Ethernet Mac Address

Topics: Ethernet, MAC address, OSI model Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: August 19, 2013
SEMESTER 1 Chapter 9140 Points
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9.1.1| Who originally published the Ethernet standard and when was that?| | Who and when published LAN standards?|
| What is the number for the Ethernet LAN standard?|
| What layers of the OSI model do Ethernet standards operate at?| 9.1.2| What does Ethernet Layer 1 involve?|
| What are the Ethernet Layer 2 functions that overcome the limitations of Ethernet Layer 1?| 9.1.3| What are the two sublayers of the Data Link Layer?| | What are the 4 functions of the LLC?|

| What type of environment is LLC implemented in?|
9.1.4| Where is the MAC sublayer implemented? |
| What are the 2 primary functions of the MAC sublayer?|
| What are the 3 primary functions of data encapsulation?| | What are the two main functions of the media access control?| | What is the underlying topology of Ethernet?|
| What is the media access control method for Ethernet?|
9.1.5| What are the four factors that have made Ethernet a success?| | What part of the Ethernet standard remains consistent across all of its physical implementations?| 9.2.1| What was the historic network that Ethernet was based on called?|| Describe the method of transmission on a hub?|

9.2.2| What is legacy Ethernet?|
| What is the current standard for Ethernet?|
| What is full duplex?|
| What is the difference when forwarding a frame from a switch vs. hub?| 9.2.3| What two new uses are requiring the move to Gigabit Ethernet?|| Define a MAN?|
9.3.1| What is the most significant difference between the IEEE 802.3 (original) and the revised IEEE 802.3?| | What were the minimum and maximum sizes of Ethernet frames originally?| | What is the new maximum size for a frame?|

| What happens if the size of a transmitted frame is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum?|| What are the six portions of an Ethernet frame discussed?||...
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