Ethernet: Duplex and Network

Topics: Ethernet, Duplex, Computer network Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: March 9, 2008
Networking is another way that advances in computer engineering and software has paved a way for the advancement of communication, industry, and our lives in general through technological advancements. Just as the utilization of fire and carving of the wheel gave us advantages over the perils of life, the networking of computers has brought an unreachable far off world closer to each and every one of us. First and foremost we are now able to nearly instantaneously share information with an unreachable world. The engineering that made this possible began not on some other planet, or from the depths of a holy shrine. But from the ingenuity of a partnership of companies that sought to find a reasonable (and soon profitable) solution to the proprietary incompatibility of emerging information system networks.

Although the networking of our information systems has many different areas for study, this paper is about Ethernet. In it, I will discuss the basic components of an Ethernet connection. How they work and how they don't.

The Ethernet connection was invented in the 1970's by the big corporations of the day; Intel, IBM, and Digital equipment. They worked together to develop a standard that would allow all computers to communicate with one another, rather than just their own kind. In the beginning there were many different systems coming out onto the market. With each emerging technology that hits our markets at first you have one controlling proprietor with an exuberant price tag to go with it. Then as the engineering is leaked, reverse engineered, or redeveloped, other companies jumped in on the action and competition brings the prices down. This resulted in a flood of computers hitting the corporate (very seldom personal) markets. Well, now we have better pricing but none of these systems wanted to speak the same language. This put a strain on the wallet of the consumer. Not only did they have to buy the computer, but now they need the proper...
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