offices. Task 1

To improve my work I could use some images depicting each and every device. Available media…. Wired Media
Cable type
Unshielded twisted pair
Category 5
Category 5e
Category 6

Fiber Optic
Single Mode



Mt- Rj

Coaxial cable
Vampire taps

Wireless Media
Media Type
Installation Cost Approximate
23Ghz Microwave
6Mbps at 50Kms
1000000 ksh
Intrabuilding Infrared
34000 ksh

The media to be used will be wired media so as to cater for the huge demands of the company and also because of its advantages over wireless media. Available connectors
1. Rj-45
2. Rj-11
3. Straight tip connector
4. Ferrule connector
5. Lucent connector.

Cabling and installation Cost
Office one
Server – 55,000 Ksh
Wireless Router – 8,000 Ksh
Switch –12,000 Ksh
Cat 5e cable – (305 meter) = 7500Ksh
RJ 45 connectors – 100 *14 = 1400ksh
Cabinet – 15,000Ksh
Wall Jacks – 25 Kshs each (25*7) = 175Ksh (both 7 offices) Expert personnel to set up the network = 10,000Ksh
Total = 109,075 Ksh for one office.
The same costs will apply also in the other offices.
Total cost for Four offices = 436,300 Ksh
Data Transfer Rates
Available data transfer rates as per the cables.
Maximum data rate speed
Cat 5
100 mbps
Single Mode Fiber cable
Category 5e, reasons for purchasing cat 5eutp cable.
Cat 5e cable is the most popular of all utp cables,

Has a superior bandwidth as compared with cat5 cable.

Rj 45 connector since it is the standard connector used to connect to a device and also for wall-plate connections. Multi-mode fiber-optic cable
Straight tip connector (SC).

Commonly used as a backbone, fast, noteasily susceptible to eavesdropping.

Straight tip connector is commonly used in Ethernet networks that use fiber-optic backbones, more so it is popular for use with multi-mode fiber-optic cable.

Network Topology for the office
Office 1
Task 2

The same design applies to the other offices.
Task 2
Methods for secure intranet
1. Use intranet based Vpns
2. Use of Authentication.
Advantages of intranet based Vpns
They enable secure broadband connections (through cable modems, DSL, etc.). They can create significant communication savings in particular when lots of remote users dial-in from outside the local calling area. Secure the connection between the client and ISP.

Provide unauthorized users from tapping into the intranet.
Extended connectivity and lower cost.
Data integrity in the sense that it ensures that data being transported has not been altered. Disadvantages of intranet based Vpns
Are not scalable and are more complex that NAS initiated vpn. The need to manage software on the client machines.
NAS-initiated Access VPN connections are restricted to POPs that can support VPNs. Do not encrypt the connection, between the client and the ISP, but rely on the security of the PSTN.

Advantages of using authentication
User id and password is the least expensive authentication method to use. User ids and passwords can be changed anytime at the user’s choice, furthermore most users know how to change them. No need to install extra software in the case of using ids and passwords. Token authentication can be used for login and transaction authentication purposes effectively. Biometric authentication is difficult to compromise.

Disadvantages of Using Authentication
Id and password authentication is Weak and susceptible to numerous attacks. Token authentication involves...
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