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Metro Ethernet Disclaimer; this is intended to be an introductory technical article; certain details have been excluded in the interests of space and clarity. Network design examples are presented to illustrate specific technical points and are not intended to fully complete. Historically WAN's (Wide Area Networks) and LAN's (Local Area Networks) have relied on independent technologies. At a physical layer WAN technologies today continue to be based largely on legacy TDM systems that were built...

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Evolution of Ethernet

Evolution of Ethernet by: Yolanda Castro IS3120 Instructor: Mr. Thompson October 2, 2012 Ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs). Ethernet was introduced to the commercial marketplace in 1980, and has replaced other LAN technologies. It’s a baseband LAN specification invented by Xerox Corporation that operates at 10Mbps using carrier sense multiple access collision detection (CSMA/CD) to run over coaxial cable. Ethernet was designed to serve...

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Ethernet vs. Token Ring

Ethernet vs. Token Ring Topology Ethernet and Token Ring LAN technologies operate in different ways and both systems have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. The decision on which topology to use can be influenced by a number of factors. The most common factors to consider are cost, reliability, speed, size, administration, security and growth. Ethernet is a frame-based computer networking technology for local area networks (LANs). It defines wiring and signaling for the physical...

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Ethernet Mac Address

SEMESTER 1 Chapter 9 140 Points Ethernet V 4.0 9.1.1 | Who originally published the Ethernet standard and when was that? | | Who and when published LAN standards? | | What is the number for the Ethernet LAN standard? | | What layers of the OSI model do Ethernet standards operate at? | 9.1.2 | What does Ethernet Layer 1 involve? | | What are the Ethernet Layer 2 functions that overcome the limitations of Ethernet Layer 1? | 9.1.3 | What are the two sublayers of the Data Link...

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token and ethernet essay

 Ethernet Systems communicating over Ethernet divide a stream of data into shorter pieces called frames. Each frame contains source and destination addresses and error-checking data so that damaged data can be detected and re-transmitted. The Ethernet provides services up to and including the data link layer. Since its commercial release, Ethernet has retained a good degree of compatibility. Features such as the 48-bit MAC address and Ethernet frame format have influenced other networking protocols...

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Ten Rules Industrial Ethernet

Page 1 The Ten Rules of Industrial Ethernet I. Thou shalt place high priority on security, for hackers lurketh, thieves stealeth and employees bungleth A Wi-Fi-enabled computer can connect to multiple networks at the same time. Your employees can give a hacker a pathway into your internal network simply by powering up a laptop. Imagine the mess an eco-terrorist could make if he didn’t like the look of your smokestack. Even your well-intentioned employees can bring a network down, simply by...

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Ethernet: Duplex and Network

to the proprietary incompatibility of emerging information system networks. Although the networking of our information systems has many different areas for study, this paper is about Ethernet. In it, I will discuss the basic components of an Ethernet connection. How they work and how they don't. The Ethernet connection was invented in the 1970's by the big corporations of the day; Intel, IBM, and Digital equipment. They worked together to develop a standard that would allow all computers...

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Ethernet and Minimum Word Count

far about local area networks technologies. 1. Define fast Ethernet. (Minimum word count: 25) Fast Ethernet is a faster version of IEEE 802.3. It promotes the use of Ethernet at 100 Mbps using the same access method. It also can use Fast Ethernet cards that use data rates of both 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. 2. What type of cable can you use for Fast Ethernet? (Minimum word count: 15) The type of cable that you use for Fast Ethernet is Twisted pair and fiber. 3. What does IEEE 802.15 define? (Minimum...

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Ethernet Lan vs. Token Ring

sequentially from one ring station to the next with a control token circulating around the ring controlling access. This token passing mechanism is shared by ARCNET, token bus, and FDDI, and has theoretical advantages over the stochastic CSMA/CD of Ethernet. Physically, a token ring network is wired as a star, with 'hubs' and arms out to each station and the loop going out-and-back through each. Cabling is generally IBM "Type-1" shielded twisted pair, with unique hermaphroditic connectors, commonly...

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3com Fast Ethernet vs. Gigabit Ethernet Comparison

ABSTRACT In this paper, we will conduct a comparison on Fast Ethernet Network Switches and Gigabit Ethernet Network Switches offered by 3COM. We will review a few specific components, as well as compare features, pricing and preferred usage. DEFINITION In order to have a greater understanding of the terminology and descriptions offered in this paper, we must first understand what a network switch is. A brief definition of a network switch is a computer networking device that connects network...

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