3com Fast Ethernet vs. Gigabit Ethernet Comparison

Topics: Ethernet, Network switch, Spanning tree protocol Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: July 28, 2005
In this paper, we will conduct a comparison on Fast Ethernet Network Switches and Gigabit Ethernet Network Switches offered by 3COM. We will review a few specific components, as well as compare features, pricing and preferred usage.

In order to have a greater understanding of the terminology and descriptions offered in this paper, we must first understand what a network switch is. A brief definition of a network switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments. It uses the logic of a Network bridge, but allows a physical and logical star topology. It is often used to replace network hubs. A switch is also often referred to as an intelligent hub. A switch can be used to make various connections. Ethernet, Token Ring, and various other types of packet switched network segments together to form a heterogeneous network operating at OSI Layer 2. Traditional Ethernets, in which all hosts compete for the same bandwidth, are called shared Ethernets. Switched Ethernets are becoming very popular because they are an effective and convenient way to extend the bandwidth of existing Ethernets.

3COM offers a wide variety of networking solutions. From Switches to Hubs to Gateways, 3COM is one of the frontrunners in the networking industry. In this comparison of Fast Ethernet Networks and Gigabit Ethernet Networks, before discussing the similarities with the various components and their respective operations, we must discuss the differences between the two.

Fast Ethernet Network was developed as an upgrade to traditional Ethernet Networking. Fast Ethernet improved traditional Ethernet by increasing transfer rates 10 times, from 10 Megabit to 100 Megabit speed.

Gigabit Ethernet Network is an upgrade on Fast Ethernet Network equivalent to Fast Ethernet Networks improvement over Fast Ethernet Network, offering speeds of 1000 Megabits (1 Gigabit). Gigabit Ethernet was first made to travel over optical...
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